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Trailer Graphics


Turn your transport into an advertising opportunity with trailer graphics.

    • Full color graphics that get attention while on the go
    • Made of weatherproof material that won't damage your trailer
    • Get a custom look with custom trailer graphics
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Trailer Graphics and Trailer Wraps

  • We offer a full range of vehicle wraps including quarter, half, and full wraps on cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles and boats.Call today to get whatever you want wrapped.
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  • We offer a full range of vehicle wraps including quarter, half, and full wraps on cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles and boats.Call today to get whatever you want wrapped.
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  • We offer a full range of vehicle wraps including quarter, half, and full wraps on cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles and boats.Call today to get whatever you want wrapped.
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  • We offer a full range of vehicle wraps including quarter, half, and full wraps on cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles and boats.Call today to get whatever you want wrapped.
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  • We offer a full range of vehicle wraps including quarter, half, and full wraps on cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles and boats.Call today to get whatever you want wrapped.
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  • We offer a full range of vehicle wraps including quarter, half, and full wraps on cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles and boats.Call today to get whatever you want wrapped.
    Omnitracs Trailer Wrap
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  • We offer a full range of vehicle wraps including quarter, half, and full wraps on cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles and boats.Call today to get whatever you want wrapped.
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  • We offer a full range of vehicle wraps including quarter, half, and full wraps on cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles and boats.Call today to get whatever you want wrapped.
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    Our vehicle wraps weather any storm-- even those of the saltwater variety


Custom Trailer Graphics & Trailer Wraps

Your trailer can easily convert into a mobile advertisement or retail sales location with our custom Trailer Graphics and Trailer Wraps. Mobile advertising is one of the most versatile and visible forms of marketing available. Trailer Graphics are especially useful for construction businesses, race teams, hauling companies and any other companies that will have their trailers parked in high-visibility areas at events or competitions for extended periods of time. Whether you’re transporting floral arrangements, horses, or entire motocross setups, make sure that you are broadcasting your business message to everyone nearby with your custom trailer graphics.

Our Trailer Graphics & trailer wraps are 100% waterproof, won’t fade in the sun and are incredibly durable. We can produce custom full-color trailer graphics & trailer wraps of any size and shape. Also, we charge for your prints based on type, size and quantity of material used, so there will never be a need to simplify your image to save money. From horse haulers and racing trailers to retail trailers and mobile homes, we have you covered.

Custom Trailer Graphics & Trailer Wrap Applications & Uses

Vinyl Wraps, Trailer Graphics & Trailer Wraps, are the perfect way to add a personal touch to your company or event trailers. Regardless of your business whether it be racing or construction, adding Trailer Graphics or Vinyl Wraps to your mobile storage units and takes a conventionally unused space that is everywhere you go and turns it into a vast marketing asset that works day and night for one initial investment price.


Trailer Graphics aren’t just for business use. We can wrap anything literally from personal trailers, mobile homes and RV’s to refrigerators and toolboxes. We can even cover the windows with a unique perforated vinyl that you can see out of from inside the trailer. No matter what you use your vinyl trailer for, if you want it to stand out, there’s no better way to do it than with custom vinyl Trailer Graphics & Trailer Wraps.


  • Racing Trailers 
  • Horse Trailers 
  • Construction Trailers 
  • Utility Trailers
  • Car Trailers
  • Toy Hauler Trailers
  • Motocross Trailers
  • Enclosed Trailers
  • Tractor Trailers
  • Semi Truck Trailers
  • Snowmobile Trailers
  • 53′ Trailer Wraps
  • 48′ Trailer Wraps
  • RVs and Mobile Homes
  • Trailer Logos
  • Goosneck Trailer
  • Haulmark Trailer Decals
  • Vintage Trailer
  • Race Car Trailer
  • Trailor Decals
  • Cargo Trailer Decals
  • Covered Trailer
  • Custom Landscaping Trailer
  • Custom Enclosed Trailers


Trailer Decals

Not all trailers need a full wrap for advertising; there are other options such as trailer decals.  The most cost-effective way to put signage on your trailer is to purchase trailer decals.  A trailer decal can die cut or custom cut to any shape or size, from single color to full color to reflective finishes.  Sticker lettering is also very popular among trailer lettering.  Many states require trailer decals for commercial trailer licensing.  For pricing on custom trailer decals, send us a copy of your logo.



Trailer Graphic Printing Methods

Our Canon Powered Oce Arizona flatbed printers, and Mutoh ValueJet Printers can handle a wide variety of substrates & high-performance vinyl, these machines allow us to print images with up to 1440 DPI resolution. We offer Solvent or UV ink and here at Non-Stop Signs we charge for your graphics based on type, size and quantity of material used, so you’ll never be forced to simplify your image to save money.  A large trailer logo and trailer letteringtrailer lett has never been easier or faster to produce!

Having trouble coming up with a suitable design for your trailer graphics? Our talented in-house design team has more than a decade of experience and are available to walk you through the entire process.  Contact our graphics department today with any questions about our products!



Die Cutting Custom Trailer Graphics

Here at Non-Stop Signs, we use precision CNC Routers to Die Cut the pieces for our trailer graphics. Our in-house CNC Routers allow us to precisely Die Cut any shape, size, and complexity of cut on a wide range of materials. It makes for a smoother finish and a more extensive range of cutting options than traditional methods do. You may read about laser cutting and how it’s the only option for a smooth cut, but for most materials and exceptionally thin materials like our vinyl wraps, there is zero noticeable difference.


Trailer Graphic & Trailer Wrap Installation

Our durable photo-quality Vinyl Wraps, Trailer Graphics & Trailer Wraps, come with their adhesive and are incredibly tedious to install, and we do not recommend attempting to self-install your trailer graphics unless you have extensive prior experience in vinyl wraps & the proper application processes. We highly recommend using a professional vinyl installer with the latest design tool to get the best quality vinyl application & most extended lifespan out of your new trailer graphics or trailer wrap.

When it comes time to remove or change your vinyl graphics, it’s a relatively easy but time-consuming process. Lift one of the edges with a soft flat-edge tool as a plastic razor blade or plastic putty scraper as not to scratch the paint underneath. Once the side lifts, you should be able to begin to peel away the decal in one piece slowly.


If you’re having trouble getting it off in one piece, carefully use a heat gun on the adhered surface to warm and loosen the adhesive as you continue to pull the graphic off the trailer slowly. Once you remove the decal, you will need to use a rapid-remover to get rid of the remaining adhesive residue. After all of the remaining residues have been removed we recommend applying 91% denature rubbing alcohol to obliterate the leftover Rapid Remover. After these steps, give the surface a regular wash, and it will look like your graphic was never there.

Trailer lettering and vinyl graphics for trailers are an incredible method to establish a connection on potential clients or grandstand your style. For trailer lettering, with each request of trailer lettering comes sandwiched between a smooth defensive paper and an exchange tape. The decal glue is more grounded than the exchange tape, so when you apply your lettering to your trailer, you will have the capacity to peel off the exchange tape deserting the lettering.


Caring for your new Trailer Graphics

Our trailer graphics can be cleaned off with warm soapy water. Do not pressure wash them! If you get too close to a seam with a pressure washer, it is guaranteed to lift the graphics edge, even if it's only a bit that edge will continue to peel away. We strongly advise against using chemical cleaners as they may smudge or fade your image. If you must use a chemical cleaner, please be sure to do a small spot test first.  Our Trailer Graphics are designed to last for five or more years, so easy cleaning was a design necessity.


Trailer Signs

If you do not want to install permanent graphics on your trailer, you also have the option of trailer signs. We can create signs and lettering for trailers in many different materials, sizes, and durability lengths.  We can also install a frame so you can quickly interchange your trailer sign when you want a new one or find a new advertiser.


Frequently asked questions about Trailer Graphics.


  • Are all of your Trailer Graphics made of vinyl?

    • Yes, they are, but we have significantly different varieties for use on windows, plain backgrounds and areas where the context needs to shine through.


  • How do the graphics attach to my trailer?

    • Our trailer graphics come with their adhesive backing that is protected by a thin removable wax layer.


  • Trailer Graphics, Trailer Decals, and Trailer Wraps, are they all the same thing?

    • Pretty much the same, it’s often a company's choice of which term is used. Also, trailer decals usually apply to spot pieces whereas wraps refer to Graphics that cover half or more of your trailer.


  • What size of trailer decals are available? What about signs trailer?

    • There isn’t a common size. We die-cut out trailer graphics, which makes vinyl available in absolutely any shape and size.


  • Will I need to change my design for the portion of the graphic that covers windows?

    • Yes, they require a different Material. However, our talented and experienced design team will happily take care of that for you and make sure everything is in place.


  • Does the type of vinyl decals I choose matter? What’s the difference between transparent, opaque and perforated Trailer Graphics?

    • Yes, it indeed does matter. Opaque graphics won’t allow any of the background to shine through. Clear graphics are best when you want the background color or images to shine through. Finally, our perforated options are meant for windows as they display vividly but still allow people to see out of the window. Clear graphics are suitable for this as well, but anywhere the graphic has been printed you won’t be able to see through. Thankfully, our experienced design team is available to help you choose the right materials for your trailer graphics.


  • How do I install my Trailer Graphic?

    • We do not recommend that you self-install your trailer graphics.
    • We have an experienced and professional in-house installation team that is available to come on-site to install your trailer graphics.
    • If you decide to install your lettering and graphics, then make sure that you are connecting them on high quality, clean surface.  If you are installing on a fiberglass siding, please be aware that the fiberglass under the vinyl stickers may not fade at the same rate which may cause discoloration.


  • Will they fall off as I’m driving or washing my Trailer? What about in inclement weather?

    • Our Trailer Graphics are designed for permanent use and will not fall off as your drive in bad weather. If you expect severe hail, you may want to cover your trailer though as it could damage the image and your container itself. They’re also easy to wash, but DO NOT use a pressure washer as they can easily lift the visible seams.


  • How difficult is it to remove my decal and will it damage my trailer?

    • Our trailer graphics are easy but time-consuming to remove and will not do any damage to your trailer if appropriately removed. Detailed removal instructions are available in the Installation section of this page.  If you want temporary graphics options, then we recommend magnets for trailers.  Before ordering magnets for trailers, make sure that the magnet will stick to the trailer as some have wooden sides.  


  • I’m looking to install vinyl lettering on my trailer. What is the best vinyl to choose from lettering?

    • It depends on where you intend to place the graphics and if you need the background color to shine through. Just contact our talented and experienced design team toll-free at 1-800-971-2031 or via our website.


  • How much visibility will I get out of a perforated vinyl window graphic?

    • Our perforated vinyl comes in 60/40 perforation. That means that 60% of the image prints and the other 40% can is see through. 60/40 perforation is the best mixture of material for window graphics with high interior visibility.


  • What are the legal implications of placing signs on a trailer?

    • Unfortunately, we can’t give you a dedicated answer to that question. The laws that apply to Trailer Graphics ovary by state. Some states limit the size and others the brightness of colors you can use. We suggest giving it a quick Google search or making an inquiry to your local police station.  Some states may require mandatory trailer lettering for licensing.  


  • Which surfaces can I apply with Trailer Graphics?

    • Any surface like a race car, bus, truck, van, etc. can be applied with vinyl graphics. You need to clean the trailer for a smooth surface before using it.  If you are producing custom decals for a horse trailer, you will want to make sure the openings for the horses are taken into account while designing your artwork.  You may wish to avoid vinyl lettering or custom text in these areas and stick with horse trailer decals.


  • Can we order for entire Trailer Fleet Graphics?

    • Yes, our team of expert designers can create all types of high-quality graphics for fleets.
      • Brand and logo placement
      • Bus and train wraps
      • Magnet panels
      • Contour cut trailer decals
      • Logo decal or custom decals


  • Is a Full Wrap or Partial Wraps More Beneficial for Your Business?

    • Both full and fractional wraps are extraordinarily powerful instruments to recount your image's story and pick up prospects, and they each have their one of a kind advantages. Full wraps, for instance, have the benefit of transforming your whole auto into a versatile bulletin for your organization, and the overlaid vinyl is an astounding protector for your paintwork. Fractional wraps are more affordable, so you should consider changing your showcasing messages intermittently to help publicize advancements and rare occasions.


The significant contrast is that vinyl wraps to cover the whole surface while decals are stickers joined to the outside. Consequently, vinyl trailer wraps are both more sturdy and can secure the outside surface of your fleet.


You can see all of our vinyl trailer wrap options on our Vinyl Wrap Page, or see a few more ideas below!

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 23 x 32 x 1 in
Size (H x W)

18 in. x 36 in., 24 in. x 48 in., 30 in. x 60 in. – Page 2, Custom