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Business Card Boxes


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Custom Business Card Boxes

What better way to let customers know just how high a quality the business cards within are than with luxury business card boxes? There are a wide variety of options when creating your business card collection boxes. We have a range of options, including you prefer metal, wood, plastic or cardboard. If you’re a business card printing agency looking for high-quality printing, we can help. Or if you need a more efficient storage solution for the business cards you hold or collect, we can help.

Business Card Box Printing

Before we take a deep dive into what our printing can do for you, let’s go over some of the favorite ideas and uses for your new boxes. The term itself business card boxes printing has immediately put an image in your head of a storage or shipping package for business cards, right? While that is their technical use, you can also use them for storage for smaller items, miscellaneous items, in retail and electronics packaging, candy boxes can be used to package treats, candies, foods, apparel, accessories, as well as health and beauty products. Of course, a holder may also be the perfect solution for wrapping gifts especially when you’re dealing with an odd shape that will give away the game entirely.

There’s a lot to choose from, check out some of the following examples of what we can do for you:

  • 100 Cards
  • 250 Cards
  • 500 Cards
  • 1000 Cards
  • 2500 Cards
  • 5000 Cards
  • Luxury
  • Wooden
  • Plastic
  • Metal
  • Leather
  • .024 thickness
  • Sturdy corner lock construction

Custom Business Card Boxes Printing

Now, let’s get down to business. Custom printing is something that significant business people and brands use; they do so for some reasons. Firstly, there is the storage aspect of it. It makes sense to have a quality matchbox business card holder that will keep business cards safe until they are ready to be used. No one wants to be handing out damaged business cards, that’s not a positive first impression to make.

Whether you’re shipping your business cards, moving offices or you sell business cards. For large brands, it’s a no-brainer, it ensures that every employee business card reinforces their company brand and image. Corrugated business card boxes are often used in banks, print shops, by graphic artists, lawyers, in corporate offices, accountants, tax preparation experts, and real estate agencies.

Business Card Box Dimensions

Let’s talk size and dimensions we can create 100 counts up to 1000 and even some in between (250 and 500). If you had something else in mind, feel free to contact us with your request for plastic business card boxes we might be able to help. If you want to know more about our dimensions, then please contact us.

When it comes to the business card boxes printing template, it’s crucial to keep your branding in mind. If it’s a corporate feel you want then sticking with your corporate logo and branding is wise. However, if you’re in a more creative industry, you can play with your design.

Business Card Boxes Printing Design

One of the primary reasons for doing this is to store business cards they have. A handy box for cars keeps traveling salespeople organized, while a quality business card box in leather will sit comfortably and stylishly atop the desk of any significant executive. So, you can turn to one holder to slide your card to someone else or switch to your large business card storage box plastic to find the details for a networking individual you recently met at a conference. There is nothing worse than holding a meeting with clients and fumbling for your business card, but it can be equally frustrating when you want to recommend someone and can’t find their card because you don’t have a holder.

Business Card Boxes Cheap

A business card box holder can make life more convenient, as you easily track back to someone you met at a meeting. It’s a smart way to store your business cards, and with the option to create a totally custom business card box design, it won’t look out of place in your office. Additionally, you may want to consider a business card collector box for the reception desk or lobby area. That means passing clients can slip their card in for you to receive later.

Of course, business card collection boxes are a great way for you to get your name out there, too, so it’s vital that your plastic business card boxes are well stocked, so you always have a business card on hand. If you often run competitions for your clients and customers, you may want to consider creating your very own business card competition box that will make it easy for passersby to slip their business card in to enter your competition.

Business Card Box Suppliers

It doesn’t matter how far technology advances, one thing that will never change is the way we network. Business cards boxes printing is here to stay. You probably use LinkedIn and other social media platforms to connect with people in the business. When you meet someone in person, you still hand them a business card to give them the relevant information. It’s the quickest, most comfortable, and the most efficient way to provide them with details.


Custom Business Card Boxes & Printing

We’re experts when it comes to printing business card boxes for printers. That is what we do; we are print professionals who provide a wide range of marketing and promotional materials. Whether it’s business card boxes cheap that you’re looking for or business card chocolate boxes you want for your sports team to sell candy bars. That is our expertise, so let us help you create your large business card boxes.

Plastic Business Card Boxes Manufacturers

Whether it’s metal, paper, or plastic. We can handle your order. Additionally, we offer a full range of marketing and promotional materials which may interest you. That includes products like business cards, flyers, brochures, banners, flags, plaques, and more. We’re a one-stop marketing shop. Imagine how much easier life will be if you can come to use for your business card mailing boxes as well as your vehicle wraps and sidewalk signs.  If you are just looking for plain boxes, try Uline.


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