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4D Lenticular Prints

4D lenticular printing provides you with a unique opportunity – you can print two messages in one product. The process produces an illusion of depth, making images move or appear to chance as they walk or view from a different angle. That makes it a great way to show off before and after pictures or hide a message within a message. It is available for everything from postcards to T-shirts. They make amazing postcards, business cards, and on paper makes a great visual aid for school projects.

Custom 4D Lenticular Printing

Social media has flipped the marketing game on its head. Businesses now have new and exciting ways to reach their target audience and tools like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are entirely free to use. Business owners look at the cost and think that social media is the most efficient way to proceed. There’s a lot to unpack with this thought process, though.

Social media offers you free advertising, but if you want to get the attention, you will probably need to open your wallet to create sponsored posts. Yes, social media has opened the door to opportunities and reaching out to your local community. But the printing business can still provide you with valuable assistance. It’s the 21st century, so why not add a splash of excitement to your business with advertising through business cards, flyers, or T-shirts.


How Lenticular Printing Works

This process uses lenticular lenses that can display depth to the images printed it can create 2D, and 3D images, and of course 4D is also available. It has evolved over the decades, but it got its start way back in the 1940s, while it was once considered an expensive marketing solution, times have changed things, and now is an affordable option. Whether you’re interested in business cards or you have bigger plans in mind, we can help.

You don’t just print x, y, and z, what you’re doing is creating a conversation started, something that is bound to draw attention, elicit comments, and it’s generally just a cool thing for people to look at and share with a friend. Which may explain why 4D lenticular printing advertising is growing in popularity who doesn’t love moving a product around to see the different images and messages hidden within?

Lenticular Printing Design

If you’re looking for examples, well the design is entirely in your hands. Because it is the carrier that you choose to convey your message, some of the most popular options include:

  • Lenticular Printing on T-Shirts – Giveaways, prizes, staff uniforms, and more.
  • Lenticular Printing Pictures – Whether it’s in flyer form, brochures or for visual aids in school pictures are a stunning option.
  • Custom Lenticular Printing on Postcards – Save the dates, mailers, and more.
  • Lenticular Printing Poster – Why not create something spectacular for your big event?
  • Lenticular Printing on Fabric – Not just for t-shirts, what about blankets and cushions?
  • Images
  • Business Cards
  • Metal
  • Flyers
  • Brochures
  • Visual Aids

Factory 4D Lenticular Graphics Printing

First impressions are important, but there are so many different ways that your business could be making those first impressions, it’s difficult to know where your focus should be. You have your storefront, website, social media sites, and your marketing materials. Advertising is the key to making a positive lasting, first impression. Your printed materials need to stick in the minds of potential clients and customers.

Lenticular Printing

We want to make sure you get the best possible effects, so we’ve put together a few pieces of advice to help you stay on the right path. A lenticular image is a combination of multiple input images overlaid with a lensing material to provide a sense of depth, movement, interlaced image, dimensional print, color process, or change (depending on how the input images differ). We use lensing software to generate the input images, in this case, Chimera; software to interlace the input images into one image.

  • Darker solid colors work well but so do textured backgrounds.
  • Using white or lighter colors creates an unobstructed view which may create a ghosting effect from the other angles, thus spoiling your overall look. If you want to use white in your design, this will need to be the standard color throughout each message or image.
  • You may want to avoid specific fonts and types. For example, avoid bolding any san-serif fonts in your lenticular printing design. Likewise, you should avoid using thin types that are fine and small this can cause distortion which will warp your message. The text needs to be in a different position for each view; it shouldn’t overlap.
  • Effects are most effective when it’s subtle and straightforward.

So, how do you get started on your project? Just select the product that you’re looking to create, the size, finish, and coating that you’re looking for. You’ll also need to include the print files. So if there are three images or messages involved you will need to upload each of them. Then we can get started on your design project. If you’re having any trouble figuring out how to proceed, contact us. We will be happy to talk you through the order process.

4D Lenticular Printing Cost

If you want to take advantage of lenticular effects, then contact us to discuss your design and plans to use lenticular printing. Whether it’s for lenticular fabric printing, business cards, postcards or lenticular t-shirt printing, we can help you. It all starts with a quote for the 4D lenticular printing price. Movie posters are the best example of this printing. Because they are in different sizes like extra large poster frames, large format printers, big posters. Also, there is a wide variety of poster printing in different sizes; we try to have the best standard poster size picture wall art, all are high-quality artwork job. That way so we can produce the most accurate cost quote possible.

4D Lenticular Printing Near Me

Our machine is warmed up and ready to get started on your order. All you need to do is contact us to get started. You can strike up a live chat with one of our trained technicians, call us at 800-205-9005. Also, you can email us with the details of your needs to get the ball rolling.

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Need Help Getting Started?