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Do you own and operate a martial arts business? Are your karate & martial arts signs doing all that they can for your business? There’s a good chance the answer is no. From your karate logo to your martial arts banners, there is a lot to do and a lot to choose from. We offer a wide range of karate & martial arts signs options. Whether it’s a martial arts banner sign to hang outside your dojo or decals to hand out. There are so many different martial arts signs to choose from, you will be sure to find the perfect match for your needs and your budget. Let’s take a look at the many options and considerations you should factor in as you choose what type of karate & martial arts signs to design.

Karate & Martial Arts Signs

You have a couple of options when you design your karate logo or signs. You can either customize one of our many template options or, you can instead send us your current design. Many businesses already have their design ideas settled and just need a full-print shop to bring the design to life. Whichever type of customer you are, we are happy to produce your perfect karate & martial arts signs. You can also fully customize your karate & martial arts signs for whatever discipline you follow. Whether it’s Kung Fu, Taekwondo, Muay Thai or even Kenpo. It’s a great way to grab attention for your business. This is especially useful if you are just starting out, operate a small business or you’re launching a brand new class. You will increase recognition in your local area and increase registration, if you adequately advertise your offerings.

Martial Arts Yard Signs

One of the most effective ways to market your programs is with martial arts yard signs. Think about how real estate agents get their properties noticed ? they use yard signs. So, it stands to reason that this method would also be effective in advertising your martial arts business. If you run a small business, this is a great place for you to start. It will help you increase your sales and grow your business. This will allow you to reach a point in your marketing plan to include other types of advertising. So, you can branch out later. However, if you want to get off to a strong start, then martial arts yard signs are an excellent place to kick it all off.

Martial Arts Banners

Another excellent option would be martial arts banners. These are large and attention-grabbing. They also offer more space for you to get your message across. The question you might be thinking, though, is how many signs will you need? In all honesty, as many as your budget will allow for. What’s the point of having any signs if they can’t be seen? Therefore, you want enough signs for people to notice you wherever they go in the area. You can start by placing signs within the three miles around your business. Think about the routes people drive, and the main intersections that see the most traffic. You can hang a Shotokan karate symbol sign with your business name, directing them to your studio. Or, you can have vehicles strategically parked with your martial arts car decals on them.

Just on that note, there will be zoning laws that may restrict your ability to hang signs in the area. So, using martial arts car decals is a great way to get around those. Your first step, though, is to check the local zoning laws to find out where you stand. If you want to speak to a professional about it, find a real estate agent. They will have a good idea of the zoning laws because this is the same type of signage strategy that they use to sell homes.

Karate Banner Design

You might have your design, but where should you hang this amazing karate banner design once it’s done? Well, the best spots are those that are highly trafficked. The major roads and intersections are going to see a lot of commuters pass by. Which means this is an excellent opportunity for you to get your martial arts signs seen. It isn’t enough to just toss them up in these spots, though. You have to consider whether they are visible and legible. So, think about how traffic gets caught up and install your signs in those hot spots that are sure to be seen by the traffic coming in the correct direction.

What if you don’t have your design settled and you’re not sure what your martial arts signs should say? Don’t worry, we have some tips for you. It’s vital that you communicate your basic message immediately. So, you may want to lead with MUAY THAI, KARATE or whatever discipline you teach. Don’t forget to include your website or a contact number so people can follow up. You can get more out of your martial arts window signs. As this is something that will be directly in your window, providing an opportunity for more information.

Martial Arts Window Decals

When it comes to martial arts window decals, this is your opportunity to create a first impression that leaves an impact. You can stick with white so it looks like a high-end glass etching or you can embrace color. Either way, you can create stunning martial arts window decals that will highlight your business name, logo, an image, as well as opening times and contact information. Don’t underestimate how powerful a well-designed martial arts window decal can be. Martial arts window clings can also be created on a smaller scale. So, if your design is clever enough we can shrink it down to a small window cling for your students to place on cars, windows or other clear surfaces. It’s just another mobile billboard opportunity.

Martial Arts Car Decals

Of course, you don’t have to stick to martial arts window clings for cars. In fact, we also offer martial arts car decals and magnets. This is an excellent choice for anyone who uses their vehicle for work purposes. It turns your car into a mobile advertisement. It will be seen wherever you park, when you’re stuck in traffic or just as you drive the city roads. Just be sure to choose your colors and fonts wisely. Light text on a dark background, or vice versa, is a great choice as it’s easy to read. Avoid using fonts that are too fancy or a bit silly. You want to project a professional image. More importantly, you want your martial arts signs to be easy to read, whether up close or from a distance.

As you can see, martial arts signs take a variety of forms. It doesn’t matter how big or small your budget is, we have signage solutions that will work hard for you!

Custom Martial Arts Belts

Yes, we really can do it all. So, if you want custom martial arts belts, we can help you tackle that, too. This is a nice touch for studios to offer. Each student reaches a certain level and receives their belt in exchange. Whether this is a belt that you charge them for when they earn it or, it’s included in their fees, it doesn’t matter. What does matter, though, is that students will post their photos on social media. Which means that all of their social media friends, family, and friends and friends will see your custom martial arts belts. This, of course, will pique their interest in your business. So, even something like custom martial arts belts can be seen as a promotional or marketing investment piece.

Martial Arts Marketing

If only it was as simple as installing a sign and leaving it at that. There’s a bit more to martial arts marketing than that. Yes, a sign to brand your facility is important. Anyone who passes should know who you are and what you offer. In addition to the typical martial arts marketing signs, though, there is more to consider. Will flyers help boost your traffic? What about stickers for students and parents to place on their vehicles, skateboards, and more? Have you considered car decals or magnets for your employees to use? What about t-shirts? Brochures to highlight your classes, programs, and offer’s You see, there?s a lot to consider when it comes to martial arts marketing.

The good news, though, is that we are standing by and ready to help you. Whether you want to create a hundred martial arts window clings or a single karate banner design, we can help. Get in touch with us to get your karate symbols signs started. You can strike up a live chat with one of our experienced technicians who will be happy to answer any questions that you may have. Or, you can give us a call at 1-800-205-9005. Alternatively, you can check out our shop page. When you get in touch, please provide us with as many details regarding your karate & martial arts signs as possible. This will help streamline the process and ensure you get exactly what you want.