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Boat Wraps


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Custom Boat Wraps

When it comes to branding, custom boat wraps are the most popular! The distinctive appearance (or branding) of your boats is a visual way to communicate the quality of the services or products that you offer.  Of course, there will be professionals near you who will be happy to help install your prints. In personal terms, the designs are incredible. Whether it’s a bass fishing boat, you plan to hit the water with, or you’re dragging jet skis. So, whether you are a business owner or a boat lover, you might want to check out our ultimate boat graphics.

Boat Wrap Designs

There may be a plethora of reasons that have led you to consider custom boat designs. For example, maybe you want to change the color of your boat’s hull. Most people would immediately think of paint. However, fishing boat wraps offer a new and exciting alternative. Boat wrap designs are also an excellent option if the original coat won’t stand up to sanding and polishing.

One thing it’s important to note is, when it comes to cruising boats, boat wraps are new. However, boat wraps are for racing yachts and other water vehicles for a long time. If you don’t think you’ve ever seen boat wraps designs, think of the wraps you look on Nascar vehicles, delivery vans, and even cars that look textured. There is a lot of fantastic boat wrap designs that you can use to create just the look you want.

How Long Do Boat Wraps Last?

Firstly, let us make an incredibly important point about boat wraps. Paint is essentially irreversible; you can’t go back to a gel coat once you’ve applied a coat of paint. Boat wraps, however, can be removed if you eventually tire of the design or want to freshen up your boat.

It’s also much more affordable to repair than either gel coat or paint. Now, one of the most significant benefits of boat wraps designs is that they offer protection from UV rays. They can prevent the boat itself from fading, as well as protect against abrasions. So, it isn’t difficult to see why bass boat wrap kits are such a favorite item.

You can get do it yourself boat wraps, and you can even paint your boat. However, the time required to get a good result. Is just incomparable to what a kit can do. When you compare the cost of a professional paint job to the boat wraps, cost you quickly see that the latter is considerably cheaper.

How long do these last? Well, provided you install them correctly and follow the care instructions, they can last as long as seven years. Though, this may vary, dependent on where you operate.

Boat Wraps Cost

When it comes to cost, the prices do vary. The cost per foot It isn’t just the length we need to consider; it’s also the height of the boat that matters. So, you can expect to invest at least a thousand dollars for a 16-foot boat that is no higher than 700mm. Of course, you don’t have to go for a full wrap for your boat; we also offer halves and quarters. Some people want the vinyl lettering to show off the name of their boat. Designs can be as simple or detailed as you want.

There’s more to consider than just the cost per foot. You can view them as an investment. For example, you may want to buy a new boat and get a unique color or exciting design. These types of boats, though, can be more difficult to resell. So, instead of putting yourself in an awkward position on resell, you can buy white and boat wrap it! The point is there is more than one reason to step into our design studio.

Boat Wrap Design Template

As we have said, wraps aren’t just for cars. Boat wraps are a durable and practical solution to protect your boat from the open sea. It’s not only yachts that you can wrap any other water vehicle. While we welcome custom designs that you have ready, we also have design templates to choose from. So, if you aren’t overly creative or you aren’t sure about the design, then take a look at the templates. You can completely customize a design template to your needs. We can offer you a bit of guidance, if necessary, whether it’s related to color, design or something else!

Fishing Boat Wraps

Fishing boats experience all types of weather and see the water regularly, so it makes sense to wrap them.  Whether it’s to protect a brand new boat or to improve the look of an old one, bass boat wrap kits are a popular option. This cost-efficient solution provides your boat with additional protection, and it looks good, too. You don’t need to come to the table with your design; you can find a design template on our site that works for you.

Aluminum Boat Wraps

It’s possible to create full wraps or instead choose a smaller wrap. That is an excellent solution for businesses looking to advertise. You can also create a two-tone design look if the hull is in need of an update. If you aren’t sure what type of design or look is right for you, then you may want to get in touch with us to discuss the details further.

The first thing you should let us know about your boat wraps is whether it’s for business or advertising purposes or an aesthetic choice. That will help us help you to get your design right. Specific colors, styles, and designs work better for advertising them. You need to consider how visible your wrap is, how easy it is to read and to get the size and message just right. So, there is a lot to consider on the boat wraps front when it comes to making designs for business and advertising use. It requires the same level of thought and consideration as creating storefront signs and images.

Additional Boat Graphics

We can install boat graphics, boat lettering and 3m vinyl boat wrap on almost any kind of boat. Here are a few more floating vehicles that we can wrap!

  • Yachts
  • Jet Skis
  • Pontoons
  • Camouflage (camo)
  • Wakeboard
  • Mastercraft
  • Lund
  • Duck Boat
  • Fireboat
  • Cruise Ships
  • Barges
  • Sailboats
  • Ferry’s
  • Bass

Bass Boat Wraps Near Me

Your hunt stops here, you have found us. The best part is it doesn’t matter where you are; we can ship you your prints. So, step into our store and start creating the design of your dreams. Don’t worry if you aren’t sure about the type of design that will work for you. If you’re not sure, ask! We’re always happy to offer a bit of advice and guidance. Feel free to contact us to discuss your ideas.

If you’re ready to place an order, then get in touch with our team! You can call us at 800-208-9005. Or, you can use the live chat option on the website to get started. You’ll find an experienced sign technician who will be happy to answer any questions or queries that you may have. Alternatively, you can email us about your project. If you do email us, please provide us with as many details as possible.

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