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Bus Wraps

Show eye-getting imaginative on bus wraps that are difficult to disregard. NonStopSigns bus wrap advertising gives you more outreach to your customers.


The average American spends around two hours or so of their day on the open road and when it comes to getting noticed, custom bus wraps could be the key. From dropping the kids at school and picking them up, driving to and from work, running their errands, and carting the kids to all of their activities… which means that advertising on vehicles can generate tens of thousands impressions on the surrounding traffic.

That means your business could boldly reach around 100,000 people in one day. When compared to the cost of advertising in print, television, radio, and through billboards, mobile advertising (like a full bus wrap) comes in at a fraction of the price.  It’s a clever way to communicate to potential customers and get noticed by the people you have been unable to reach thus far.

Bus wraps are the best way to advertise your business on the road and stand out amongst all the traffic. Whether you’re using our custom bus wraps for your school bus or commercial bus fleet, we have you covered. We have a variety of bus wrap options for you to choose from to meet all of your bus advertising needs.

Vinyl Wrap Bus

There are a variety of ads that can be displayed using bus wraps, as there are a variety of layouts and sizes available, including the durable and crisp designs of the vinyl wrap bus. In addition to the full bus wrap, you can opt for something smaller. How you choose to use the creative space is up to you, but it’s an incredible way to announce your presence to potential customers. If you choose vinyl bus wraps you can target your audience appropriately using research and understanding of your core customer.

Bus Wrap Advertising

Custom bus wraps provide you with the opportunity to show off eye-catching images and messages that will grab the attention of everyone it passes. It’s difficult to ignore a well-executed tour bus wrap template, whether you choose to go for a full wrap, a window extension, side banners or headliners. Bus wrap advertising is an incredible way to get your message out with a classy text or image wrap.

Party bus wrap

Having your bus professionally wrapped is an excellent way to send a message to your current customers, one that you’re serious about your business, as well as attracting new customers. If you run a party bus, getting a party bus wrap could be the ideal promotion. To a potential customer, a bus wrap says you’re the real deal and believe enough in your business to invest in marketing. It’s a serious investment, so it’s important that you get the execution correct the first time. So, to ensure your bus wrap cost is right, we can assist you in creating a bus wrap mock-up to ensure it’s the right look for your business.

School bus wrap

There may be a variety of reasons you wish to invest in school bus decals. If you run a private school or your buses are specific to your school, then school bus wraps only make sense. It ensures the safety of your students and advertises your school on sports and field trips. You can choose to go with the typical school bus graphics or we can talk about changing things up to show off what is truly special about your school.

Shuttle Bus Wrap

If you operate a shuttle bus company vehicle wraps graphics are a must. Whether you do airport runs or it’s a hotel shuttle – a wrap just makes sense. Not only will it display your brand, you can create something special with your logo and imaging options. This may increase your vehicle wraps cost, but this method of advertising is still cheaper than the more traditional forms of advertising that you use.

While big businesses still use television and radio to get their message across, smaller business tends to rely on online marketing and local tools to get their message across. Luckily, small businesses can also take advantage of vehicle wraps, which is going to get noticed more than a local radio ad or a late-night commercial spot on a local television station. Of course, it will do so at a fraction of the price, too. Consider the type of shuttle bus graphics you could use and chat to our team to see what we can help you with.

Tour Bus Wraps

The major stars in music are still traveling the US by bus, which means tour bus graphics have to be on point. Every tour has a theme and this can be expressed through the bus graphics template that you choose. It’s difficult to miss a giant tour bus traveling on the motorway, especially when it has been expertly wrapped by a professional team of technicians.

Tour bus wrap pricing varies, depending on the size of your wrap, but when it comes to a tour bus wrap, it’s difficult to imagine how anything short of a full bus wrap will do. This allows you to take advantage of vibrant images, as well as text and logos. You have plenty of space to send the exact message you want passers-by to see.

Church Bus Wraps

Does your church go on the road for missions trips, visiting other churches, doing community work or perhaps your choir is in hot demand? Full bus wraps are appropriate for church buses, too. It’s less about advertising and more about letting people know what church you’re from and what you are doing for your community. There are a variety of bus wrap material choices, but vinyl bus graphics are the ideal option.

Bus Decals

Bus decals are a must in the business world – there is so much competition in every industry it’s vital that you leverage any marketing opportunity you have. It can be difficult to get ahead of the rest when you don’t have a strong advertising campaign or marketing ideas in place – bus graphics are a clever way to keep your brand on the tips of people’s tongues.

Small businesses everywhere are choosing to invest in bus advertising wrap, but even if your business doesn’t own or operate a bus, you can still use the bus vehicle wrap option by wrapping company cars or your own personal vehicle.

How Much Does It Cost To Wrap A Bus

How much does it cost to wrap a bus? It all depends on the type of material you use, the size of your wrap, and the size of your bus or vehicle. Cool bus wraps are worth the cost, the advertising is going to improve your standing in the community, make potential customers more aware of what you do, and get your message out. Bus wraps pricing is really up to you, you can choose your wrap to fit your budget.

Bus Wraps Advertising

Bus wraps are the ideal advertising tool for any company, community group or event that uses buses or other vehicles. Why not spread the word about what’s going on in your company by using this ingenious advertising tool to do it? From even the biggest companies to the smallest, local businesses, you can find a vehicle wrap price list that suits your budget and still produces an amazing advertising campaign to make your competitor’s jealous.

Bus Wrap Template

Are you interested in having your bus wrapped but you’re considering about the bus wrap templates available? We can actually do anything! Bus wraps graphics are the clearest way to launch your promotion, event or business. The bus wrap cost is offset by the potential business that your advertising efforts will garner. It’s difficult to overlook the benefits when compared to cost, which is why it has become such a popular advertising tool for even the smallest business. Just think about how often you see personal or company cars being wrapped to get the message out about independent cafes and restaurants in the area. In fact, some businesses wrap a car and place it near their physical location to act as a directional guide.

Whether you choose to send a message by text or you prefer bus wraps images, we can help you create the masterpiece that communicates your message perfectly. If you’re using it to advertise your business, a website and contact information is key – there’s nothing more important than your potential customers being able to find you once you’ve piqued their interest. Of course, there may be curious people who want to see your website to find out more about what you do or offer, which is always positive.

Bus Wrap Installation

We protect your buy by only using certified installers and 1 mil knifeless tape for all installations.  We generally use 3m wrap vinyl which is the premium material for auto wraps.  Conspicuity tape will help protect your bus wrap paint job from scratching.  Fesqueegeesges are used for all installations of vinyl graphics.  We print using UV ecosolvent ink in a Muto Valuejet printer.  If you want to save money, we can also offer high tack Arlon or Avery Vinyl.  If you need help with design and concept, feel free to reach out to our design team!

Bus Wrap Design

Whether it’s a tour bus wrap, a church bus, shuttle bus, a party bus or bus decals graphics to kick off a promotional event – a full bus wrap is the true meaning of “go big or go home” when it comes to advertising. You can choose a standard template or instead, you can choose to create something more creative. The end result, no matter what size, style or design you go with, will be spectacular and a sure way to improve your business. No business can grow without first expanding their marketing campaign and taking advertising to a new level.

We work closely with our clients to produce bus wraps that will not only generate attention but also help you build brand awareness. Whether you are a newer business trying to gain traction in the industry or an established company that is launching an event, a new product or a service. A full bus wrap is an effective marketing tool, whether it’s a promotion, special event or you have something else in mind. It’s time to contact us by emailing or calling us on (800) 205-9005 to talk about your project and discuss our bus wrap pricing guide.



Not looking for a bus wrap?  We produce a lot of other vinyl wraps, car wraps, carbon fiber wraps, truck wraps and other vehicle graphics.


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