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Clear Bra Paint Protection Wraps

Clear BRA paint protection wraps are a must for protecting the resale value of your car. We have options for every vehicle.


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Clear BRA paint protection wraps are incredible whether you’re buying a new car or just protecting the paint on your current vehicle. Paint protection film, or PPF, is a clear wrap that goes over your automobile and protects the paint from road debris, rock chips, bug splatter, and bird droppings. Everywhere that is usually affected by environmental elements, such as the front bumper, windows and the rest of the car receives a clear coat.

Clear Bra Car Wraps Specs

We often refer to 3m clear BRA kits as clear paint protection, clear mask or clear wraps. They are a must for a drivers peace of mind when worried about damage to the body of the vehicle, whether from environmental factors or even fading from UV rays. The protective film helps your car stay looking great for much longer than it would without the product.

One of the best parts of the product is that 3M clear bra kits are self-healing. When it is scratched, it absorbs the damage and returns to its original state.

Do I have to wash my car if I have urethane film?

Yes! You’ll need to take good care of the clear film on your car. While it is protective, it doesn’t specialize in stain resistance. Also, if you don’t remove acidic stains like droppings or bug splatter quickly, the film can be damaged. You should also regularly wash your vehicle.

Can I install my 3m Scotchgard pro wrap at home?

While we always recommend finding a certified installer near you to ensure that every aspect of your vehicle is protected (down to the door edges!) it is possible to buy from film manufacturers and install the kit yourself. There are lots of videos and how-tos online, as well as a list of items to grab:

  • Spray bottles
  • Baby shampoo
  • A rubber squeegee
  • Micro-fiber towel
  • 70% isopropyl alcohol
  • A SAC 1 graphic cutting knife

How do I install my kit at home?

There are plenty of how-to guides available on the internet, but we’ll give you a brief overlook on how to be your own clear car bra installer. The first step is to ensure your 3m clear bra kit is correct and complete. The installation process will be much easier if you map it out first. The package is created custom for your exact vehicle. Which means when you contact us, we need the year, model, sub-model, and make of your car. That will ensure we provide the correct 3m clear bra kits to you.

Before you install anything, you must ensure your car is thoroughly clean. You should also wipe it down with that alcohol we told you that you’d need. You also need to wash your hands, just as clear car bra installers would. Additionally, you need to keep your hands wet throughout the process. You don’t want to leave any marks. Before you install each, you will need to check for size, position, and shape. Spray your solution (alcohol and water mix) over the area before you install the wrap. You should also spray the adhesive. That allows for repositioning if you get your first stick wrong. You’ll then sprinkle the top of the film, too. That will prevent your squeegee from damaging your clear bra car wraps.

 What issues could I have when installing?

We did note some of the disadvantages of the paint protection film. However, provided install is correct, these should be completely invisible. What about blistering, peeling or yellowing? Well, let’s take a look at some of those issues. Experiencing these issues is possible.

Blistering – blistering occurs when air bubbles are under the film. That is something that can happen if you opt for a DIY job or choose the wrong clear car bra installers near me. That is why a good squeegee is so essential to the process.

Yellowing – this is a particular drawback if your vehicle is white. However, many people who faced this issue were early adopters of the product, and it was the adhesive that led to the yellowing. That led to the development of a UV resistant adhesive that ensures there is no yellowing! However, if you purchase a sub-standard material, you may find it does discolor. That’s the risk you take in going cheap.

Peeling – this is another result of an inadequate application or cheap clear bra paint protection wraps, which is why it’s vital that you wash your vehicle regularly and look after your protective film. If you use a pressure washer, you should avoid aiming it at the edges of your coating.

Do you provide other auto wrap options?

You can see all of our wrap options on Vinyl Wraps, or see a few more ideas below!

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