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From legal signs to a lawyer sign, there is a lot to consider here. Not only do supermarkets and hospitality businesses need legal drinking age sign options, but most employers require a range of health and safety signage by law. That isn’t even taking into consideration the need for private road sign legal, attorney office signs, and beyond. If you don’t see the legal signs you are looking for, don’t panic, just get in contact to discuss your needs! We create custom signs, it’s what we do, so we can create yours, too.

Legal Signs

It really doesn’t matter what type of legal signs that you are in need of. We can fill every need you have when it comes to signage solutions and promotional materials. There’s a wide range to choose from, but let’s take a look at some of the highlights. Again, we can create any type of custom sign you need. We offer a range of varieties, styles, finishes, and materials so that you can create the ultimate custom sign.

  • Law Office Lobby Signs
  • Customer Parking Only Signs Legal
  • Office Lobby Signs
  • Private Road Sign Legal
  • Law Office Wall Signs
  • Law Office Door Signs
  • Attorney At Law Signs
  • Law Office Outdoor Signs
  • Attorney Door Signs
  • Law Firm Signage

What type of attorney signs might you need? Well, you want to brand your offices, right? Direct customers to the correct offices, and let them know where to park. They need to know where to find you, and what offices are where. So, there are a lot of different attorney signs to consider, from the outside on in.

Exterior Law Office Signs

We want to make sure you make the right decisions about your law firm signage. So, we suggest we start by taking a walk outside to review your exterior law office signs. You should approach your building as though you are a passer-by or a potential client arriving for the first time. Consider what your legal signs say about you and what type of first impression they might make. This is something retailers will often do on a daily basis to ensure their signage is as strong as possible. So, approach your office, taking in your exterior law office signs into consideration. Is your signage visible from the street? Can people passing in either direction get a clear view of it? Are you using all of the available space? You can erect a free-standing sign near the entrance and also use a building mounted sign to brand your business.

Don’t just walk by, drive by your business to determine how effective your legal signs are. Do this in the morning as you arrive to work and do it again when you leave. You want to know how effective your signage is throughout the day, not just during your opening hours. It should give you an idea of how clear your message is and whether your attorney signs are large enough to do the marketing job you need them to do. This is an investment in your business. You need to consider the size of the sign, height of letters, the placement, the right shape, the surroundings, and even the lighting. Your message needs to stand out.

Attorney Signs

You only get one chance to make a great first impression, and your law firm signage is what will make that impression. You may get a second chance to improve that impression if they come into your domain for a meeting. However, it’s possible that you may never get that opportunity. Your attorney signs may be the only chance you get to catch that client. The colors that you choose, how you use white space, and the message you send will all speak to your professionalism. Your aesthetic is more important than you realize. You need to remember to highlight what it is you can do for your clients, so your legal signs are how you can communicate that. Your name won’t matter as much as the benefits you offer.

Law Office Lobby Signs

Your law office lobby signs are just as important as your exterior signs, however, you may consider these secondary opportunities. If you share a building, then you will likely need law firm lobby signs to direct clients to the correct floor, office, building. Visiting a new law firm can be nerve-racking, so the more you can do to make people comfortable, the better. It’s important that you get your legal signs right the first time, they are a big investment. However, if you get them right the first time you will see a return on that investment. You can opt for a traditional bronze sign or go modern with a stainless steel legal sign. You will need to consider signs for office doors, desks, directories, and more!

Law Firm Signage

  • Lobby Logo Sign – for a logo sign in the lobby, you can choose from bronze, stainless steel, copper, aluminum or brass. There is also a multitude of finishes available for these legal signs– you can opt for a painted finish or go with a more traditional polished, oxidized or brushed finish.
  • Panel Sign – you can mount a lettered or logo sign to a panel to help your design pop. It’s particularly useful if you plan to install your law office outdoor signs to a challenging surface, such as granite or stone.
  • Vinyl lettering – you can stick with simple vinyl lettering or opt for a window graphic. Either way, you can use this solution to display the name of the practice, as well as the lawyers involved, and even include a logo. This can also work for glass doors.
  • Plaques – plaques are a unique and professional legal sign option to display the name of your practice, as well as the address, and any other relevant information.

Attorney Office Signs

Attorney office signs are a key part of your business. They help direct your clients to the correct parking lot and spaces, inform them of where they can find you, and let them know what you do. If you specialize in family law, then you will want your law office wall signs to communicate that. If there are multiple lawyers in your office and each of you has a different specialty, you can communicate that with your legal signs, too.

Unless they are a current client, you can bet that people passing by know nothing about you. So, while a lot of people hit the internet to research lawyers, your attorney at law signs will be an opportunity to make a good impression. You want people to see your signs and then go find out more about your firm. So, be sure that your message is clear, that it is easy to read from a distance, and that your color scheme is professional and legible. Creating great legal signs is mostly just common sense, but we are always happy to offer a bit of advice and guidance if you need some extra hints and tips. This is what we do!

Private Road Sign Legal

Do you live on a private road and you constantly deal with people turning around as they get lost? Well, a private road sign legal could help you reduce those headlights in your living room. When it comes to legal signs for law firms, there are traffic and parking signs that will be needed to direct clients to the correct parking lot.

While a business might not be in need of a private road sign legal, but you may be in need of legal drinking age sign designs. Any place that sells alcohol is required to post the relevant sign. So, whether you operate a liquor store, a supermarket, bodega, bar, cafe, restaurant or a hotel – you will need to hang a legal drinking age sign. It’s always wise to remind people they will be asked for ID if they look under the age of 30. Especially if you run a business in a tourist area.

Law Firm Signage

If you are ready to kick off your legal signs order, then you have come to the right place. Get in touch with us to discuss your law firm lobby signs and outdoor options. Contact us via the live chat option on our website or you can call us at 800-205-9005. Check our website for a range of options, and provide us with as much detail as possible regarding your law firm signage needs. It will help us streamline the process, which means you will get your order quicker.

You can also count on us to produce a range of promotional materials. So, if you are just opening your business or you plan to expand, we can print your business cards, flyers, brochures, and anything else you might need to properly advertise your operation! Take a look at the rest of our website to see what products we offer in addition to our range of legal signs.