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Car Wraps



Car Wraps using the best 3m vinyl wrap

    • Car wraps to advertise business
    • Custom car wraps to personalize your car
    • See below for vinyl car wrap cost and everything you need to know about custom wraps!

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Car Wraps

Car Wraps are one of our most popular products.  We like to think we are offering one of the best car wraps in the US.  They are great for personal and business use.  We can usually design, print, and install your vehicle wrap in less than 1 week.  We have many options depending on the car wrap cost and budget you have set.  Here are a few vinyl car wrap options to help you decide what is best for you!

Commercial Vinyl Car Wraps for Businesses

In our opinion, car wrap advertising is one of the best ways to advertise your business.  It is basically a mobile billboard that lasts 3+ years.  Most people have both personal and company vehicles that are driving 1000's of miles per year so why not take advantage of that real estate and use car wrap advertising to generate leads?  When you look at the car wrap cost over the span of 40 months, car wraps ads can be very inexpensive advertising.  We can install a commercial wrap on 1 car or an entire fleet wraps of 100's cars.  If you are leasing your company car, a commercial vinyl car wrap can help protect your paint job as well.  Commercial car wraps are easy to remove and will not damage the paint when it comes to returning your car lease.

Color Change Car Wrap for Personal Cars

Custom vinyl wraps are a great idea for your car for several reasons.  Our custom car wraps offer paint protection for your car.  When you decide to remove your vinyl wrap, it can easily be removed without damaging paint.  You can customize the look of your car by choosing from 1000's of custom car wrap colors.  You can color change your car as many times as you would like without damaging the paint.  Color change wraps can protect from rocks and other road debris.

Car Wrap Ideas

There are a lot of ways to produce vehicle wraps.  From wrapping the entire car for a full car wrap or just wrapping certain parts of the car for a partial car wrap.  You can just wrap the car doors, just wrap the back window or just wrap the hood.  A lot of people just vinyl wrap the roof of cars now for a unique custom look.  If you are a business, make sure you keep things simple and don't forget a large phone number or website.  If you are creating a custom wrapped car you may want to think outside the box and choose cool car wraps such as a chrome car wrap, a gold car wrap, a camo car wrap or a matte car wrap.

Here are a few of our favorite vinyl wrap options:

  • 3m vinyl wrap
  • Black vinyl wrap
  • Gloss black vinyl wrap
  • Matte black vinyl wrap
  • Satin black vinyl wrap
  • Metallic black vinyl wrap
  • Black Chrome wrap
  • Chrome vinyl wrap
  • Camo vinyl wrap
  • Digital Camo vinyl wrap
  • Matte black vinyl wrap
  • Carbon Fiber vinyl wrap
  • Wood Grain vinyl wrap
  • Pink vinyl wrap
  • Silver vinyl wrap
  • Blue chrome wrap
  • Gold wrap car
  • Color changing car wrap
  • Candy paint car wraps
  • 1000's of other vinyl car wrap colors

Matte Car Wrap vs Gloss Car Wrap

5 years ago almost all of our vinyl car wraps we produced came with a high gloss finish.  Vehicle wraps with a high matte finish have become very popular recently.  We can produce most vehicle graphics with either option, just let us know which wrap finish you would prefer.

Matte Black Car Wrap vs Gloss Black Car Wrap

Matte black cars are our favorite.  We can wrap your vehicle in several different styles of black vinyl including a matte black car wrap.  A matte black finish seems to be one of the most popular options in custom car wraps this year.  We generally use 3m matte black vinyl because we find it the most durable.  A lot of people think matte black cars use matte black car paint but we strongly advise against this. Matte black car paint will look cheap and is impossible to remove when you want to sell your car.  We also offer a gloss black vinyl wrap and a satin black vinyl wrap.  Matte car wraps are the most durable black vinyl wraps.  Both matte black car wraps and glossy black car wraps cost about $5000.

Carbon Fiber Wrap

Car wrapping with carbon fiber wrap vinyl is one of our favorite projects.  We typically use 3m carbon fiber wrap because it is the highest quality material on the market.  However, that does come with a price tag and the price to wrap a car with carbon fiber wraps can be over $6000.  We do have few other materials you can use for a carbon fiber wrap but we really do not recommend it.


Chrome Vinyl Wrap

Looking for a unique car wrap? A chrome vinyl wrap may be your best option.  If you've seen a chrome wrap in the past it has probably been mirror chrome vinyl or holographic chrome vinyl which is bright and very reflective.  Recently companies like 3m 1080 have released chrome vinyl in a handful of new colors.  Chrome cars can now be wrapped with blue chrome wrap, gold chrome wrap, black chrome wraps, green chrome wraps, and red chrome wraps.  Chrome vinyl wraps can be pricey but they are one of the best vinyl wraps we offer.  Who hasn't dreamed of driving around with a chrome wrap?


Camo Vinyl Wrap

There are many styles of camo vinyl wraps.  Recently, the most popular camo vinyl wrap is digital camo.  Camo vinyl comes in arctic camo, snow camo, black camo, red camo, backcountry camo, blue camo, and desert camo.  We can also custom design a camouflage wrap for you.  3M 1080 is our preferred camo vinyl wrap.


Reflective Vinyl Wrap

Reflective vinyl is great for both commercial wraps and personal wraps.  In the daytime, you can barely notice a reflective vinyl wrap but at night the reflective wrap stands out especially when hit by car headlights.  3m reflective vinyl is the best option for reflective wraps but there are also several other reflective vinyl options like Oracal reflective vinyl. Our preference is to always use 3m reflective vinyl but the reflective vinyl rolls can be very expensive.  Reflective vinyl can be printed on but it also comes in different colors such as black reflective vinyl.

Race Car Wraps

We've produced a lot of race car wraps over the years.  We've produced custom vinyl wraps for everything from racing decals on an F1 car to a custom wrap on a Ferrari.  Race car wraps are great for sponsor shout outs.  For race car wraps, we typically use 3m 1080 vinyl.  With custom paint jobs, you need to be very careful when removing your vinyl wrap or racing decals because we have seen the paint chip in the past.  Racing decals can cost as low as $200 and race car wraps can cost $5000.



Car Graphics

Not all custom car wraps have to be a full wrap.  Car graphics also known as partial car wraps are a great way to advertise your company on your vehicle for less cost than a full wrap.  We can die cut car graphics to any shape or size depending on your logo or needs.  Most car graphics can be installed in less than a half day which will keep your downtime to a minimum.  A car graphics wrap on a midsize car can be as inexpensive as $500 per car.


Types of Vinyl

3m Vinyl Wrap

3m Vinyl car wrap is our favorite wrap material.  The team at 3m car wrap has created a great name from wrap installers by offering a high-quality product vinyl wrap.  A 3m vinyl car wrap is great for contour and complex wraps.  The 3m wrap film shrinks when heat is applied with a heat gun.  There are microscopic peaks and valleys called Air Release in the materials that allow air to be released so it reduces air bubbles and air pockets.  Although they produce many types of vinyl, we use the 3m car wrap we use is called 3m 1080.  This can be ordered in white or in over 100 different 3m vinyl wrap colors.

3M car wraps are also the easiest when it comes time to remove your wrap.

Avery Vinyl Wrap

A lot of people only use 3m 1080 vinyl when they talk about vinyl wrapping a car.  Avery Dennison wrap is another high-quality wrap vinyl company that is highly regarded by wrap installers at a fraction of the cost.  Sometimes using 3m 1080 film may be overkill for your project if there are no complex curves.  For example, if you are getting a large fleet of flat surfaced wraps such as a ford transit wrap then you may save $1000's of dollars by going with an Avery vinyl wrap.  It is generally about $200 less per vehicle wrap.  If you are custom wrapping a higher end car with a lot of contours such as a BMW vinyl wrap then 3M1080 vinyl is your best choice.  Avery vinyl comes in over 100 car wrap colors.  If you are looking for a 3m clear vinyl wrap, please see our clear vinyl page.

Hexis Vinyl Wrap

Hexis vinyl has been improving over the past 5 years and they are now known to make one of the highest quality vinyl options.  They used to have basic pre-colored vinyl but now they are one of the leaders of innovative specialty vinyl.  Their main vinyl wrap is called Skintac and comes in short rolls which can reduce your car wrap cost.

Arlon Vinyl Wrap

Arlon vinyl has been around for many years.  We like using Arlon vinyl wraps for fleet wraps because it is a good vinyl for flat surfaces.  Arlon will keep your car wrap pricing down compared to 3m vinyl, you should save around $200 per vehicle wrap.  Arlon vinyl comes in both white and pre-colored vinyl.


Oracal 651 Vinyl Wrap

Oracal vinyl film is another brand of car wrap vinyl.  Their main product is called Oracal 651 vinyl.  It is considered a step down from 3m vinyl and Avery, however, Oracal 651 is a great way to get a lower car wrap cost.  They also produce a premium version of Oracal vinyl called Oracal 951 vinyl but this is rarely used. If you are looking for a specific vinyl color, we are happy to show you an Oracal 651 vinyl color chart.  If you are looking for the least expensive option, this may be the best for your car vinyl wrap.

Car Wrap Colors

While we can print any image on white vinyl, there are so many pre-colored car wrap colors that it can be overwhelming.  We've found over 1000 vinyl car wrap colors.  We've compiled a list of the best car wrap colors below.  This shows a wrap color chart for vinyl colors we recommend.

3m Vinyl Colors

Avery Vinyl Colors

Hexis Vinyl Colors

Arlon Vinyl Colors

Oracal 651 Colors


Car Wrap Design

Car wrap design tips

Your car wrap is a serious investment and your wraps design is not where you should try to save money on your vinyl wrap cost.  We highly recommend using a professional designer that either uses Photoshop or Illustrator for their car wrap design software.  There are a few sites that offer car wrap design online but we do not recommend these.  Before starting your car wrap design, you should browse through google images to find pictures of car wraps that you love then base your vehicle wrap design off of this.  Keep car handles, gas cap, molding, bumpers, doors and windows in mind while you design your vehicle wrap.

Leave your wrap design simple while your logo and important information big.  Use bright colors that stand out so people will notice your car advertising.  Using your vehicle wrap design software, save the final file as a .pdf @ 300 dpi.  If you are saving your vehicle wrap design in Illustrator, you can outline the fonts and save as a vector file.  Be sure to save a mock-up as well so the wrap installers have an idea of what the final car wraps should look like.  Our vehicle wrap designers will double check your vehicle templates to make sure it is saved properly.  If you need help with your vinyl wrap design, we do offer car wrap design services for a car wrap cost of $750 per design.  If you are producing a fleet wrap, you would only incur 1 wrap design services fee.

Car wrap templates

We get a lot of requests for car wrap templates from people creating car wrap designs.  There are a lot of websites that sell car wrap design templates for around $30 each.  The most popular sites are Bad Wraps Templates and Pro Vehicle Outlines.  A lot of car wrap templates are just car outlines which really do not show the depth of the car's body.  Car outlines and car templates may not be sized properly, they also may not show the car's emblems, door handles, or door outlines.

In our opinion, taking a 2D car template and car wrapping a 3D car does not make sense and can result in a poor wrap.  Instead, we recommend taking a picture of your car then overlaying your car wrap design over the car picture.  You will want pictures of the passenger side, the driver side, the front and the rear.  If you can, get a picture of the top including the hood, trunk, and roof.  This will give you the most accurate car wrap template for free.

How much does a car wrap cost?

One of the most common questions we hear is how much does it cost to wrap a car?  There are several factors in determining the car wrap cost but the most important is the number of square feet you are wrapping.  A ballpark vinyl wrap car cost is $4,000 but the car wrap cost can be as low as $3,000 or as high as $6,000.  If you need our designers to help design your wrap, that will make up about $750 of the car wraps cost.  If you are wrapping multiple cars such as a fleet wrap, the cost to wrap a car will be less.  If you are wrapping a large flat surface, it is generally easy to price by the square foot which would be about $15 per square foot installed.  Estimated delivery time is generally about 1 week for most vinyl vehicle wraps.

Car wrap prices can also depend on the vinyl wrap car material you are using.  Keep in mind the cost to wrap a car is not apples to apples for each wrap shop you goto.  There are a lot of quality factors when determining the auto wraps cost such a quality of printer and quality of vinyl.  You want your car wraps to last for years, make sure you choose a reputable company with a lot of experience and not just the cheapest vinyl wrap car cost.  If you need shipping fast, give us a call today for custom car wrap prices.

Why car wrap with us?

Our wrap installers have produced over 1000 custom car wraps.  We invest in great tools to protect your car's paint.  Nonstop Signs has been in business for more than 10 years.  Even our clients will tell you, we love what we do and we stand by our product by using the best vinyl wrap with the best wrap printers.  Our design team is on staff to help design your wrap and if you submit your own wrap artwork, they will make sure your vinyl wrap is executed quickly.  We are fully insured to protect your car while installing your wrap.  We will learn about your entire project to make sure we are using the best vehicle wrap to keep your car wrap cost down.


Can you install car wraps near me?

Nonstop Signs produces and installs a lot of car wraps in San Diego at our headquarters.  We also have an install location for car wraps in Las Vegas, car wraps in San Fransisco and car wraps in Los Angeles.  We have a large network of vinyl installers and vinyl wrap shops so if you are out of state we can still help with your wrap project.  Although we may not be located in your city, we may still be able to keep your vehicle wrap cost competitive.  If we are unable to help with your project, we will help you find a car wrap shop near you.  We consider America our wrap city.

How long does a car wrap last?

Another common question we get is how long does vinyl wrap last on a car?  This really depends on the climate you are in.  For example, if you get a Florida car wrap it will not last as long as a California car wrap.  The sun and snow are the biggest factors in vinyl wrap durability.  Make sure you hand wash your car frequently and you store it in a garage.  Please avoid automatic car washes at all costs.  We've seen some of the best car wraps last from 2-5 years depending on your level of care.


How to vinyl wrap a car

Car wrapping is unique skill because you need the detail of an artist with the speed of a cheetah. Not all car wrappers are created equal.  Beginners at car wrapping will not wrap over decals and car accessories while advanced installers will remove them before they wrap your car.  Wrapped cars by professional installers will last much longer because they use heat and adhesive to ensure durability. If you want to learn how to apply vinyl wraps, we recommend researching on youtube and starting with a DIY vinyl wrap on a glass surface at your home.  Make sure you buy a heat gun, blow torch, razor blades and a few vinyl squeegees.  All of our installers have completed 100's of hours of wrap training and most are 3m wrap certified.



Vehicle Wraps

We can install graphic wraps on any anything, not just cars. Check out some of our other custom vehicle wraps pages like banners, bus wraps, van wraps, food truck wraps, semi truck wraps, elevator wraps, fridge wraps, vehicle wraps, wall wraps, truck wraps, boat wraps, and, Box Truck Wraps here.


I want to wrap my car now!

We would love to be your car wrap shop and you favorite wrap company!  Give us a call at (800)205-9005 or send us an email today and we can chat about your custom wrap today!


Car wrap videos

Want to know how to vinyl vehicle wraps work?  Here is a really cool video that shows the car wrap installation process.



Weight1 lbs
Dimensions23 x 32 x 1 in
Size (H x W)

18 in. x 36 in., 24 in. x 48 in., 30 in. x 60 in. – Page 2, Custom




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