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What community event would be complete without custom community event signs? Use cheap signs to add a personal and unique touch to every event. Our event signs can help ensure your event goes off without a hitch. From informing guests to keeping them organized and safe. We can help you create a clear event identity, and increase your attendance numbers, too. You can use community event signs to promote your association, promote sponsors, co-sponsors, and contributors.

Community Event Signs

Community event signs will ensure every event you hold rises to the occasion. They are durable and we offer a range of options to work with any budget. It doesn’t matter whether your event is a charity gala or a neighborhood celebration. Special event signs can make or break your gathering. Here are two reasons why you need event banner signs.

Community event signs help you promote the event well in advance. You can use event banner signs to highlight the time, day, and date of the event to ensure you get a great turn out.

For big events, special event signs can be used to direct guests to appropriate parking areas. You can also guide them from parking to the main event. Choose outdoor event signs to direct people to booths, games, and other events that are being held. You might want to consider an event sign in sheet, too. That way you can keep track of who made it to the event and get an accurate number of your turn out.

Event Signage Ideas

We are a full-color, full-service print company. We can help you create community event signs, displays, graphics, and more. We aim to be your one-stop shop for branding, marketing, and promotional materials. Which is why we work so hard to provide cheap signs options that you can customize. It’s important to us that your community event is successful, which is why we work hard to exceed your expectations. It really doesn’t matter whether you order a single event sign or hundreds of community event signs. We do have a range of templates that you can choose from. This will make it easy for you to select the right event signs and simply customize them for your needs. Or, you can create completely custom event signs.

It really doesn’t matter whether your community event is a fundraising bake-off or a summer concert for everyone in the local area. Your needs will be dependent on the size of the event and the type of event you are holding. For example, one of the popular event signage ideas that we see is event banner signs to highlight movies or concerts in the park. This will let people know when they can turn up, what they should bring, and whether there’s an entry fee, etc.

Special Event Signs

Let’s take a look at all the different types and styles of special event signs that you might be interested in customizing and ordering.

  • Event banner signs
  • Boulevard banners
  • Convention signs
  • Exhibit signs
  • Canopies and tents for events
  • Holiday community event signs
  • Family community event signs
  • Community event signs
  • Grand opening signs
  • Special occasions
  • Entertainment event signs
  • Sporting event signs

Outdoor Event Signage

Is your big event being held outdoors? Good news, there are plenty of outdoor event signage options to choose from.

  • Banners
  • A-Frames
  • Flags
  • Directional and wayfinding event signs
  • Event sign in sheet
  • Pop-up display
  • Step and repeat banners

That’s just the event signs that are available. You may also want to print flyers to boost attendance and let locals know about your event. Additionally, stickers are a great way to celebrate the event itself and provide a keepsake for those who attended. Whether it’s a sticker to commemorate the day or further your brand image. You might need a pop-up display or a step and repeat banner to create a photo op spot. It doesn’t matter how small or large your community event is, you’ll want to raise awareness. If it’s one you plan to hold regularly, you can combine the photo backdrop with a hashtag so that people can see what they missed out on. It may also encourage others to come out and attend on the day or another day if your event is extended. Don’t underestimate the power of custom event signs.

Custom Event Signs

No matter what type of community event you are holding, you should consider creating your own custom event signs. It’s just another way you can make the memories of the day more special. For example, what holiday event would be complete without flags and banners to celebrate? Don’t forget the event signs to let everyone know when each party or concert will be. You won’t want anyone to miss the fair, community trick or treating or the lighting of the Christmas tree. Custom event signs aren’t just about making memories, though. Their job is to inform and keep everyone safe. So, don’t be afraid to create event signs to establish rules for certain types of events. Like, reminding the kids to take off their shoes before they get on the trampoline. Safety might not be cool, but injuries definitely aren’t either. It’s important to keep everyone at your events safe.

Event Signs

From start to finish, here are some event signs you should consider. You may need flyers to circulate around the community. This will let people know when your event is, what they can expect, potential fees they may need to pay and whether food is available. You can include any relevant information on the flyer and whether event sign up is necessary. Posters in local stores might help inform others of the event. Event banners where the event is being held will help remind everyone when and where the event will be. Signage on the day will guide people to the booth, display or event they want to check out.

For example, are you holding an international food festival? Well, you want people to know where to park. Once they have, you will want to guide them through the festival to the country or booth that they most want to eat at. Those booths will also need event signs to highlight their menu. So, there is a lot to consider for your community event signs.

Custom Signs

There are all different types of community events that may require custom signs. A press conference? Presentation, book signing events, parades, fairs, festivals, commemorative ceremonies, and so much more. In tight-knit communities, there is always some type of local event happening. Your community event signs can make sure that everyone joins in or you can go on seeing the usual faces at every gathering. For community presentations, we can transform your slides into spectacular event signs. The same can be completed for press conferences. Especially if these types of community events are televised locally and need a buy-in from the attendees. Whether it’s to encourage people to attend a community planning meeting or there’s something else on the cards.

It’s important to ensure that your event is safe and organized, which is where event parking signs and directional signs come into play. You might deem these as unnecessary, but you shouldn’t relegate safety. So, when you design your custom signs, consider what purpose each of them will serve. For example, an event sign in sheet can also serve as a tick list in case of emergencies. A banner can attract, guide, inform, and invite all at once. Your event signs should be clear and concise. You want to keep them short and simple and ensure your color scheme is easy to read.

Cheap Signs

It doesn’t matter what type of event banner design you have in mind, we can make it happen. Just get in touch with us to discuss your event signage ideas. We are always happy to field any questions that you might have and offer advice when necessary. This is what we do, so if you aren’t sure whether you need event sign up sheets or event banners, just ask! We have an event sign in sheet template that you can customize as well as a variety of other templates for you to take a look at.

Contact us to get started on your community event signs now. Whether it’s event parking signs or book signing event signs you need, we can help. Our experienced technicians can handle any questions that you may have regarding sign and drive event signage solutions. In addition to event banner signs, we offer business cards, window decals, stickers, flyers, and more.