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Are you looking for Photography Prints? You might not realize how important these are, but they indeed are. You have probably gone to the trouble of creating your signature photo logo to embed or watermark your work. That is technically a sign because signed photographs are advertising your work, wherever those photos are viewed. Signs for photographers do not stop there, though. There are so many different ways you can brand and advertise your business. Whether you have a physical office for customers to visit or you operate on the road and rely on the internet for leads, photographers signs are a must. Let’s take a look!

Photographers Signs

So, what types of images of signs and symbols are going to improve your business? Let’s be brutally honest; photography is an entirely visual industry. So, it would only make sense that your identity as a photographer should be strong. Your logo or photography signature is a big part of that. While many photographers choose to use their signature as a watermark, others use a logo. If you plan to use your logo, you should ensure it’s a good one.

You may want to enlist the services of a graphic designer to create the best possible logo. Remember, your logo is probably the most significant outward expression of both your personality and vision as a photographer. So, it’s essential that you use your photography logo ideas to distinguish yourself from your competitors. All you need to do is provide us with your logo when you want to create your signs for photographers.

Signature Photo Logo

You know where your focus should lie, so let us focus on the rest. Once you have the signature photo logo, you have the core of your brand. This logo should then appear on your business cards, catalogs, brochures, and on every other bit of promotional or signage materials.

Consistency is crucial to your brand, and your logo plays a big part in that. However, your photographer’s signs will also hinge on what type of photography you specialize in. For example, the sign photographers who specialize in sports shots use will be different from someone who does wedding or family portraits. So, bear that in mind as you create your marketing and promotional materials.

Signs For Photographers

To help make life more comfortable as you create the ultimate signs for photographers, we’ve compiled some hints and tips for you to follow. You might want to use a camera icon, but this is a somewhat popular choice. So, if you do choose to use a camera, make sure that you deploy it uniquely and cleverly. The most critical factors in your photographer’s signs? Color, font, and icons.

  • Color – the colors that you choose to use in your photographer signs is essential. So, when you consider your photography logo ideas, think about the types of colors that elicit a specific emotion when they see it. That will depend on your specialty.
  • Black & White – if you are a more traditional photographer, the classic black and white color scheme are perfect. It’s timeless and straight to the point.
  • Gradients – why not blur the edges to provide your designs with a smoother transition in your color choices? If you are into street sign photography or your work is artsy, this is the perfect aesthetic.
  • Brightness – if you specialize in shooting kids or family photos, then you may want to go bright! That will communicate energy and fun, so think yellow, orange, and even red. It’s all about emphasizing the active aspect of your work.
  • Neutrals – are your photography prints all about nature? The earth tones and neutral colors are a great choice. So, think greens and browns to express your love of the outdoors.
  • Pastels – are you all about creating a vintage feel? Then pastels and light shades of brown are perfect. That will help develop a feeling of nostalgia and is a bit more worn-in looking, which is what communicates your specialty. Think sepia.

Modern Photographers

Okay, we have the colors of your photography signs covered, but let’s take a look at the front side of things as well as icons.

  • Font – the font that you choose will also communicate your style. That is an essential component in establishing your brand identity. When it comes to standard fonts for prints for photographers, they vary wildly.
  • You can choose whichever font you feel works best with your style and aesthetic. For kids photographers, something fun is expected. However, if you specialize in weddings, then you’ll want to go in a different direction.
  • Icons – the icon is essentially your logo. It could be your initials, a camera or something else. What it should do, though, is express your specialty and sum up why people should want to work with you. It’s mostly a way for you to represent your brand identity through a single image.

Photography Signature

There are all different fields of photography, and that is a big deal in your photographer’s sign design ideas. So, we have some hints and tips to help you express your specialty creatively and uniquely.

  • Weddings – As a wedding photographer, your focus is on capturing the biggest day of someone’s life. So, your end goal is to win the emotion, the atmosphere and to tell the story of this couple on their big day. Your icon, signature, and photographers signs should communicate that. Wedding cakes, rings, even a top hat are all great symbols to use.
  • Sports – Action, fun, energy.  All things that sports photographers need to capture. You can use this to create the ultimate photography signature. You can take elements from the sports that you tend to shoot or include motion and clean lines to express your skill.
  • Wildlife & Landscape – These types of photographers use minimal equipment as they are always on the go. Consider carrying that theme into your logo and signage.
  • Food – If you are a food photographer, it would only make sense to incorporate food into your signs for photographers. You can use elements or ingredients of food or, specific foods.
  • Fashion – This is all about glamour and beauty, so you might want to focus on your fashion specialty, whether that’s hair or clothing.

Sign Photographers

From A-frames to business cards, banners, and more. We can tackle all of your signs for photographers needs. While a lot of photographers hand out business cards, you can stand out by using postcards instead. That is an excellent opportunity to show off some of your work on the front, and provide your contact information on the back. Whether you want a single photo or choose a selection of images to show off a variety of skills, we can create the perfect pictures of signs and symbols to highlight your skills.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a team of modern photographers or into street sign photography, your signs say everything about you. So, it’s vital that you make wise decisions in your photography logo ideas. Remember, it’s the first impression that will be on your potential customers. So, before you go to print, stand back and ask yourself what type of message you are sending. Your photography signature is an expression of your personality and the business that you operate, so make sure that it’s a good one.

Famous Photographers

Are you a fan of majorly renowned photographers? Do you want to be one of those famous photographers to someone else? Well, no one is going to know about you and your business if you don’t advertise it adequately. Let us get you started! Step one, a great business card. You can hand these out at weddings and other events you shoot. You can give out brochures or catalogs to severe leads so they can check out your price list and all that you offer. Car magnets or decals will allow you to advertise on the move.

It means people will see your photographers signs everywhere you drive and park! It’s a great way to be seen by the most people possible and at an affordable price. If you are ready to take your street sign photography to the next level, contact us to create your photographer’s signs.

You can chat with one of our experienced technicians who can answer any questions that you might have about photographing signs. However you decide to contact us, please be specific about the type of photography sign maker you are interested in. This will help expedite the process and ensure that your photographer’s signs are accurate. Looking for something else and you don’t see it on our site? Don’t worry, we’re a completely custom shop, so there’s a good chance we can help you out – get in touch and ask!