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Acrylic Blanks


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Acrylic blanks are a convenient tool for your business designs. In fact, your business has a lot of reasons to choose this material. This is because the clear, glassy material is great for many promotional products.

We provide two types of acrylic signage: extruded and cast. Extruded is a soft, flexible sheet used for many everyday items. The cast one is incredibly solid, bullet-proof glass. Your business may not need a bulletproof option. However, less durable (and less expensive) options are also available for almost any business.

Acrylic Blanks for Multiple Purposes

Acrylic blanks for laser engraving work well in design awards. Do you want to recognize an employee’s accomplishments? Then engraving on this product will offer a beautiful look and feel for the award winner. We work with a designer and your chosen acrylic blanks for engraving will shine with the repetition of your choice. The appreciation plaques you award your employees celebrate job anniversaries, educational milestones, personal accomplishments, etc.

Our engravable options vary in size as well as thickness. A 5″ x 3″  surface is considered small. A 6″ x 4″ engravable surface is of medium size. 9″ x 7″ would be considered large.

Photo block blanks make beautiful desk accessories or awards & are good for special events. Basically, bright, vivid colors adorn one side of these photo block blanks with a photo or artwork of your choice. Depending on your needs, a typical size for these photo block blanks is 4″ high x 6″ wide x thick. Pricing varies per size and quantity ordered.

New and regular customers will be reminded of your business each time they open the front door of their home. This also holds true for office and car doors. Acrylic blanks for keychains serve as promotional business items, complete with your business logo. Ordering keychain blanks in bulk is a more cost-effective approach to using your marketing dollars wisely. Call 800-205-9005 or email us to order your acrylic in bulk.

More Great Uses for Acrylic Blanks

Each time a new customer signs a document, he or she will think of your business. This is a result of investing some of your marketing money in pens. Our acrylic blanks for pen turning serve as one of the absolute best business items. This is also an incredibly popular option as pens have a lot of everyday use.  As with most small items, buying in bulk provides the best bang for your buck.

We also offer blank magnets for you to advertise your services or products to your customers. In addition, you can order these in runs as small as 250 all the way up to runs of 5,000. Ordering in smaller runs allows you to test the effectiveness of different designs. Ordering an extensive run will reduce your initial investment outlay. Acrylic magnet blanks come in all shapes and sizes and are up to your imagination. We offer custom magnets with magnet printing paper.

In addition, blank peppermills are the epitome of creativity for promotional business items to market your company. These pepper mills can be shaken and handed out as unique employee awards too.

Acrylic Blanks for Crafting Jewelry

Can you imagine your customers wearing earrings, bracelets or necklaces adorned with your company’s logo? This is also a superb (and creative) idea for promoting your business. Or how about your new customers and regular business clientele adorned with your designer jewelry? In fact, you could start a new trend!  Our supplier has raised jewelry making to a new art form with acrylic blanks in the pre-shaped forms. This includes discs, hearts, necklaces, bracelets and custom earrings!

Another fun option is ornaments. These make great party favors, stocking stuffers, employee and customer gifts and more! Who doesn’t enjoy an addition to their ornament collection? Whatever the type of ornament, your company name can be festively engraved on this product.

Some businesses throw crafting parties. This unique event can be adult only or families and kids, employees only, or employees and customers together. In fact, invite whomever you want. Blank material for crafting come in all shapes and sizes. Some crafting ideas include bowls, peppermills, plates, and cups.

The bowls come as ramekins, cereal and serving bowls of varying size. The plates come in various sizes as well. And don’t forget to check out the cup embroidery option. You choose a design on embroidery paper, and we insert them into the outer slot of plastic cups. It is a crisp & refreshing idea!

Remember that this material is super durable. In fact, these promotional business items will last a very long time.

Acrylic Blanks for Vinyl

You can purchase acrylic blanks for vinyl decals or vinyl lettering in different shapes, sizes. In addition, you can also purchase in bulk at a better cost. Your business can buy acrylic blanks with vinyl artwork or letters attached. In addition, the acrylic can be separate from the vinyl. You can also connect them yourselves. These assorted acrylic blanks also include discs, hearts, keychains, and eyes.

Our acrylic blanks for vinyl lettering and also for decals make your promotional business items pop. This is because the products combine color, design, and durability, at affordable prices.

Acrylic Blanks for Game Calls and Acrylic Knife Handle Blanks

Some customers may remember your business more readily if your logo is emblazoned upon game calls or hunting knife handles. Acrylic knife handle blanks come in many styles, and also in many colors. The same goes for our acrylic blanks for game calls. Whatever you can imagine we will help make a reality! Finally, your hunt for promotional business items is over.

Our acrylic knife handle blanks come in kitchen style, butter & cheese knife style & also in any other style you may want.

A hodgepodge of ideas using acrylic blanks includes creative uses for:

  • Acrylic blanks for game calls, for hunting
  • The acrylic knife handle blanks, for making hunting knives
  • Making acrylic blanks for turning

The Best Acrylic Advantage

Acrylic is a thermoplastic with the ability so as to be shaped. The extruded acrylic is weak, it cracks under machining. The higher quality acrylic blanks are made by the casting technique. However, our acrylic blanks are seamless.

Why Choose Us?

First of all, we guarantee customer satisfaction as we stand behind the products that we provide. We are passionate about all-things acrylic. Also, we are driven to deliver top quality acrylic blanks of all sorts.

Where can you go to order acrylic blanks for keychains & game calls & everything in between! Did we mention that we provided acrylic keychain blanks bulk orders among some other bulk items? This might be perfect for a business looking to show their employees appreciation. Using acrylic blanks for your business messages can also add value to your business. Your employees, customers, and also the clients will see the importance that you place on your messages. They are essential to your business & will need to be on a valuable blank slate.

Get started with your order today by calling us at 800-205-9005 or send us an email. You can contact us or place an order via our online store. It’s easy to use, allowing you to make your purchase direct.

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