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Clear Bra Paint Protection Wraps


Whether you are making a new vehicle purchase or you want to protect your current vehicle, clear bra paint protection wraps are your best option. If you want your car to remain as beautiful as the day you first laid eyes on it, paint protection film installers can help. It’s very probable that you have seen the term clear bra for cars. Quite simply, it provides your vehicle with protection against the forces of nature. We have good news for you. We will break down the benefits of 3m clear bra. And, we will even tell you everything you need to know about clear bra paint protection wraps. Let’s check them out!

Clear Bra Car Wraps

3m clear bra kits go by many names. You may have heard it referred to as a simple car paint protection, or perhaps a clear wrap, invisible shield or even a clear mask. However, despite all of these various names, the official terms tend to be either clear bra wraps or car paint protection film. We will stick with these two terms as we discuss the product. So, before we go any further. What is the point of clear bra installation? The idea is that it keeps your car looking great for much longer than it would without the protective film. When it comes to protecting your car, clear bra paint protection is the most complete defense you can rely on. It’s resistant to high-impact and can protect against scratches, chips, and dents caused by road debris and rocks.

In addition to being scratch resistant, clear bra paint protection is also resistant to acidic and corrosive contaminants. This means it won’t be affected by mineral deposits, bird droppings, acid rain or bug splatter. Better yet, if you happen to live in a sunny region you will have protection against UV rays. Which means you no longer need to worry about oxidation due to sun exposure or paint fading. In fact, prepare yourself for this. 3M clear bra kits are kind of self-healing. What?! Yes, when it takes a light scratch it essentially absorbs the damage and the texture returns to its original state. At this point, you should be searching for 3m clear bra installers near me. Don’t worry, though, if you aren’t convinced yet, we aren’t done!

Clear Bra Paint Protection Wraps

That’s not to say clear bra wraps make your vehicle bullet proof. There are disadvantages of paint protection film. If you don’t remove droppings or bug guts from it quickly enough, then it can damage the film. It also doesn’t mean you can skip washing your car. It’s not a cure-all solution for protecting your car. However, it is something that can help you protect your vehicle from the typical issues that affect your paint job. This is particularly handy if your car is your pride and joy. It would be rather unfair to focus on these disadvantages of paint protection film, though. It doesn’t promise perfection, it promises to protect your paint job.

  1. Clear Bar For Cars

If you read car paint protection film reviews you will quickly see why it’s such a popular option. For all of the disadvantages of paint protection film, there are even more benefits. You may have read in car paint protection film reviews that it is possible to install the clear bra for cars yourself. This is absolutely true. We provide 3m clear bra kits for you to install yourself. While you can simply take the kit for clear car bra installers to apply for you, you can also do it at home. So, before you go in search of 3m paint protection film installers near me, let’s look at the DIY process. First, we should inform you that you will need specific, clear bra installation tools. Don’t worry, there is nothing too outrageous involved. They should be fairly easy to pick up just about anywhere.

  • Spray bottles
  • Baby shampoo
  • A rubber squeegee
  • Micro-fiber towel
  • 70% isopropyl alcohol
  • An SAC 1 graphic cutting knife

Car Bra Paint Protection

Okay, so how do you tackle the installation yourself? There are plenty of how-to guides available on the internet, but we’ll give you a brief overlook on how to be your own clear car bra installer. The first step is to ensure your 3m clear bra kit is correct and complete. The installation process will be much easier if you map it out first. The kit is created custom for your exact vehicle. Which means when you contact us, we need the year, model, sub model, and make of your vehicle. This will ensure the correct 3m clear bra kits are provided to you.

Before you install anything, your car must be thoroughly washed. You should also wipe it down with that alcohol we told you that you’d need. You also need to wash your hands, just as clear car bra installers would. Additionally, you need to keep your hands wet throughout the process. You don’t want to leave any marks on your clear bra wraps. Before you install each of the clear bra paint protection wraps you will need to check for size, position, and shape. Spray your solution (alcohol and water mix) over the area before you install the wrap. You should also spray the adhesive. This allows for repositioning if you get your initial stick wrong. You’ll then spray the top of the film, too. This will prevent your squeegee from damaging your clear bra car wraps.

Invisible Car Bra

We did note some of the disadvantages of paint protection film. However, provided it is installed correctly, your clear bra wraps should be completely invisible. What about blistering, peeling or yellowing? Well, let’s take a look at some of those issues. It is possible to experience these issues.

Blistering – blistering occurs when air bubbles are under the film. This is something that can happen if you opt for a DIY job or choose the wrong clear car bra installers near me. This is why a good squeegee is so important to the process.

Yellowing – this is a particular drawback if your vehicle is white. However, many people who faced this issue were early adopters of the product and it was the adhesive that led to the yellowing. This led to the development of a UV resistant adhesive that ensures there is no yellowing! However, if you purchase a sub-standard clear bra wrap you may find it does discolor. That’s the risk you take in going cheap. We produce high-quality 3m clear bra kits.

Peeling – this is another result of a poor application or cheap clear bra paint protection wraps. It can also be caused by improper care. Which is why it’s vital that you wash your vehicle regularly and look after your protective film. If you use a pressure washer you should avoid aiming it at the edges of your coating.

Clear Bra Car

So, yes, there are potential disadvantages of paint protection film. However, they all steam from buying cheap kits or using the wrong clear car bra installers. So, if you are thinking of a DIY installation, consider the job you are going to do and ask yourself whether the cost savings is worth the potential for disaster. Of course, it’s entirely up to you. If you have a lot of car friends, then it might be something worth taking on. That’s up to you!

Clear Bra Wraps

Whatever your decision, what is clear is the benefit of clear bra car wraps to any vehicle. Whether it’s brand new off the lot or an older vehicle with a new paint job. If you want the paint job to last longer you’ll invest in clear bra wraps.

Clear Bra Car Near Me

Whether you are on the hunt for clear bra Utah or clear car protection film installers in Massachusetts, we can produce the kit you need. When it comes to clear car wrap cost, it varies dependent on your vehicle. A lot of that is to do with the size of your vehicle. However, you should think of car paint protection film cost as an investment you can’t afford to ignore. You can reduce the clear bra car cost by opting for the clear bra paint protection wraps and finding a local installer.

All in, though, the clear bra installation cost can run anywhere from under a thousand dollars into the thousands of dollars. Again, it really does depend on the size of your vehicle as well as the type of car. If you have more questions about clear bra car cost get in touch with us for a quote.

If you want to order your own clear bra paint protection wraps, then contact us to get started. You can call us at 800-205-9005. Or, you can strike up a live chat conversation with one of our experienced technicians. They are standing by to guide you through the process. You can also send us an email. If you do choose to email us regarding clear bra wraps provide us with as much information as possible.


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