Window Decals Grab Attention With Children’s Innovation Center

Window Decals Grab Attention With Children's Innovation Center

There are so many reasons businesses come to us. Not only do we have over 26 years experience working in custom signs, printing, and window decals, we’ve also worked on numerous tradeshows, for many Fortune 500 corporations, along with small businesses of all kinds.

Our experience alone is just one of the reasons why organizations like the Children’s Innovation Center come to us for their marketing needs.

At NonStop Signs we know how important it is that you get your brand noticed. And one of the best ways to do this when you have a shopfront is with window decals.

Window decals are particularly great if you wish to cover the entire window. They provide the person outside a fantastic design highlighting your business and services. This means there is never any confusion about where they are, or who you are. And of course, it looks fantastic.

Children’s Innovation Center

Who is the Children’s Innovation Center?

Children’s Innovation Center is a non-profit program that operates in Newark CA. The idea of the program is to address any gaps in the current K-12 academic curriculum. This is in order to make education accessible to students through after-school programs and camps.

The idea of it is as follows: while kids are familiar with phrases like, “Learning from experience” or “Learning the hard way.”; when we make mistakes we tend to remember things better.

That way we can apply the knowledge we learn from those mistakes – preventing us from making the same mistakes again.

These connections are strong, and they move from mistakes to habits. Although this type of learning is not traditional, it is known as transformative learning. It allows the knowledge you acquired and the connections you have made, to transform your understanding.

Essentially, this makes you look at things in new ways. And the best part is, it helps these lessons to stay with you well into the future. At the Children’s Innovation Center, the students have already explored observed and researched. They have learned new concepts and brainstormed. And they can then move on to use this experience throughout the rest of their lives.

Who is Shanti Balaraman?

The program was established by Shanti Balaraman. Shanti is an accomplished IT professional. Cyber-Security and Environmental Sustainability champion. With more than 20 years of Enterprise experience. Over the last 10 years, Shanthi has been working with students of many different backgrounds in different areas to help them understand a given subject.

She commits to encouraging students to find their passions and interests while preparing them for a successful future in the modern, competitive digital age. Today’s youth have an unprecedented array of information sources available to them and her goal is to teach them and guide them to avail these resources to be creative in their thinking without getting overwhelmed.

window decals

Window Decals

Whether you’re looking for a decorative window decal. A privacy window decal or you are looking for a logo window decal; the options are abundant. When you create custom printed window decals with us; you are not only getting top-quality materials but you’re also getting high-quality advice.

Window decals are popular and accessible advertising options for your business. Custom window decals not only look amazing but they also grab attention. For anyone passing by your store or office. They are designed to resist UV rays and water and you are able to purchase these as both front adhesive and back adhesive; depending on your requirements.

We use high-quality printing material and offer a range of window decal options at a great price. We can print your customized window decal to any size or shape. And if you would like your storefront to look like the Children’s Innovation Centre, you can opt for a full window cling or custom vinyl sticker.

They are a great option no matter what the season. And you can use them both for long-term and short-term promotions. If you’re not sure of the design we have a team of professional designers who are on hand to assist and provide you with the right advice. Take a look through our product catalog and explore the options we have available for your branding. Our products will allow your business to expand and refresh.

We have a range of marketing and advertising material that will suit every office, retail store or event. Our team has experience and is professional. We are ready to discuss all your requirements to tailor your product of choice to suit your needs. You can get in touch today to find out more.


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