Window Decals, Signs Collaborative Dental

Window Decals, Signs Collaborative Dental

Signage should support your business – your signs work for you, but they have to speak for you when you can’t speak for yourself. Often, your signage is the first impression that a potential customer will have of your business. So, what does your signage truly say about you? Is it enough to attract new customers, as well as welcome your current clients? If not, why? It might be time to refresh your style. Window decals are a great way to do that, as are office signs. Your window decal can establish your brand, while office signs can help support the initial message. It isn’t just about your customers being able to find your offices, it’s about passersby noticing you and wanting to learn more about your business.

Collaborative Dental

Our client, Collaborative Dental, is a clinic that provides a wide range of services for the entire family. If you need oral health support, then you can find it at Collaborative Dental. They have been part of the local community for over three decades. They’re more than a dentist’s office, they truly understand how oral health can impact you and your overall health. You will find a family-friendly atmosphere in their offices and because they welcome everyone, they want you to feel as though you’re just part of the greater community family. They build patient relationships based on compassion, respect, and kindness. Collaborative Dental wants you to feel comfortable in their compassionate environment.

Oral Health

They’re passionate about oral health, but they’re just as passionate about helping you attain that for yourself. They know how anxious people get when they arrive at the dentist’s office, which is why they try so hard to put everyone at ease as they walk in the door. Patient care is at the core of every move they make and because everyone has a different story and situation, you can expect them to actively listen. There’s no pressure to have a procedure done, the decisions are always up to the patients. Dr. Fung will offer you advice and guidance, but ultimately, you will decide how to proceed.

We had the privilege to create their window decals as well as the reception sign that sits atop the front desk. The window decal highlights the logo, company name, as well as their tagline Gentle Dentistry That Works for You. They know who they are, who their audience is, and they have crafted a great sign to welcome their patients, new and old. Additionally, we created a small sign for the reception desk. This solidifies the initial message in the sign and is a nice professional touch.

Window Decals signs for Collaborative Dental

Window Decals For Days

You too can create a window decal that will help build your brand and advertise your business. Our signage solutions can help you solidify your place in the community, but we don’t stop there. We can also help you create a look throughout your business and elevate the aesthetic of your business. That means we can create custom wall murals or window decals that provide a bit of décor to each of your exam rooms or offices. This can be whatever design you like.

For dentist’s and medical offices, this offers patients something to focus on as a distraction from the nerves they may be feeling. For business offices, a training room can benefit from an attractive wall decal. It may be a simple decorative motif, but you can also use them to establish your mission statement, brand values or, other training information you want to strongly establish from the word go.

Your Signage

Your signage needs don’t end at the storefront. While window decals are an important aspect of branding your business, it’s important that you carry it throughout your business and do so consistently. Consistency is so important in your business. So, once you have a logo and font chosen for your business you need to use it everywhere. Which means it should be on your business card, promotional materials like pens, letterheads, stickers, etc. If you are tempted to experiment with a change in branding, you should be prepared for the cost of replacing all of your materials. The most cost-effective way to experiment is probably with stickers. You can produce a wide range of window decals designs and get feedback before you decide on the final style.

We offer a wide range of signage solutions and printed products, too. So, take a look at our website before you get in touch with us. You might be surprised to discover just what we can help you with!


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