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A-Frame Signs




Stand out to potential customers passing by your storefront

    • Portable all-weather construction
    • Attractive outdoor advertising made easy
    • All-in-one sign and frame for one low price


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A-Frame Signs


A-Frame Signs get your name noticed

Reach new customers by placing yourself in their path with A-Frame signs. As any marketer will tell you, getting the customer in your store or restaurant is half the battle; meet them halfway with well-placed A-frame signs. No matter the business or event, A-frame signs increase your visibility to potential customers who are already in your vicinity.


These lightweight outdoor A-frame signs are portable enough to put out during the day and bring them into the store at night. Use our A-frame signs as a bulletin board to post special promotions or menu items. They also make great temporary markers and directional signs for festivals and trade shows.  Broadcast open houses, sidewalk sales and happy hours easily with new custom A-Frame Signs.

Different types of A-Frame Signage

Plastic A-Frame Signs

Plastic A-frame signs are the most common sandwich signs for retail businesses. A-frame sidewalk signs are the type of sidewalk sign you generally see at a deli or church.  Plastic signs are great because they do not scratch or rust like other a frame signs.  The most common brand of plastic a-frame signs is called Plasticade Signs and can seriously increase foot traffic to any location.  Plastic sidewalk sign boards can also come with dry erase marker boards so you can create changeable letters in your message.

Metal A-Frame Signs

Metal a-frames are the most common signs for realtors.  A-frame open house signs will last for many years due to their heavy metal construction.  A metal A-frame sign is best for an open house because you can exchange the signs and sign riders out for less expensive than plastic sandwich board signs.  Our real estate metal a-frame comes in several different sizes and can hold up in extremely windy conditions.  These are great for any type of advertising and can be a quick sign to setup and take down.

Custom A-Frame Signs

If you are looking for a custom A-frame sign we can create one for you at almost any size.  We've created very large wooden A-frame signs for professional sports teams to have on the field.  We have made these A-frame custom signs over 10 feet tall!  If you want to create custom metal a-frame signs, we work with a welder who can help your vision come to life.


Sidewalk Sign Ideas

Need to improve your business' prominence among competitors and local businesses? Make a big impact on potential customers with our A-frame signs! These great promotional signs are specially designed to withstand the elements outdoors. We offer custom-printed A-frame signs and inserts which will make your business' message stand out among competitors. We can also special order other A-Frame Signs that feature weighted bases and can be filled with either water or sand. These bases and the added weight to ensure the stability of your A-frame Signs on foul weather day with lots of wind and rain.

Our A-Frame signs are made from durable reinforced corrugated plastic signs and are printed with UV ink for long-term use. They’re a perfect way to bring in new clients off the street for your retail location or trade show display. These A-Frame Sandwich Board signs offer maximum visibility because they allow for an image to be printed on each side. For example, your A-Frame could say welcome to our store and display sale information on one side, then say thank you for coming and we hope to see you again on the other side. The possibilities are endless.

A-Frame Sign Uses

A-Frame Signs or Sandwich Boards are traditionally used on the sidewalk outside of retail outlets to attract customers. They’re also frequently used in trade shows and temporary markets to lead people towards the products and services they desire. Thanks to their lightweight design and easy setup, it’s a simple tasking setting them up and taking them down every day. A-Frame Signs are the perfect choice for displaying time sensitive, seasonal information.


Signacade signs are great for parking lot signs and directional signage during special events.  You can easily switch out the sign panel to change directions or replace the message board.  The A-frame design is made so that you can easily exchange the sign face out for updated graphics especially on the Signacade Deluxe.

A-Frame signs also have their uses outside of the commercial world too. These durable, waterproof signs can be used outdoors at sports fields or the beach. Use them to display important information like the field labels or where the bathroom or medical services are at events. Even if you accidentally forget one out overnight, the worst the rain will do is clean the sign off for you. Sandwich board displays have been in use for years at all kinds of sporting events and other live displays, so why not use them for your next event?

A-Frame Printing

We print every Aframe sign with the highest quality UV ink at up to 1440DPI resolution. UV ink is the fastest printing large-scale commercial use ink available. It dries instantly and doesn’t emit any toxic chemicals, which makes it the most environmentally friendly choice for your A-Frame Signs. Once the A-Frame insert is printed we offer matte or high gloss lamination to truly make your image pop. When it comes to choosing your images, our talented design team is available to guide you through the entire process. All of our custom signage is available to be shipped either the same or next day, we’re experts in rush jobs.

A-Frame Sizes

Our default A-Frame size is 24” by 36” and an industry leading 2” thick when closed. They’re extremely easy to store when not in use. Custom sizes are available and our precision die-cutters allow for a smooth finish every time. Our Sandwich Boards weigh roughly ten pounds, so anyone can lift them. They’re built to be very stable and will not tip over easily in the wind. For extremely high wind environments, pile a sandbag or two underneath them.  If you already have your graphics and just need to turn them into an A-Frame sign, we offer the easy-to-install mounting hardware separately.

A-Frame Sign Care

Our A-Frame Signs, especially the laminated ones do not collect a lot of dust or grime. When you do need to wipe them off, just use warm soapy water and a non-abrasive cloth. We highly recommend avoiding the use of powerful chemical cleaners on these signs as they may ruin the image. If you must use a chemical cleaner, please do a spot test on a small low-visibility area of the sign first. Despite their durability, we recommend bringing your sign indoors before the extremely inclement weather. With regular cleaning and proper storage, your sign will look brand new for a minimum of five years.

A-Frame FAQ's and Q&A's 

What are A-Frame Signs?

A-Frame signs are self-supporting, dual-sided displays that are easy to setup and take down.  They are great for real estate signs.  There is an option for corrugated plastic signs that act as inserts as well.  If you want a sign that you can move around, we highly recommend a portable a-frame sign or sidewalk sign boards with an interchangeable panel.

Are A-frame signs, Sandwich board signs, A-frames and sandwich boards and the same thing?

A-Frame signs have many names depending on who makes them and can also be referred to as self-supporting signs.

Are A-frame signs actually durable for outdoor use?

We print our signs with the highest quality UV ink on a naturally waterproof material.  As long as you store your sign properly it will last for five or more years.


Are A-frame signs heavy?

Our signs weigh roughly ten pounds which is the same as a few month old baby.

Will my image scratch or fade?

Our signs are printed on a durable surface, but if the sign is dropped from a large distance or dragged along a rough surface it can scratch. You never have to worry about fading, UV ink was designed to counteract the effects of harsh lighting.

How is my graphic attached?

It used to be that your only option for sign graphics was painting or vinyl layering, both crack and come off easily. Thanks to modern technology, we now print your graphic directly onto the surface of the sign for a long lasting vibrant finish.

Is it single or double sided?

Our signs are traditionally printed on both sides, but you can leave one side blank if you’d prefer.

How large is the A-Frame Signs graphics area?

Our default signs are 24” wide by 36” tall and we have larger options are available.

Do you offer protective finishes?

We can laminate your sign with a gloss or matte finish for an extra long lasting graphic.

Do you offer metal signs?

We only print A-Frame signs on reinforced corrugated plastic, not metal signs.  Metal signs are heavy and rust when they get rained on so they are not a good idea for A-Frame signs.

Do you offer chalkboard signs?

At the moment we only offer printed A-Frame signs.

What is the lifespan of your A-Frame signs?

Our signs will last five or more years with regular outdoor use. When yous signs are used indoors the lifespan is nearly indefinite.

Does it cost more to print complex graphics?

We charge based on size, type, and quantity of materials used for all of our signage. There’s no need to simplify your image to save money.

Do your A-Frame Signs require assembly?

Our Sandwich Board signs come pre-assembled and ready to go right out of the box.

Are there usage restrictions on my A-Frame Sign?

Some regions restrict where and when you can display an A-Frame sign outdoors.  Be sure to check your local laws so you don't get in trouble. A simple Google search should let you know otherwise call your municipal office.


If you are looking for other sign ideas, check out our Coroplast Signs and Backlit Prints page.






Weight1 lbs
Dimensions23 x 32 x 1 in
Size (H x W)

Signicade® A-Frame, 18 in. x 36 in., 24 in. x 48 in., 30 in. x 60 in. – Page 2, Custom