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Circle Hang Tags


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If you have been in search of the perfect product tag, your hunt is over with circle hang tags. Circle hang tags are the ideal solution to help your brand stand out from the crowd. We understand that the perfect cheap hang tags are both functional and eye-catching. Which is why we aim to offer a wide range of options when it comes to creating your custom circle tags. There are a variety of hang tag sizes to choose from, as well as materials, colors, and shapes. You can even select the size hole of your choice!

Custom Hang Tags

Your tag is going to be the first way a customer identifies your brand. It’s your opportunity to share your story. So, most circular swing tags include product information, price, size info, and your story. So, it’s a great idea to come up with a short blurb about how your brand came to be, what you stand for, and what you do. This kind of info on round hang tags has proven to be popular. These days, brand loyalty is a big deal. We live in a time where millennials are becoming the buying force in the country, and when they identify with a brand, they will be loyal to it. Take advantage of that by creating seriously unique hang tags. There’s brand identity, and then there’s adding a personal touch to your professionalism. It’s the latter that customers are genuinely responding to right now.

Circle Tags Template

Another aspect of the creation and design of the perfect round hang tags is how they hang. While many people are happy to attach them using a Kimble gun, other brands want to create a more professional finish. If you are the latter, then there are a couple of options for you. You can opt for the cord that snaps into place or the ribbon.

  • The cord we all know how difficult it is to remove these. You rip the circle hang tags off the product, and you’re left with the wire. It takes scissors to remove them, which means you’re investing in a flexible, but durable, product.
  • The ribbon for more niche products you may be interested in securing your circle hang tags with a ribbon. You can finish it with a bow, a pin or even a knot. It’s a nice touch.
  • Don’t worry; you can stick with a Kimble gun if you want!

When it comes to customizing one of our circle tags template options you need to ensure your information and artwork is perfect. We won’t proceed with the print job until you have approved the final proofs. However, it is vital that you review this carefully to ensure there are no mistakes or issues. We won’t move forward with artwork that is the wrong resolution or size for your hang tag sizes. That will impact the final quality of your product and could harm your brand’s image.

Hang Tag Sizes

When it comes to custom hang tags you can choose the size. You can select the shape, too. While circle hang tags are one of the most popular options, custom oval hang tags are also available. We can also produce die-cut hang tags in various shapes. In addition to custom hang tags, we can also print folded hang tags. That provides you with extra space for including your story and more information, if necessary.

Hangtag sizes are an essential consideration. First, you want your custom circle to hang tags to be easily identifiable. Second, you want your customer to read the information on your circle hang tags easily. So, the right size is just as important as the rest of your circle hang tags design. While some business owners are content to choose circle tags printable and do it all from home, others are willing to invest for custom round hang tags. What type of business owner are you?

Design Hang Tags

Don’t forget about the paper stock material you will use for your custom circle labels. Which style fits your brand best?

  • Gloss – Our standard circle hang tags stock is 14 pt. It’s stiff, and when you choose a gloss finish, you get a nice shine. Of course, you can opt for any color you like. We add a coating that makes them scruff and scratch resistant, too.
  • Matte – Do you prefer a matte finish for your circle hang tags? We can do that, too. It’s much like it’s glossy counterpart, but quite merely features a matte finish instead of the gloss. It’s non-reflective, and as far as finishes go, this is the perfect choice for an elegant look.
  • High Gloss UV – Looking for an almost mirror-like finish for your circle hang tags? Then the UV finish is what you want.
  • We also have thicker paper stock options if 14 pt. Isn’t what you want. Either way, all of our cardstock are durable and sturdy enough to make great circle hang tags.

Round Tags

Not sure whether round tags are right for you? Let’s take a look at some of the many uses for custom circle tags. There are many.

  • Circular swing tags for clothing.
  • Circle hang tags for jewelry and other accessories.
  • Cheap hang tags for use on perfumes.
  • Circle hang tags for use on miscellaneous products.

Their purpose is to highlight your brand story and logo, the features of the product, as well as any other relevant information. For example, circle hang tags tend to feature the barcode, sizing information for clothing, and prices, too. Many brands choose standard styles, colors, and shapes when it comes to their circle hang tags. You don’t have to. You can take advantage of other brands trying to fit in and choose to stand out with your custom round hang tags.

Custom Shaped Hang Tags

Is there specific information that you should always include on custom shaped hang tags? Absolutely! If you want to create effective circle hang tags, then there are some basics you need to get right. First, don’t just use your brand name and logo. While that looks good, it isn’t going to bring customers directly to your doorstep. So, in addition to the brand, price, materials, and your story you should also have a slogan or tagline. Perhaps most importantly, always include your social media information on circular tags. That doesn’t mean you should be looking for extra things to print onto circle hang tags to fill in space. You have to be creative with your wording to ensure you have all of the relevant information included. It’s also important to not overdo it. So, bear that in mind as you design your circle hang tags.

Circular Tags

Look, if you want rectangular hang tags that is fine. However, they are the standard. Think of your last shopping trip, if you saw hang tags they were probably rectangular. That is your opportunity to stand out with circular tags. When it comes to die-cut hang tags round are a great choice because while not straying too far from the box they are still unique. In addition to being an excellent choice for clothes, they make beautiful tags for wedding favors. If you want to stand out, then circle hang tags are the way to do it.

We use a durable, thick paper stock to create your custom round hang tags. In addition to this, you can choose from a selection of finishes, and holes (including sizes). Your product, your circle, hang tags, your choice. So, what direction do you want to take your custom circle tags design in? If you aren’t sure what to do get in touch with us. We are always happy to offer a bit of advice and guidance to our customers. That is what we do, and it’s what we’re passionate about. If you have questions about hang tag sizes, custom shaped hang tags or hole sizes, call us! We can make recommendations based on your industry and products.

Circle Hang Tag Printing

If you are starting your own apparel line then contact us to kick off the process. You can use the live chat option found on our website. It will put you in touch with one of our experienced technicians who can assist you in your custom round labels order. Or, you can call us at 800-205-9005. Alternatively, you can send us an email.

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