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Cast Metal Letters

Cast metal sign letters give a quality, lasting picture for open air signage of business names or address numbers.


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Cast Metal Letters

Cast metal letters are a permanent solution for signage located outdoors, whether it’s cast iron letters or bronze lettering for a business name or aluminum metal letters to denote the street address. The beauty of metal lettering is that they can be created in whatever size and finish you prefer. That means you don’t need to worry about replacing all of your signage at once while compromising your overall style and aesthetic. Better yet, flat metal letters are so easy to install you will wonder why you didn’t make the change sooner.

Corrugated Metal Letters

Cast metal letters are durable. It has long been trusted by architects, business owners, contractors, churches, community centers, and organizations across the United States. These are suitable for indoors and outdoors. They come in a variety of material options, as well as fonts, sizes, and finishes. A metal lettering solution is ideal for creating a large outdoor brand sign, logo or creating directory and signage indoors. Whether it’s a department store, hardware store, law offices or even a community center.

How To Cast Metal

The shortest way to describe the process of how cast metal letters are made is just that we melt metals down and then the molten metals are poured into corresponding molds. They provide more depth than a robust cut metal lettering solution because cast metal letters are hollow at the back. You can choose from a variety of sizes, styles, and fonts to create the perfect cast logo for any business or organization.

We use precision machines that are computer programmed to complete the cast of numbers and letters. It’s the most effective way to produce perfection, and it’s a solution that we have long used. However, to create cast metal letters and numbers, we pour the metals into individual casts. The reason for the popularity of this option lies in its affordability. Since they’re hollow, they offer more depth for less money.

Metal Letters For Signs

Signs can be installed to just about any wall surface. That includes brickwork, metal siding, drywall, stone, and stucco. Stud mounts are a practical solution that provided a threaded mount on the underside of your letters. You can also create a shadow effect using spacers that make your cast brass letters appear as they are floating.

Cast Aluminum Signs

There are some benefits to using cast metal letters and cast aluminum signs for your business marketing. Whether you choose black metal fonts or stick with bronze or aluminum. Metal letters are precision cast and will provide your image with permanence and depth to knock the competition out. There are many different metal finishes to choose from. You can choose the one that best fits the image of your business or brand. Your signs will stand out amongst your competitors.

Custom Letters: Cast or Flat Cut?

Are you torn between cast metal letters and flat cut? It depends on what you want and how much size you have for the sign. Perhaps the most significant difference is down to cast signs being hollow at the back. It means you aren’t paying for the additional metal that no one can see anyway. If you’re looking for a more affordable signage solution, then you may prefer cast metal letters. We do offer both services, so do your research to find the best choice.

With over 50 fonts to choose from you really can select the metal lettering that perfectly communicates your brand image to the masses. Our metal font generator allows you to choose a bold, strong font for the outdoor signage. It will enable you to use softer fonts for indoor directional signage and directories. Fonts say more than most people realize and no matter which one you settle on, your metal letters can say more than you understand. If you have a custom font in mind, contact us directly to discuss whether you can accommodate your special request.

Small Metal Letters

How small can we go? Incredibly small, we can provide you with one metal letters to create a stunning indoor directory display. It’s also the perfect size to create an inspirational message or graphic for your home or an office. We often think of aluminum sign letters are strictly business in nature, they tell you where to go, they direct you to the floor you’re looking for, the office you need, the person you have a meeting with, and tell you what business occupies the building. There’s more to metal letters than that. Behind every church pulpit, there is a scripture verse or inspirational message from their holy text, and it’s generally created using cast metal letters. So, whether you want to create something like that in your church, community center or your dining room’ you can do so with metal letters.

Large Metal Letters

1″ metal letters are the smallest, what are the most significant options for aluminum letters? If you want your metal lettering as high as 24, we can do that. If you’re thinking more meaningful, then contact us to discuss what you have in mind for your cast bronze letters. We can create cast signs in a variety of sizes, whether it’s lettering or a cast logo. Some may be formed in multiple sections, depending on its size.

Custom Letters & Logos

Not only can we create custom letters, but we can also create a custom cast logo, too. If you can come up with the concept, we are more than likely able to help you bring it to life. Are you looking for a cast logo or cast iron letters? We are happy to work with you to help create your newest sign or branding logos. If you have a grand idea on a large scale, you may want to contact us directly to talk about your plans to ensure that we can produce what you’re looking for.

Aluminum Letters

Aluminum letters can create a point of difference for your business marketing, but if you’re not sure if aluminum sign letters are the right look for you, don’t worry! We can also create cast brass letters, black metal fonts, cast bronze letters, and more. Not only can you choose from different materials, but you can also select the finish of your choice, whether it’s polished, satin or something different. We can also help you create a halo effect by fixing your cast metal letters with LED backlights.

How Long To Get Your Cast Iron Signs?

When it comes to lead time on our cast iron signs, it may depend on the size of your order and products you have ordered. Generally, around 12 business days for standard cast metal letters. If it’s backlit letters you need, then you’re looking at approximately 30 business days. We do offer rush production (additional fees will be applied), though and we do our best to accommodate these types of orders where possible. For this type of metal lettering order, you should contact us directly to determine whether we can provide your rush order. We begin the process of casting logos as soon as we received the approval of the final proof and full payment.

Metal Lettering

Cast aluminum letters and numbers are the perfect solutions and because they’re available in so many different materials, finishes, styles, and fonts you can honestly decide on cast metal letters that fall in line with your branding image. Metal lettering is an economical solution that will accommodate just about any design or style. Metal letters are the pinnacle, offering you far more dimension than flat cut letters can achieve. Our cast of numbers and cast aluminum letters are hand cast and available in a wide variety of fonts and styles. We even offer multiple options for mounting and include them with your shipment, along with the installation instructions you need to hang your numbers, letters or logo with pride.

20 Steps To The Final Product

We briefly touched on how to cast aluminum earlier. However, that was the shortened version. In truth, there are over 20 distinct steps that we follow to create the final product. That includes the pouring of the molten metal, shot blasting, and sand casting pattern letters, too. After, they are prepared for installation (usually for stud mounting) so that when they reach you, the installation process is straightforward. Then we complete the finish, so it has a satiny look. Casting logos works in the same way, and while it’s a long process, it is the one that ensures the metal lettering you receive is the highest quality possible.

Why choose us for your Cast Metal Letters?

If you are ready to get the ball rolling on creating your custom cast logo or cast metal letters, then give us a call on (800)-205-9005. Alternatively, you can contact us by . We can provide you with a variety of different materials for advertising and marketing, such as injection molded letters, no matter what type of signage you need, we can help. There is no one more passionate about signage solutions than us; we’re waiting to help you find the perfect products for your event, business or organization.

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