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Hotels, Motels & Resorts Signs

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Hotels, Motels & Resorts Signs

If you are in the hospitality business, then you know just how important it is to get your hotels, motels & resorts signs right. Luckily, we can help you take your hotel signage to the next level. We can print banners, parking signs, directional signage, hotel door/room number signs, and more. We’ll even provide you with the necessary kit to install your new signs. There is a lot to consider when you create the ultimate hotels, motels & resorts signage. So, let’s take a look at all the different types of hotel signage you can order from us.

Hotel Signage Ideas

Hotel signage is an important aspect of the hospitality business. Why? They’re the first impression a customer gets of your company. It’s what will attract people to your business and it sticks with them. So, don’t underestimate your hotel room signs or the numbers that you choose.
  • Your hotel room signs can help you establish your business as a hot spot. If you operate a high-end hotel or resort, then you are going to want to invest in high-end signage that will fit the aesthetic. Don’t forget hotel signs and symbols, this might be safety signs, logos or, other types of signs that you need throughout your business.
  • You can opt for hotel room door signs or hotel room numbers. If you operate a themed establishment, then you might have room names instead of numbers. We are more than happy to help you create the ultimate nameplate in line with the relevant themes. You might want hotel room numbers and door signs, we can do that for you, too!
  • You can even go neon if you like! Whether that’s hotel room signs that you are choosing or to decorate the hotel’s bar.

Hanging Signs For Bed and Breakfast

A bed and breakfast is a different feel than a hotel, motel or resort. They have grown in popularity over the years and serve people generally escaping for a short break. Generally, they’re cheaper and more quaint than other establishments. Which is why personalized bed and breakfast signs play such an important role. As bed and breakfast sign makers, we can help you produce a range of signs. In addition to bed and breakfast outdoor signs, we can create your door or number signs. Room names are a popular signage option for bed and breakfasts. You’ll need to consider building signs, vinyl lettering, window decals, signs for the reception, lobby and internal door signs. Don’t forget about your health and safety signs. There are also hanging signs for bed and breakfast. These are similar to the typical real estate sign that you see at the front of a home. It lets people know what business you operate and can highlight whether you have vacancies or not. So, hanging signs for bed and breakfast can advertise and inform all at once.

Hotel Interior Signage

As a hospitality business, you know how important it is to make it easy for your guests to find you. This is where you can make hotels, motels & resorts signage work hard for you. Not only do you want hotel exterior signage to welcome guests, you want to provide them with hotel signage that will help them find your operation easily. Which means investing in directional signage that you can guide people to your door. Again, once your guests are inside you will want hotel interior signage to guide them to the reception desk, bathrooms, spa, and any other information you need. So, as far as hotel interior signage goes, you may want to consider the following. Way-finding signage which will help create a seamless experience for your customers. Directional signs and hotel room door signs to highlight fitness facilities, spa, pool area, conference rooms, function suites, and more. Don’t forget the health and safety signs and emergency information.

Hotel Exterior Signage

  • Let’s take a look at the different hotel exterior signage that we offer. Pylon signs – there’s no greater way to let people know where you are than with pylon hotel signage.
  • Directional/Way-finding signs – these are used to navigate people towards every area of your hotel, motel or resort.
  • Neon Signs – vacancy? No vacancy? What motel would be complete with a neon hotel exterior signage display?
  • Channel Letters – you can go with a back-lit or illuminated lettered sign or you can stick with a simple painted finish. It’s up to you, but your choice will likely depend on the type of hospitality business you operate.

Hotel Signage

You have probably already established your brand image. You will likely have a set font and style for your business name. There may be a logo that you use in your promotional material as well. All you need to do is send it to us and we can print that on your hotels, motels & resorts signage. Don’t worry, though, if you don’t have an established look or if you want to rebrand. We can absolutely help you with that, too. We have templates that you can customize or you can create unique hotel signage. What’s important is consistency. So, it’s vital that you consider your aesthetic and use it in every piece of signage.

Guest House Signs

If you operate a modern hotel, then you will want to express that through your guest house signs. Again, the same stands for a vintage décor or, a specific style. Your signage needs to be consistent with your overall aesthetic. So, the colors in your hotel interior signage need to fit within the overall theme of your décor. Just as you’ll need to choose a font that fits in line with that as well. Think of yourself as creating an immersive experience for your guests. You don’t want to break the spell by choosing a poor hotel, motels & resorts signage design. Keep that in mind as you consider your hotel signage design choices.

Hotel Room Signage

Within your rooms, your hotels, motels & resorts signage might be a little bit different. Of course, you will have the hotel door/room number signs on the exterior of the door. However, there will also be a need to install no smoking signs, information about room service, the relevant menus for food, drinks, spa services, etc. So, there’s more to hotel room signage than just the room number. You’ll also need some hotel room décor. You might not want to create decorative signs for your hotels, however, we can produce epic wall murals. This is an amazingly unique way to set your theme in each room. A wall mural can be a landscape design for a nature room. Or, it could be an action scene if your rooms are movie themed. You can really take this type of hotel room signage in any direction you want. The sky really is the limit here.

Hotel Room Signs

You will also need to consider safety and evacuation route hotel room signs. These are often tucked behind the entrance door or directly on it. You may also want to create hotel room signs that will inform your guests. Whether it’s about pool opening times, available treatments, or restaurant or bar information. If you don’t offer these types of services, then you may want to partner with local businesses that do and provide your guests with that information. While it might not increase your sales initially, it will increase customer goodwill. You can create the custom hotels, motels & resorts signage that works for you. As many or as few as you want! We don’t institute minimums, so if you need a single sign we are happy to produce that piece of hotel signage for you. This might be helpful if you aren’t sure about what style of signage will work best for your business. You can create a few different hotel room signs and test them out before ordering the rest.

Hotel Door Numbers Suppliers

If you want to create your own hotel signage, get in touch to discuss your needs. Provide us with your hotel signage guidelines and we can handle everything. From hotel exterior signage through your graphics systems hotel signs, hotel signs and notices, and hotel room door signs. We can be your one-stop hotel signage companies shop. Additionally, we offer a wide range of templates that you can customize. Or, you can create your own hotel signage design. So, get in touch to get started on your hotels, motels & resorts signage. Get in touch to start your order. Take a look at all the products in our shop to ensure you are purchasing everything you need. You can chat with one of our experienced signage technicians who can field any queries and questions that you may have. Provide us with detailed requirements for your hotel signage. This will help us streamline the process and ensure that you get your products in a timely manner. It also helps us get all the details just right.