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Backlit Prints


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Backlit Prints

If you want to advertise your business throughout the day and long into the night, backlit prints is what you need. There’s no better way to create a bit of spotlight on your print during the day while lighting them up in the evening. There is no better way to grab attention than with backlit sign printing. Backlit prints provide a bit of accent to the details in your image. They can brighten the colors that you use in the design and help you make a serious statement. Backlit printing is a versatile signage solution and has a variety of uses. The prints are illuminated when an LED light (or a fluorescent one) is placed behind the backlit prints.

You can indulge in backlit printing by printing on a poster or a film material. Either way, the idea is that the design diffuses light, thus creating a radiance and glow to the advertisement. The light will accentuate each detail creating a three-dimensional pop.

Backlit Printing

When it comes to backlit prints, we create this keeping you in mind. It doesn’t matter what type of design you plan to use, backlit printing brings it and the colors you use to life. Don’t worry if you don’t have any concrete design ideas yet. We have a wide variety of templates that you can choose from. All you need to do is customize these backlit prints with your information. There are a few important pieces of information you should ensure is included in your backlit film for light box. Always use the logo of your business, the business name, and reinforce your brand image with your brand colors. You can highlight your services or the products you offer with photos and images.

Of course, you must include contact information on your backlit film paper. It isn’t enough to be in their face, they need to know where to find you! These days it’s also wise to include social media information on your backlit printing material. Whether you do this using QR codes or just include the handle you use, social media is a must for new brands.

Printing on Backlit Film

Are you interested in backlit printing? Let’s discover whether it’s for you or not. Do you plan to install your backlit prints in a store window? Are you considering backlit film for light box use? Then backlit printing is for you! Backlit sign printing is often found at movie theaters, in use for department stores, retailers, malls, and in business directors. In fact, you may just find that backlit printing is in use for storefront window signage! Backlit film paper truly is a versatile signage solution. If it’s a statement you want to make then use backlit printing to do it.

Backlit Photo Prints

So, how do backlit photo prints work? It’s easy. The best way to use your backlit film paper is with a light box. A light box is what you find advertising films at the movie theater, but they are also often at bus stops. Another handy use for backlit printing is for restaurant and bar menu signage. The light distributes evenly across your advertisement creating an eye-catching display. Of course, you tend to find backlit lightbox prints in areas where there is a captive audience. So, they can’t help but find themselves staring at your backlit film poster. One of the biggest benefits of choosing backlit poster printing is that it can be seen from a distance. Backlit printing highlights the details more clearly and makes your advertisement more visible. You may also spot backlit light box displays at airports, museums, commercial buildings, and art galleries.

Backlit Vinyl Printing

Before we can get started on your backlit vinyl printing you need to set your design and approve the final decisions. You can provide us with your own artwork, however, it’s up to you to ensure it’s print ready. If you aren’t sure whether it ticks all the boxes, just get in contact and ask about the guidelines. When you place your order we provide you with an estimated delivery of your backlit posters. However, if you need a rush put on your order you should contact us directly to discuss how quickly your backlit printing material needs to be with you. We do our best to accommodate requests.

Backlit Photo Display

Let’s take a walk through some of the frequently asked questions that we face with regards to backlit photo displays.

  • What are backlit prints- Quite simply, they are posted that are printed using transparent film. They are then placed in front of a light or in a lightbox. The lighting causes the image to glow.
  • What are backlit posters used for- They are incredibly versatile, so there are many uses. You may want to use backlit film for light box use for trade shows, kiosk signage, retail displays, promotional posters, outdoor signage, and menu boards.
  • What size will my backlit prints be- The size is up to you! In addition to creating the standard poster size we are happy to produce custom sizes – just ask. That really is the beauty of customization, you can have it your way.

Backlit Light Box Displays

While there are plenty of signage solutions available to businesses, backlit printing is something different. It’s normally something the biggest brands rely on. Which is why you see amazing film posters behind light boxes at the movie theatre. Or, major fast food retailers showing off their latest promotion at the bus stops. However, that doesn’t mean that small businesses can’t take advantage of backlit sign printing. While it isn’t as inexpensive as some signage material, if you truly want to make a splash in your industry then you will consider backlit printing. There aren’t a lot of signage solutions that stand out quite like backlit printing material does. It’s important to remember that backlit transparency printing signage is generally placed in high traffic areas. Which means that you can increase marketing spending and see a healthy return on investment.

When it comes to advertising and marketing, a healthy ROI is a pretty big deal. You wouldn’t print 10,000 flyers if you didn’t expect to see a return, would you? The same goes for backlit printing. If you invest in backlit printing services you will see it pay dividends. Is it a new product launch? Are you opening a brand new store? Or, are you expanding into a new branch? There are plenty of reasons for you to consider backlit film printing. The truth is, it’s one of the most effective signage solutions because it’s so eye-catching. When you combine seriously eye-catching backlit prints along with a high traffic area, you are guaranteed to see a boost in interest and sales in your brand. So, what are you waiting for?

Backlit Film Poster

So, you are certain that backlit posters are the right move for you but you don’t have a design. Don’t worry! Get in touch with us to discuss your needs and talk through your ideas. We are always happy to provide our customers with a bit of advice and guidance. Remember, we tackle backlit printing on a daily basis. So, we have seen plenty of designs and know exactly what will (or won’t) work in certain industries. If you can help you out, we will.

What if you aren’t sure backlit printing material is the right move for you? Don’t worry about that either! All you need to do is contact us. We want our customers to invest in the right product for them. Which means we are happy to discuss your ideas and needs and recommend a product that will work for you, whether that’s backlit photo prints or something else. Remember, we offer a wide range of printed products and signage solutions. So, even if a backlit photo display isn’t the right move for you, we can still help you bring your designs to life.

Backlit Printing Services

Are you ready to get your own backlit prints? Plenty of businesses are choosing backlit transparency printing these days. There’s a reason it’s growing in popularity ? it works. Luckily, you can call on our backlit printing services to handle all of your backlit poster printing needs. Whether you want backlit lightbox prints or backlit posters, we can help. Contact us to discuss your backlit printing needs. You can call us at 1-800-205-9005. Or, you can use the live chat option on our website to get in touch.

Alternatively, you can send us an email. If you do email us, provide us with as much detail on your order as possible. The more information you include in your backlit film printing request the more accurate the quote we provide you with will be. In addition to our backlit printing services, we offer a wide range of signage solutions and printed products. Take a look at our website before you get in touch, we are a one-stop marketing shop.

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