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Using brochures for marketing is a very good way to appeal to a broad range of people to attract them to your business. This is because it allows you to present all-inclusive information clear and easy to read.

Each year there are thousands of new ways to build your brand and each year there are technological advances that allow any business to market themselves to almost anyone on earth (if you have the budget). Basically, technology has brought the ability to print anything in a very short amount of time, from anywhere in the world.

One of the most beneficial methods for marketing your business. You can achieve brand recognition for less by using this product. Pamphlets and handouts have been prevalent for decades, It is a great way to promote your business.

High-quality printed brochures are available in a range of sizes and options delivering the definitive marketing solution for any business. These handouts allow your business to showcase services and products in extensive detail. At the same time, packaging it in an attractive format with high-quality color images of your products or team.

Brochure Design

A pamphlet has printing on both sides. It can include multiple pages or columns with comprehensive information on them. Additionally, creative handouts have a design with multiple pages that are bound together. Small brochures are known as pamphlets. They are available in a variety of sizes. Our production team will print on a standard A4 size and then fold. When it comes to printing the product, they are available in custom sizes and a heavier stock of paper if required. Brochures need to be durable so they last the length of the advertising campaign, and printing them on a heavier stock will ensure a longer life for your printing.

A print brochure is typically used as a sales tool so customers can be given further product or service information after showing interest in specific products or services. Using printed flyers in conjunction with brochures works to your advantage when to comes to marketing. Flyers can draw attention and your handouts can be used for those who show enough interest in your brand to know more. So, brochures are a more in-depth look at your products and services that you draw towards with your printed flyers.

Printed Brochures For Marketing

Printed brochures are incredibly significant promotional and marketing tools. They can be used to build your brand recognition, no matter what type of business or organization you run.

These products feature printing on both sides, come in different folding options. It can be printed using one sheet or multiple pages. They can be used for a wide variety of purposes. In particular, they are most suitable for extended business messages. It showcases a range of products with in-depth detail or complete lists of services offered to buy a business.


Uses for Brochures

Religious messages

Your church will benefit significantly from the use of quality handout printing. This is because the high-quality material will attract the attention you want to receive, and full-color printing will get your message across like never before.

Event Promotion

High-quality full-color printed pamphlets are the perfect way to promote your next event. Whether you are holding a music festival or a medical conference, the use of the high-quality printed material will give your next event the attention it deserves.

Product Launches

Full-color pamphlets are one of the best ways to promote a new product. High-quality company branding used with high-resolution images is an excellent way to promote your brand and products.

Grand Openings

The best way to attract people to your business grand openings is with attractive handouts. Printing brochures is a simple solution to get the word out about your new business. They are cost-effective and quick to print.

Restaurant Specials

Advertise your restaurant specials by using brochures. You can even print a full menu on the brochures to draw more people to your business. Getting people through the door is made easier with superior marketing materials.

Trade Show Handouts

Distributing information about products is made easy at trade shows with the use of printed brochures. Using brochures sized to an easy handout size will ensure people take notice. High-quality imaging of your brand and products are vital to getting the attention you deserve. Creating great designs on your brochures for trade shows is important, so ask our design team how we can help.

How To Make A Brochure

If you need to know how to create a great brochure, there is one thing to understand. Designing methods for your brochure create the opportunity to put your personal branding stamp on your marketing materials. Brochures are an awesome way to do that. There are several things to consider when it comes to the design and creation of a brochure, and if you are about to attempt it yourself, here are a few tips.

  • Make your brochures highlight to customers what you offer
  • Original high-quality images
  • Use bold color to attract attention
  • Bold fonts to make reading simple
  • Use your images to clearly communicate your brand message
  • Think of unique and original ways to send your brand message

Your printed brochures are as good as your design, so the better the colors you use, the more attention you will attract for the right reasons. Creative brand designs will build your brand’s acknowledgment.

Brochure Printing

Brochures can be printed and folded in a range of sizes, and ways. How you fold your brochures can certainly increase or decrease their impact and the design of your brochure has vital importance to getting this right. Our design team is happy to discuss the best options for printing for maximum effect. We have years of experience in the printing of brochures and have expert designers on hand to assist you in the designs for your business marketing material.

When you design you brochures you must take into consideration how easy and enjoyable it is for the reader, and the images must be of high quality. The colors of your brochure also make a difference. Keeping the colors to your brand association will push your brand image to the next level. Brand continuity in your marketing material is as important as your brand itself, so make sure your color schemes represent your brand as much as it does your products.

There are many ways to fold a brochure, with the simplest fold being a single fold or an accordion style fold pattern. The best way to decide on the fold of your creative brochures is to consider how you want the customer to read it. Choose the fold design that pushes the most important information you want to share to the front page. Make it easy to read and easy to take in all the information, to ensure your customers remain interested in what the brochure says.

Ideas To Create Brochures

Although brochures can be printed in many different sizes and folding layouts, creating a simple to read brochure is more important than creating something extravagant but impractical. When you choose creative materials, it sends the message that you’re offering something amazing. Your offer or product range needs to grab their attention or share the information you wish to get across. Consider what information it is you’re trying to send when printing your material and decide what size is most suitable. If you’re not sure about designs straight away for your brochures, take a look at what your competitors are doing to get some ideas.

Printing Brochures in Bulk

Printing in bulk is a great option when you need to get the message across to a larger audience. If you are attending trade shows or large events where thousands of people attend, you can easily hand out 10,000 brochures in a weekend. Furthermore, bulk printing services really cut the costs down at these large quantities. When you are ready to print in large amounts it is ideal to get our design team to assist in the final stages of design to ensure your project is completed with no formatting or copy mistakes.

Including pictures in printed brochures will reinforce the ideas and the layout you choose matters. Pictures also break up the solid wall of text, which makes it much easier for customers to read.

We Make Buying Flyers Online Easy

Setting up your brochures for printing online is a simple process with NonStop Signs. If you need printing in bulk scale, you’ve come to the right place. You can design and print your brochures in quantities up to 25,000.

If you are ready to start the printing process of brochures or maybe you want to create other fantastic marketing material for your product launches, grand opening, events or just for your business, you can get started online with NonStop Signs. If you need advice or have specific necessities when it comes to designing or shipping you can call us at 800-205-9005 or email us. We also offer a large range of business signage and a complete catalog of marketing solutions that might be suitable for your business.

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