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Aluminum Blanks


If you want a marketing tool that is as shiny as it is durable, aluminum blanks are an ideal choice. Made from aluminum which is resistant to oxidation, your blanks won’t degrade and will resist corrosion, meaning your message will get across to the right people for years to come. Aluminum blanks are a great choice for all of your business signage, stamping, engraved products such as pen and badges, along with business plaques.

What are the Blanks in Aluminum Blanks?

Aluminum blanks are molded aluminum signs, stamps, milling, jewelry, metal stamping, bracelets, badges, cuffs, cans, cards, charms, and plaques which are yet been designed. These aluminum blanks are solid materials that are creative slates on which to design. They are only blank until your imagination takes hold and you give them a life of their own. With blank aluminum slates, we can help you create the advertising you need.

Aluminum Advantages

The Aluminum blanks designed by our company resist corrosion and last a lifetime, outdoors or indoors. When we add a surface treatment like anodizing, painting, or lacquering we improve its corrosion resistance. Aluminum blanks make excellent outdoor signs for your office or business, where protection and conservation are highly desired.

Aluminum is a metal that has good electrical and thermal conductivity, so it can be molded and shaped into diverse forms. It is a very light metal – about a third of the weight of steel. By modifying the composition of its alloys, its strength can be increased or decreased. It has a low melting point and density, which means that it can be processed many ways. Because of these properties, aluminum products can be formed close to the end of a product’s design, ensuring that every product and need will be fulfilled by our company, and every dream can be fulfilled.

Aluminum is 100% recyclable. Its re-melting takes hardly any energy – only 5% of the energy needed to produce the primary metal is needed in the process of recycling. If you need different signs or are moving to a different business practice, our company will melt down your old signs and use the metal to create a new blank that fits every need.

Aluminum Blanks for Signs and Plaques

The aluminum blanks we make are solid classic plaques that come in three standard sizes. These sizes are small (6” x 4” with a 5” x 3” engravable surface), medium (7” x 5” with a 6” x 4” engravable surface), and large (10” x 8” with a 9” x 7” engravable surface).

Aluminum blanks for signs are available with integral brackets for rod mounts (typically sold separately) or with through-hole mounts (typically including the screws). We can help you wut these features to make sure that your signs can be hung everywhere and anywhere in the building. Whether you need a plaque for your office or a larger sign for the outside of your building, your aluminum blanks signs can be made and hung with ease.

Laser cut cast aluminum blanks for engraving are available at cost-effective prices through our company and the Aluminum blanks prices range from less expensive for thinner aluminum sheets to costlier for thicker aluminum plaque blanks. There are also options for metal stamping.

We can offer you a wide range of aluminum blanks in order to fulfill a wide range of services, including the following.

Aluminum Blanks: Awards

Aluminum blanks for laser engraving work well for designing awards. Whether life calls for the recognition of an employee’s accomplishments or another milestone reached, aluminum blanks for engraving offer a silvery, clean, and beautiful look and feel for the award winner. Aluminum creates a flashy aura in any room. You work with our designer and they will engrave your aluminum blanks with the sayings of your choice. These appreciation plaques can celebrate job anniversaries, educational milestones, and personal accomplishments.

We also use large aluminum blanks for indoor and outdoor signage of all types. Laser engraving works well on signs, as well as on aluminum nameplate blanks.

Engraved Aluminum Plaque Blanks

Our engraved aluminum plaque blanks are not chemically etched. Rather, the aluminum is laser engraved. Laser engraving involves a laser beam which burns off the surface of the metal to expose the layer underneath. Our process is super quick, easy, and inexpensive. Engraved aluminum plaques may be used for any address, frame, bench, door, desk, trophy, or another type of plaque product.

Personalized Exterior Plaques

Personalized exterior plaques are weather-resistant signs and memorials that have been proven to weather all storms. Our visually stunning exterior engraved plaques have been mounted in gardens, trees, building dedications, botanical gardens, cemetery lots, and pet memorials. Our cast exterior engraved plaques offer permanency and architectural depth which lasts a lifetime, perfect for showcasing the information of your company for as long as you need it too.

Engraved Door Plaques and Engraved Desk Plaques

Our Engraved door plaques will generally announce the name, address and/or room number of the inhabitant as engraved desk plaques typically announce the name of the person who sits at that desk. We know that the styles of these signs are as diverse as the inhabitants and desk owners that need them. We can laser engrave door and desk plaques with the words of your choice with no trouble.

Engraved Plaques for Display Cases

Whether you are displaying military awards, sports trophies, or other professional awards in your office or hallway, we can help you design perfect engraved plaques for display cases.  After you have a display case or shadow box design picked out, simply let us advise you of the type of metal, colors, and lettering that would complement the piece of furniture to maximize the artistic effect of the display.

Aluminum Blanks for Stamping

Those who enjoy stamping their own aluminum blanks can purchase a variety of prefabricated aluminum blanks from us, including stamps for:

  • Aluminum blanks for jewelry
  • Aluminum bracelet blanks
  • Aluminum badge blanks
  • Aluminum circle blanks
  • Aluminum cuff blanks
  • Aluminum can blanks
  • Aluminum card blanks
  • Aluminum gun blanks
  • Aluminum gear blanks
  • Aluminum charm blanks
  • Aluminum heart blanks

If you choose to do this, our company will help you begin new projects by investing in the following tools and use them to create the best signs possible:

  • Metal letter or design stamps
  • Hammer, 1- or 2-pound brass hammer
  • Steel bench block
  • Metal blanks for stamping (see list above)
  • Stamp enamel
  • Polishing cloth, paper towel or clean rag

The stamp enamel gives your pieces a colorful burst to make them really stand out.

Uses of Aluminum Blanks for your business

The style and type of aluminum blanks we can create for your company are only as limited as the imagination in the minds of their creators. Our Aluminum blanks can be used for plaques to be engraved for awards, recognition, artwork, and signs for indoor and outdoor use. There are also aluminum blanks for milling, aluminum blanks for jewelry, metal stamping, and aluminum boat blanks.

Other uses include:

  • aluminum blanks for signs
  • aluminum blanks for stamping
  • aluminum blanks for milling
  • aluminum blanks for jewelry
  • aluminum blanks for metal stamping
  • aluminum blanks for engraving
  • aluminum business card blanks anodized
  • aluminum bracelet blanks
  • aluminum boat blanks
  • aluminum bar blanks
  • aluminum badge blanks
  • aluminum circle blanks
  • aluminum cuff blanks
  • aluminum coin blanks
  • aluminum can blanks
  • aluminum card blanks
  • aluminum blanks for printing
  • aluminum gun blanks
  • aluminum gear blanks
  • aluminum charm blanks
  • aluminum heart blanks
  • aluminum sign blanks manufacturer
  • aluminum blanks prices
  • aluminum plaque blanks

Whether your business needs all or none of these blanks, our company can provide you quick, styled, and applicable blanks that will meet any need and leave you satisfied with the result.

Aluminum Blanks for Crafting Jewelry

Jewelry crafters raised jewelry making to a new art form with aluminum blanks. A jewelry maker either cuts their aluminum blanks into pendants and other shapes or they purchase pre-shaped blanks.

If you need smaller blanks for gifts, decoration or advertisements, our company can help your businesses by creating various blanks for you such as aluminum charm blanks, aluminum keychain blanks, aluminum heart blanks, aluminum circle blanks and aluminum cuff blanks.

Proper Drawings from Aluminum Blanks Vendor and Engraver

We create seven distinct types of drawings when you order our design work on an aluminum blank. The designs you can use are:

  • Plot drawing, which shows actual full size and style of artwork
  • Line drawing, which shows the letter style and copy with a description of the style, size, and material
  • Pounce drawing, which outlines drawing of letters showing small holes punched in paper with a plotter
  • Pattern drawing, which traces letters by hand or computer-driven plotter
  • Stencil drawing, which cutout full-size letters under 6” high
  • Split stencil drawing, which cutout partial bottom ½” of letters and 2” below baseline
  • Spacing guide drawing, which properly spaces letters spelled out on long pattern table or computer generated

All of these methods can help your business grow and each design can feel unique and tailored to the individual needs of each blank. Imagine using aluminum business card blanks anodized for your business needs. You would definitely stand out among other businesses!

Our Lifetime Guarantee

Engrave someone’s memory into eternity. Engrave the memory of an accomplishment for always, engrave milestones of your employee’s performance into the forever of their worlds. These are a few of the ways our engraved aluminum plaque blanks of various kinds make a difference in the world at large.

Our aluminum dealers offer a lifetime guarantee on aluminum blanks and the engraving design and we have a strict in-house laboratory test process for all our metals and paints to ensure our finishes withstand thousands of hours of exposure to the sun’s UV rays, fog, and indoor and outdoor moisture and heat cycles. We are very confident when we say that our aluminum blank products last a lifetime and will fulfill their purpose as long as you need them too.

Engraved Aluminum Plaque Blanks Near Me

There are so many reasons to engrave aluminum plaque blanks. From employee awards to remember a loved one who has passed away, to announcing a graduation or birth, life’s capturable moments are never-ending. Whether you are designing a headstone or bench for the outside or a trophy plaque for a display case, search for engraved plaques near me to find the right designer, installer, and materials to create the perfect memorabilia.

Why Choose Us?

We provide a top quality finished product. Simply give us a call on 800-205-9005 or email us today for unique aluminum blanks that can fulfill every printing need. Our company is confident we can handle all of your aluminum plaque needs. Contact us today to start your order!



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