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As a restauranteur, you will know how important it is to have great advertising. A solid marketing plan, and perfect restaurant signage. The thing that sets your restaurant aside from others in any physical location is the use of great restaurant signage.

This is the key to getting people through your doors. And once they are inside, your printed materials are what will keep them there long enough to spend their money.

No matter your location, whether you are in a strip of restaurants and bars.a standalone business or in a mall. Your restaurant signs and printed material needs to be high-quality and attention-grabbing. There are many items available to print for your restaurant signage. And here are a few essentials that NonStop Signs can add to your complete marketing package.

Ideas For Restaurant Signage

Restaurant signage can vary depending on how much internal and external space you have. There are many options for restaurants when it comes to signage. From exterior name signs to window signs, interior wall signage and more. There are many places within your business that printed signs can be used to your advantage.

Channel Letters for Restaurant Signs

Channel letters are an excellent choice for high-impact exterior restaurant signage. The Channel letters are visible day and night and will attract attention to your restaurant from a distance. There are many styles, colors and fonts available. And there are many different types of lighting options available.

There are many ways your channel letters can be set on your restaurant walls. So take a look at competitor buildings and businesses around your restaurant to get an idea of the styles you like.

The most common type of channel letters for restaurants are face lit or front lit styles. Face lit signage is a great way to attract new business from the road. Or from a distance, and when done right, can look amazing. Face lit channel letters are illuminated so your name and logo remain constantly lit.

Floor Graphics

Customized floor graphics are an awesome way to draw attention in store to specials. Or direct people to cashiers or bars. Floor graphics can be used both internally and externally, offering a great way to draw customers into your business from the outside.

Custom floor decals are hard-wearing. Eye-catching and can be used on almost any surface, including carpet and concrete. Floor decals can be cut into different shapes and sizes and can be full-color printed to engage people in your restaurant branding.

Perforated Window Decals

The Perforated window decals are designed to create a vision. Appealing image visible from the outside while allowing sunlight to enter and you to see out. Perforated window decals can be customized to fit your entire window surface and surrounds. Or they can simply be one portion of a window size. Perforated window decals are also available for car and vehicle windows, to maximize the visual appearance of your restaurant.

A-Frame Signs

A-Frame signs are an excellent way to get customers into your restaurant. A well-located A-frame sign can show customers your menu. Special deals, pricing or whatever information you want.

You can also have blank A-frame restaurant signage so you can customize them each day with specials. or quotes to attract attention. No matter where your restaurant is located. A-frame signs will increase, your brand visibility. Our lightweight A-frame signs are easy to move around and fold up easily to store.

Internal Signage

Inside your restaurant, you want to make sure your customers can find their way around to bathrooms, where to order and where to pay so they feel more comfortable. The more comfortable your customers are, the more money they will spend. Ask our team about signage specific to your restaurant. We have a great design team who can create unique or standard signage to suit your needs.

Why You Need Restaurant Signage Printing

Once you have customers in your restaurant, you have won half the battle. The hardest part from here is getting them to spend their money. The best way to create a welcoming atmosphere is to make everything as easy as possible. To order and find their way around your restaurant. Clever restaurant signage and printing on the inside of your restaurant will make a big difference when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Dine In Menu Printing

Professionally printed menus are vital to your ’s success. Professional printing is often overlooked in restaurants. As a way to save a few dollars, however, first impressions are everything.

In the restaurant business, the first thing people need and want to know is what is on the menu. That is why they are there, so having professionally designed and printed menus will make all the difference.

How many times have you viewed a menu you couldn’t understand. And how many menus have you looked at that were simply boring to read?

Most people have browsed over a menu that didn’t look attractive and left the restaurant, and as a restauranteur, that’s the last thing you want. Professionally designed and printed menus will deter this from happening.

Your menus should be easy to read, should include pricing, maybe some professionally photographed images of your menu items. And any relevant information about the food, or how to order and pay that may differ from the standard.

Your menu should make customers feel good about being in your establishment. And should be clear accurate, and attractive. Whether you prefer a minimalistic approach to your restaurant menu printing or you have more grand. Layout ideas regarding plastic menu printing contact our team to help your vision become a reality.

Take Out Menu Printing

Your take-out menu printing is just as important as your in-house menu and should have the same layout. Once again, it should be simple to read. Have precise instructions on how to order, and include contact details. Take-out menus can be a little less fancy than your in-house menus. However, keeping your branding material similar will help to increase brand awareness for your restaurant.

Use your take-out menu to show promotional offers or meal deals. Printed menus are available in a variety of size options with print runs starting at just 25 and as many as 25,000 for large chain restaurants.

Rack Cards

Customizable rack cards are advertising cards that are mostly found in restaurants. Hotels, and entertainment venues to share specific information with your customers. The standard rack card sizes vary from 4″ x 9″ up to 8.5″ x 3.5″. And are great for advertising drink specials or drinks menus. Rack cards are a great way to let people know about upcoming events at your restaurant. About meal deals or virtually anything else. You want your customers to know about your restaurant.

In a restaurant setting, rack cards can be used as menus and can be printed in black and white or in full color. The internal cards are interchangeable within rack card stands. Which means you can advertise different specials for a lunch or dinner menu or a different daily special with ease. Our design team has a broad range of options, so contact us today to see some examples.

Table Tents

Did you know Table tents are a great way to upsell within your restaurant? Table tents can be likened to miniature billboards. They are a multi-purpose marketing material. That is a powerful resource for your restaurant. Like Rack Cards, your restaurant can advertise specials. Upcoming deals, offerings, or restaurant information without being too invasive for your customers. The Table tents can be positioned on any horizontal surface, from tables to countertops.

Table tents have an assortment of uses and are an effective way to advertise. Table tents are used as a visual marketing tool and should be attractive and easy to read. They should grab the attention of your customers but not get in their way. An excellent way to showcase your restaurant’s. Culinary options are to use creative table tents that highlight the unique elements of your establishment.

Restaurant Promotional Poster Printing

Posters and flyer sized printing options are available to advertise your dessert menu items or special offers. Eye-catching displays of desserts offered by your restaurant are a great way to upsell. High-quality full-color printing with professional photographs of your desserts are a great way to attract attention to specific products and will help to increase your sales per head averages.

Restaurant Flyers

Flyers are an essential part of marketing for any business. And if your restaurant is always looking for new customers, flyers are a great way to go. Custom printed flyers can be handed out by staff at other local events. Outside your restaurant or on the street near your establishment.

A quality restaurant flyer should include menu options. Your location and a simple and clear message about why people should come to your restaurant.

Flyers are also a great way to promote upcoming specials and deals to existing customers in-store. Print flyers are great for advertising short-term specials. A weekend event, a grand opening or special promotions.

All in all, the signage and printing options you choose for your restaurant can make or break you. Our team of professional designers is waiting for your call. So contact us today to see how we can help your restaurant get to the next level.