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Calendar Stickers


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If you are the forgetful type, or someone in your home or office is, calendar stickers might just the solution you didn’t know you were looking for. Make sure you never forget a doctor’s appointment, business meeting, cocktail party or birthday again. You can mark just about anything using calendar reminder stickers, from baby’s first-year calendar with stickers to strictly business. If you want to work on your time management skills and learn how to plan and prioritize, calendar stickers will help.

Calendar Reminder Stickers

Creating your own calendar or calendar reminder stickers has literally never been easier. These products are so useful to you, whether they are for the home or the office. Our sticker editor can help you keep track of all your appointment and everything else you juggle on a daily basis. You can create your own calendar stickers or you can create your own planner stickers template. Of course, you can also go with both. Who wouldn’t want to?

As you can create your own design when it comes to calendar reminder stickers it means you can be as professional with them as you like. For the kids, you can go a different path that is sure to interest them. There are templates to choose from for creating everyday calendar stickers or you can upload your own images or text. They’re perfect for keeping track of big dates, meetings, contact numbers, and more. All the information you need will be right at your fingertips, thanks to stickers for the calendar.

Printable Calendar Stickers

Why not create your own calendar stickers for your business and offer them at tradeshows, exhibitions, and promotional events? You will have thousands of customers using them and seeing your brand every time they do (for an entire year). You can also furnish your employees with their own calendar stickers. This will help create a consistent message around your office.

Printable calendar stickers can also be offered for sale. Use your own images and logos to create products people would love to buy. You can create different themes for your everyday calendar stickers to ensure you hit all of the boxes of your target audience. They make amazing gifts, especially for people who love to organize!

Calendar Appointment Stickers

Don’t forget you can use calendar appointment stickers at home, too. You can create a decal for emergency information and any other contact numbers a babysitter might need while you’re out. In fact, those numbers might come in handy for you, too, and any other guest who is visiting. People tend to panic in an emergency situation. So, having the presence of mind to use printable calendar stickers to collate vital information is helpful.

You can also use your personal calendar stickers to remind you of weddings, birthday parties, and more. You can create save the date stickers for calendars. Now, this is also something handy you can use in your wedding invitations. Include a save the date sticker for your guests to place on their calendar. It’s a cute and unique touch. In fact, you can create a custom set of calendar reminder stickers for everyone in the wedding party. Let them know about your engagement parties, bachelor/ette parties, the dress rehearsal, dinners, and of course, the wedding itself. This will come in handy if you have friends you spend your life reminding about things. You can deal with the major wedding stresses without sweating the small stuff.

Calendar Date Stickers

We use white vinyl to create our calendar stickers. They will stick and restick to any smooth surface and do so without bubbles! They also have a nice gloss finish to them which means they always look great. When you do remove them you won’t need to worry about a residue being left behind. Or, damage to the surface. They are safe to use, reuse, and reuse again. You can create calendar date stickers, number stickers for a calendar, motivational quote stickers or just about anything else you can imagine.

With month stickers for the planner, you can concentrate on the month ahead using date calendar stickers. Monthly tab stickers make it easy to flip between months so you have a full picture of what’s to come, too. Proper preparation is the key to success.

Happy Planner Stickers

If you’re looking for happy planner value pack stickers then you have come to the right place. These feel-good organizational tools are the perfect way to track your time. You can remove them without leaving a trace, they’re waterproof, bubble-free. They’re even microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe. Using our easy order process you could have stickers for calender use in no time. There’s no minimum order either. So, you can create calendar stickers for personal use or go bulk for business purposes.

Everyday calendar stickers are great for corporate offices, school teachers, stay at home parents, small businesses, and just for general day to day use. Which should explain why they are such a popular giveaway product. Everyone loves something for free, and a calendar that comes with calendar stickers is right up there with the best free gift. Take your date calendar stickers to roadshows. Turn up with your calendar number stickers at exhibitions. Fill a need with your customers while spreading your brand.

Motivational Quote Stickers

Are you working hard to be positive? Then why not consider motivational quote stickers. They can fit nicely on your calendar or you can choose motivational laptop stickers instead. No matter what you choose, with inspirational stickers for planners, you can keep track of everything, and get some positivity. This is something that you might want to consider if you’re creating planner stickers for college. Whether you’re the student or it is your child you have in mind. Our planner stickers template has you covered at every base.

Sometimes you just need help to stay the course. You can use calendar stickers to keep yourself motivated and on track for all your appointments. You’re killing two birds with one stone when you use everyday calendar stickers and throw in the twist.

Baby First Year Calendar With Stickers

What parent doesn’t want to remember all the amazing firsts their baby has? Why not create your own baby calendar with stickers? You might have seen baby first-year calendar with stickers Carters, but wouldn’t you prefer a completely custom job? You can make a note of all the big firsts using baby milestone stickers. Once the year is up you can keep this with all of your other baby keepsakes. Your kids will enjoy a walk down memory lane and seeing how old they were when they tackled crawling, walking, and more. Of course, in your first year as a parent, you might want to also include motivational quote stickers to help you keep going! Parenting is exhausting. Why not use calendar stickers to keep track of some of the funnier sides of parenting?

Month of the Year Stickers

In addition to calendar stickers, we can also produce month of the year stickers. So, a full sticker for each month of the year. You can affix this to your fridge, cubicle, laptop, computer or just about any other smooth, flat surface. Month stickers for planner purposes are helpful for your employees and yourself. Or, you can use them in your kitchen to make chores clear to the kids. Of course, you may also want to use calendar number stickers on your frozen goods so you know when to use them by. There are a variety of uses that come with printable calender reminder stickers. So, choose calendar month stickers, go with number stickers calendar or stick with simple calendar stickers. The final choice is yours, as is how you use them to your advantage.

Calendar stickers are great promotional tools. They are wonderful for keeping track of all your activities. Calendar appointment stickers ensure you’re never late for an appointment again. Date calendar stickers mean your eye is on the big wedding or party coming up. Free printable planner stickers are a great way to boost your business. Whether it’s everyday calendar stickers you want or something a bit more special, we can help you.

Planner Stickers Template

If you want to create your own stickers for calendar use and beyond, then contact us today. You can use the live chat option on our website. This will put you into contact with one of our trained technicians who can walk you through the order process. Or, you can call us at 800-205-9005 or email us.

If you choose to email, please be sure to provide us with as much information about your calendar stickers order as possible. This will allow us to provide you with a quote. From there we can get into the minute details of your calendar reminder stickers design order. In addition to our calendar stickers, we offer a wide variety of printing solutions. Take a look at some of our products before you contact us. You might just find that we’re your new one-stop shop.


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