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Medical Office Signs

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Medical Office Signs Designs

We can help you create medical office signs. Whether you need sign in sheets for medical offices, doctor office signs, medical copay signs or you have something else in mind, we can help! From exam room signs to payment due signs, we can do it all in the realm of medical office signs. It’s possible to customize one of our many templates or, you can bring your own design to the table. It’s entirely up to you, but templates mean you don’t need to be creative to design a modern and professional medical office sign.

Healthcare Signs

When it comes to medical office signs, there is a lot to consider. You need signs for the exterior of your offices, directional signage, directories, signs for the waiting room, recovery rooms, exam rooms, reception area, labs, therapy rooms, payment signs, and even more! There is so much to consider when you kit out your doctor office signs. We specialize in printing and creating high-quality materials.

Whether it’s for promotional purposes, marketing or a branding solution you require. Our medical office signs can help you get noticed, make it easier for people to find you, and add a touch of professionalism to your business.
So, let’s check out signs for medical offices that will help you keep your patients informed.

Medical Office Signs

Let’s take a walk through the medical office signs you might need.

  • Directional and way-finding signs
  • Entrance signage
  • Parking signage
  • Welcome signage
  • Branding signage
  • Conference Room Signage
  • Medical Copy Signs
  • Payment Due Signs
  • Logo Signs For Offices
  • Medical Office Signs For Patients
  • Medical Door Signs
  • Exam Room Signage
  • Funny Medical Office Signs
  • Medical Office Signs Interior
  • Check-In and Check Out Signs
  • Nursing Home Signs
  • Health Care Signs
  • Exam room numbers
  • ADA Compliant Signs
  • Logo floor mats
  • Door nameplates
  • Lobby Signage
  • Directories
  • Event Posters
  • Event Banners
  • Memorial and/or Recognition Plaques
  • Vinyl Lettering
  • Digital signage
  • Monument Signs
  • Window graphics
  • Wall decals

Dr Office Signs

We offer a wide range of templates for you to customize. However, if you can’t see the dr office signs that you want, you can bring your own design to the table. We offer our customers complete and total customization options. You can choose your type of sign and then decide on text, font, color, material, and finish from there.

So, it really doesn’t matter what type of healthcare signs you need, we can fill your order. If you aren’t sure what type of signs are right for what area, then get in touch! We are always happy to offer advice and guidance on which signage types are perfect for different uses. For example, interior office door signs are different from what you might use on an external door. Again, there is a difference between the perfect solution for medical office waiting room signs and entrance signs.

Medical Waiting Room Signs

  • Let’s look at the options for waiting room signs in a bit more depth.
    Dimensional Letters – cut aluminum or stainless steel, copper, bronze or even brass. You can opt for a painted finish or go with brushed, polished or oxidized.
  • Panel Signs – if you want to make your sign a bit more prominent, then you can mount your dimensional letters or logo onto a panel sign. This really makes your sign pop. It also makes it much easier to install your sign on a difficult material, like granite or stone.
  • Plaques – you can use a metal plaque to display the name of your practice, the doctors, and even your address. You may also want to consider plaques to commemorate someone special or dedicate your building.
  • Window Graphics – vinyl can be used to display the name of your practice, logo, and even the doctor’s in practice. Window graphics can be used in storefront glass or on a glass door.

Logo Signs For Offices

You can customize these signs in any way you prefer, with personalized text, photos, images, and logos, too. You can personalize medical office door signs with employee names, exam room numbers, and even just to signify the purpose of the room. They are ideal for use in dentist’s office, medical offices, nursing homes, and can signify the break room, kitchen, employee only areas, and direct patient’s to the correct exam room.

Medical Copy Signs

Medical copy signs make life much easier for your staff. It means they can easily explain your policies, regarding co-pays. Most doctor’s offices use medical copy signs to let their patients know the copay should be paid before they receive treatment. Most patients don’t love to have a conversation about co-payments, there is a lot of anxiety in this discussion. So, providing medical copay signs takes the sting out of it for both the patient and your reception staff.

If you expect payment upon delivery of services, then payment due signs will help communicate your expectations to your patients. It will save your receptionists from having to over it repeatedly and will make it easy for patients to get the information they need. You can place this type of sign at the reception desk or you can use it as medical office waiting room signs.

Medical Office Door Signs

How else will your patients know they are in the right place if you don’t place medical office door signs everywhere? For the exam rooms, a simple number will do. However, you may also want to provide a nameplate for the doctor who uses it most frequently. If your doctor’s hop from office to office or you have visiting professionals, you can use the nameplates that slide in and out. That way, the doctor can simply grab their nameplate and place it on the correct door.

This isn’t the only type of medical office signs that you will need for your doors, though. You will also want to signify a nurse’s station, therapy rooms, x-ray areas, employee only spots, and bathrooms, etc. You want people to feel comfortable navigating your offices, so you can do that in an efficient manner by using medical office door signs.

Medical Office Signs For Lobby

We want to take a moment to talk about medical office signs for lobby use. There is probably a lot you want to communicate, but you should consider it from the patient’s point of view. Certain signs are likely to aggravate them, rather than make them comfortable. So, you want to consider this as you design your healthcare signs. You may also want to consider wall decals or murals that portray a nature scene. This is a great way to use up some of your wall space without turning it into a cluttered mess.

Avoid riot act type signs, those are the ones that threaten the patient into behaving in a way that makes your life easier. For example, if you arrive late your appointment will be rescheduled for another day. You must arrive early in order to complete the necessary paperwork. You will be charged a late fee if you do not pay your fees today. While these healthcare signs may have good intentions, they don’t really make a patient feel welcome. It’s all about your wording.

Interior Office Signage

So, as you design your medical office waiting room signs, ask yourself whether the message benefits your patient. Is it consistent with your overall message? Is the information on your healthcare signs truly useful and helpful in the wording you have chosen? Have you placed a consequence in it? Would a service business use a sign like this? Is the message supportive of a positive experience for the patient? Put yourself in the patient’s shoes – now, how does it read?

Check Out Signs For Medical Offices

Are you ready to order your suite of doctor office signs? It doesn’t matter whether you need two medical copay signs, a single one or an entire collection of the various doctor office signs that we offer. We can even help you with sign in sheets for medical offices and healthcare signs, too. We can kit you out from the entrance to the parking lot, from the front door right on through to your check out signs.

In addition, we also offer a wide range of other signs and promotional materials. So, if you want funny medical office signs for your waiting room and exam rooms, we can do that, too. We can also help you create business cards, brochures, catalogs, and more. The choice is yours, but do check out the rest of our website. You might be surprised at what you’ll find. We aim to be your one-stop shop. So, when you are ready to place your order, get in touch!