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Charitable Events & Fundraisers

Business Signs

Charitable Events & Fundraisers Signs are the finishing touches to any community effort. Whether it’s a bake sale at church, a pancake breakfast at the local elementary school or a raffle. The number of charity events held across the country is only increasing. They are an effective way to raise funds and awareness for specific non-profit organizations and groups. So, one of the most common options here is the charitable events calendar signs. This can help everyone keep track of all the charity events that are coming up in the future. That’s just the first step, though. Once everyone knows about when and where your events will be, they need to be reminded closer to the time. Of course, you will also need charity event signs for the actual event, too!

Signs to Advertise Events

Fundraising is an essential part of operating a non-profit. A lot of people think that signs to advertise events are a waste of money that could be better spent on the charity. However, how will anyone know what you’re doing if you don’t have event signs to highlight the cause and the event itself? In all honesty, charity event signs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Which means that you can create the perfect signs for charitable events and on a budget.

Charity event signs printing is a crucial step in marketing your fundraising and charity campaigns. Let’s take a look at the variety of signs that we offer for this purpose! Remember, these signs to advertise events may be exterior signage or to decorate the inside of your venue as well. We offer a wide range of options so you can easily one-stop shop the necessary materials.

  • Hanging banners
  • Event banners
  • Signs for display
  • Special event signage
  • Fundraiser poster template
  • Signs for charitable events
  • Unique fundraising event signs
  • Outdoor flags
  • Window graphics and decals
  • Stickers
  • Badges
  • Posters
  • Foam core board
  • Gatorboard
  • Fundraising signs thermometer
  • Directional signs for events

Fundraising Signs Ideas

Let’s take a look at some of the best signage solutions to stretch your budget. Fundraising signs ideas this way!

  • Event banners – there are vinyl options, as well as mesh banners available. The latter is the ideal solution for outdoor events, as it will allow wind to pass through without damaging the sign.
  • X-Frames – this pop-up banner display will work with just about any budget. It’s easy to set-up and take down, and the sign is lightweight and portable. This is an ideal charity event signs ideas for anyone who holds frequent fundraisers across many locations.
  • Adjustable banner displays
  • Retractable banners – this lightweight banner option is sleek and easy. The banner slides out from the base and then simply connects to the support bar at the top. Another excellent unique fundraising events signs option that you can easily take on the road.
  • Tabletop banners – if you want a great banner that can simply sit on top of a display or table, then tabletop event banners are the answer. This is especially handy if you are fundraising in a crowded event, whether there are other non-profits there or your venue is small.

These quick fundraising sign ideas are perfect for any non-profit that is operating on a tight budget. Now, all you need are the perfect fundraising ideas to raise the money you need to move your charity forward! If you are struggling with the right design, we have a variety of fundraiser poster template options to choose from. We’re sure your fundraiser poster ideas will be fantastic, but we can help you adapt them to your signs.

Charitable Events & Fundraisers Signs

Remember, charitable event signs have one job. It’s the attract attention. In turn, that attention will increase the attendance of your events. Which means you have the opportunity to raise more funds for your organization. Charity events are not immune for the need of marketing. So, think about some of the other products we offer. For example, in addition to your event signs, you may want to print stickers. Now, you may choose to sell these for a nominal fee or simply give them away with donations. Either way, car decals are a great way to create a mobile advertisement to further your cause. Especially if you include your website or social media information on that sticker. It is going to be seen by more people and raise awareness.

Event Signs

Additionally, you may want to consider printing flyers to hand out. This will help spread the word about upcoming events. Rather than focusing on a single event, you may want to include dates for upcoming events as well. That way you can maximize their use. It isn’t easy to organize charity fundraiser signs, but it doesn’t need to be as complicated as a lot of people make it. While you may be a non-profit, you still need funds to operate. So, you should view charitable events & fundraisers signs just as businesses view their own signage.

Fundraising Events Ideas

If you are just a small group trying to raise money for a local cause, we have some helpful fundraising events ideas for you. These are just simple ideas that may help you get started. They range in effort and size, but are common charitable events & fundraisers we print event signs for.

  • Bake sale
  • Bake off
  • Yard sale
  • Potluck
  • Casino night
  • Masquerade party
  • Games night
  • Car wash
  • Marathon
  • Sports tournament (kickball, dodge ball, basketball, bowling, golf, soccer, flag football, etc)
  • Video gaming
  • Concert
  • Raffles
  • Cycling (indoor or on the open road)
  • BBQ cookout
  • Chili cook-off
  • Eating contest
  • Fashion show

Charitable Event Signs

You may have found it difficult to find affordable charitable event signs in the past. Luckily, we are here for you now. So, you can organize charity fundraiser signs that make your organization look professional, without blowing the budget to do so. You may want to create special themed charity event signs around specific holidays. That’s possible when you shop with us because we offer high-quality, affordable event signs. The signs we listed above are just a taste of what we offer. We can also produce stunning step and repeat banners for photo opportunities. For a large event, you can create a hashtag for everyone to tag when they post photos. This will help spread the word about your cause.

Fundraising Signs

Just remember, when you design your fundraising signs to keep it simple. You want to ensure viewers know the name of your organization, and what you do. So, think of how you can best communicate your non-profits message. This is the event, it’s for this organization, and you raise money for what? Now, how can you best convey your message? It needs to be short and simple. Don’t forget, the color scheme and font choices you make will also impact the message. You want to ensure it’s clear to read.

So, start by considering the venue. How can you use directional signs for events to highlight the action? Don’t forget event signs to welcome people. You will also want to use charitable events & fundraisers signs that let people know what your event is raising funds for. This is vital, whether it’s a school trip or to send aid to another country. It’s always important to let people know where their money will be going. Your cause will also help people determine how much to donate.

Charitable Event Sign Printing

So, what are your charitable event signs ideas? Sure, we have templates that you can customize, but we are totally open to creating a completely unique set of charity event signs for you. Do you need a fundraising signs thermometer to let everyone know how close you are to reaching your target?  What about directional signs for events to guide people to different booths, events, and games? It doesn’t matter what type of fundraising event ideas you have, the more daring the better! We are happy and excited to tackle your charitable sign ideas. Whether you like our fundraiser poster examples or go in a different direction, get in touch.

If you have any questions, our team will be happy to work with you on your project, from start to finish.