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Cast Plaques


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Cast plaques can be made from bronze, aluminum, brass or any other material you prefer. They are a durable sign option for a variety of purposes, from general signs to memorials and commendations. They are generally installed on walls of any material, though they are also suitable for statues or external buildings. Custom memorial plaques are the perfect dedication to any building or as an award for recognition. Additionally, cast plaques can also be used as a diploma or certificate, to memorialize an announcement, for cemetery or cremation plots, or even as signage, whether it’s an address plaque or office signage.

Custom Metal Plaque

We are expert in the art of cast plaques. The process used has been developed, tried, and tested over the years. Thanks to the advancement of technology cast brass plaques rely on computer graphics to combine graphics and text to create genuinely stunning outdoor metal plaques engraved. If there’s a font you want for your custom metal plaque, but you can’t see it, don’t worry we can duplicate just about anything you want to recreate custom manufactured cast plaques. That means you have far more design options to be creative with your image cast plates.

Custom Bronze Plaque

We can cast plaques in aluminum, bronze, brass, and more. There are also a variety of finishes whether you want to capture that classic hanging address plaque metal look or you would prefer to finish your image cast plaques with a color. A custom bronze plaque is an exciting option for house number plaques. Especially if you’re looking to create something impactful that will get your home (or business) noticed.

Custom Memorial Plaques

When it comes to cast brass plaques, there is versatility and permanence that makes any cast plaques an excellent option for recognition, memorializing or signage purposes. We can create custom manufactured cast plaques to your exact specifications and support you through the process, from the design right through to the delivery of your cast plaques. No one can match our cast brass signs, whether you’re looking for a tribute or as a way-finding solution. Custom memorial plaques withstand the test of time to keep the memory of your loved one alive.

Cast Aluminum Address Plaque

How often do you see stable cast brass plaques in your travels, or perhaps a cast aluminum address plaque on the buildings you pass by every day? Do you see them in churches, government buildings, colleges and universities, schools, historical sites, cemeteries, statues, and even in office buildings? That is because cast brass plaques are a versatile solution that can serve you in just about any way you want them to. Thanks to the plethora of custom options you can create your custom manufactured cast plaques to honestly communicate the message you want to send whether you are having your child’s college degree duplicated for posterity or you are creating custom memorial plaques to commemorate the loss of a loved one.

Outdoor Metal Plaques Engraved

We can also create image cast plaques, whether you want to choose an etching solution, engraving, a 3D mold or a direct print. We can provide you with your custom bronze plaque quickly, and it could be with you in just three weeks once you have approved the final design and made full payment. There is no additional charge if you wish to include a company logo in your cast bronze plaques. If you have a building commemoration coming up, why wouldn’t you want custom solid cast brass plaques to dedicate the building properly? Having your outdoor metal plaques engraved could help your sign stand out.

Image Cast Plaques

You may not realize that the process of casting a custom metal plaque is thousands of years old. While we still use many of the same procedures, technology allows us to cast bronze plaques that are in so detail and precise you can use them for any purpose. If you’re considering an image cast plaque – whether you’re celebrating someone with a birthday plaque, or remembering someone with a graveside plaque, there are multiple sizes available. If you don’t see the size of custom bronze plaque that you want, contact us directly so that we can discuss your needs in detail, but the most abundant solid cast brass plaques that we create are generally 96. We melt metal down in an eco-friendly manner and use both mercury-free and lead-free products to do so.

Cast Aluminum Signs

Do you want attractive background textures with detailed sculpting? Then you want cast aluminum plaques. Are you looking for a signage solution with greater dimension and depth? Then it’s a custom bronze plaque you want. If you wish to order brass house numbers at least a quarter inch or taller, then it’s cast and cut letters you’re looking for. If you want aluminum and bronze casting plaques you’re choosing a product with a high level of recycled materials, and a variety of options when it comes to mounting, finishes, and borders. We have a free design tool that you can use to create your cast metal plaques. If you are producing cast metal address plaques or stainless steel custom cast dedication plaques, we have a few templates we can provide for free.

Custom Outdoor Plaques

Antique cast brass plaques are the perfect solution for interior or exterior applications, which why they make such excellent home address signs. When you choose bronze memorial plaques, you will notice that a patina develops over time, this is a natural process, it doesn’t mean the material is deteriorating. If you prefer to choose solid cast brass plaques, you can select a patina finish to create the same look. Bronzed objects are incredibly durable and can last 100’s of years.

Brass House Numbers

When looking at brass house numbers, if you’re wondering how well your wall will withstand the weight of a custom bronze plaque there’s a bit of calculating that you can do to make sure it’s the right choice for your hanging address plaque or cast brass plaques. The easiest way to determine the weight is to calculate the cast plaques volume by inch, include the height, width, and depth. Essentially, custom outdoor plaques of around 36 x 24 weigh roughly 67 pounds.

Feel free to contact us to discuss the weight of your cast bronze plaques to determine whether the metal you have chosen is right for the wall you plan to hang it on. That isn’t necessarily something you need to worry about if you’re hanging cast bronze plaques on an exterior wall, but if it’s interior signage, then this is something you can consider. You can opt for cast aluminum plaques, which are generally just a third of the weight.

Cast Brass Plaques

  • Borders – If you want to truly customize your cast plaques there are a variety of borders to choose from. You can go with or without a bevel, opt for a single line, double line, or even double wide. You can create the perfect bordered look for your cast aluminum plaques. Whether it’s for memorial purposes or a cast merely aluminum address plaque.
  • Textures – You can choose from a few textures for your custom metal plaque, too. Classic leather, leatherette, sand, bead blasted, sand or stipple are available. These are generally useful for commemorative plaques, address plaques, or plaques the military uses.
  • Clear Coat Options – There are also background clear coat options when you create your cast brass signs. You can go with a semi-gloss finish or perhaps a gloss, matte or satin.
  • Painted Colors – We have almost 50 color options to choose from when designing your custom memorial plaques. You are sure to find the perfect look for your cast brass signs.
  • Finishes – As far as finishes go, there are plenty to choose from when creating your cast plaques. You can opt for a bronze patina finish. There are three different colors available for your bronze plaques. Additionally, you can choose from three oxidized options, polished, raised painted or for interior use the flash bronze finish.
  • Rosettes – You can’t create the perfect custom bronze plaques without the perfect rosettes to finish. That is merely a decorative finish to hide the appearance of screws. You will find these in the four corners of your outdoor metal plaques engraved.
  • Images – Yes, we can also product cast aluminum plaques with images. There are over half a dozen options to choose from when designing your image cast plaques. With all of our options, you are sure to find the perfect solution. If you need help with a plaque design, give us a shout!
  • Military Seals – We can also produce military seals when creating your custom metal plaque. A government building that is being dedicated requires address signs, or it’s an award or recognition. We can create the perfect cast bronze plaques for you.

Cast Bronze vs. Cast Aluminum Plaques

The most significant difference between cast aluminum plaques and cast bronze plaques is the weight. Both aluminum and bronze casting plaques are practical solutions. They offer precise details and are a stunning product for a variety of uses. However, if you are looking for something more lightweight and the highest quality, cast aluminum signs are the way forward.

Aluminum and Bronze Casting Plaques

Do you want to recognize the success and hard work of someone you can do it with custom bronze plaques? If you’re going to create house number plaques, we can do that too. Your custom metal plaque can include an image, logo, drawing, military seals or you can opt for simple text. Our aluminum and bronze casting plaques come with a lifetime guarantee. You can begin your order online or email us or contact our customer service department at 800-205-9005.


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