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Clothing Hang Tags


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Clothing Hang Tags

First of all the keys to the successful business is the brand image, certainly when it comes to retail and wholesale. Hence, our customizable clothing hang tags will be of great benefit to your clothing brand, or also to store. Our full-color custom printed clothing hang tags are a great way to promote your product image and propel your brand forward. Custom printed clothing hang tags are an excellent solution for adding branding to your retail products and apparel. Furthermore, these are going to allow your customers to view important about your brand and also the clothing while being attached to your merchandise.

Hang tags for clothing are an excellent way to market your brand image in a way that will get the attention of potential customers. Branded hang tags can showcase a professional side of any brand, and our design team can help you to achieve all-around brand continuity.

Therefore, above all our professional-quality clothing hang tags are probably the best way to showcase your brand when your customers reach out to check to size.

Clothing hang tags have great marketing potential

Planting your brand image into a place where it will be visible on the purchase or your products is a great way to shape your company. Hang tags are an industry standard way to advertise on clothing and apparel, and if your brand isn’t doing it, your brand is missing out on vital exposure.

As a result, hang tags have great potential when it comes to being impressionable and also making an impact on customers. They are a cost-effective marketing solution, and with many options available, can be tailor-made to suit your entire brand.

You can represent your online details in an effective way with the help of our custom designed clothing tags. Also, these tags are easy to attach and offer an effective form of advertising. These tags can be attached to jeans, dresses, shirts, and any product that requires hanging. Usually, people attached them to the most prominent place on their products in full view of the customer.

Custom design clothing tags

These are a quick and easy way to communicate your brand to local customers. You can target existing customers, by easily attaching the hang tags to any of your products. If you want, we can modify the custom design clothing hang tags to include your brand imaging. Also, if you wish, we can include important information relating to your products. Custom hangtags are an effective way for your brand to reach new and existing customers.

Our custom printed hang tags can be printed on a range of different durable paper card stocks and you can utilize our foldable, double-sided printing options to best suit your needs. These choices offer a great space for your eye-catching branding on the front side and important text and contact details on the back.

Not only are custom hang tags a practical marketing strategy, they have other purposes which includes QR codes for online deals or informational hang tags.

Customized hang tags

Hang tags are the most effective method of attracting the right attention from customers who are already in your store. It’s easy to unlock your marketing potential when you have quality printed products on your side. NonStop signs have a great range of products that can easily be branded in line with your custom hang tags.

What are hang tags?

Hang tags are available in many different shapes and sizes, however, what they are is a piece of card that hangs from products to introduce brand awareness. Hang tags have probably been on almost every piece of clothing you have ever bought, and even though you may not have noticed them at the time, they will almost definitely have been there. It is important that your hang tags are attractive and get the right attention. There are many customization options for hang tags, and our team of designers can help you to create hang tags that will keep your brand image alive. Clothing hang tags are helpful to represent how your brand is attached to your clothing products.

Our quality printed clothing hangtag cards allow you to boost your marketing campaigns with a cost-effective and comprehensive option.

Uses for Hangtags

We prefer to print the clothing hang tags on best card stock which is available in full color or in black and white colors. Our custom printed clothing hang tags provide a crucial impact that helps to define your brand.

Popular Uses & Ideas include apparel, clothing, jewelry, accessories, toys, handmade goods and more.

Sticker Hang Tags

An excellent option to consider keeping your branding alive beyond the purchase of your products is by creating hang tags that are stickers. Once your customers remove the hang tags from their newly purchased products from your store, they can then use the branded sticker wherever they like. Stickers are an excellent way to promote your brand, and when people are sharing them around for free, that means free advertising for your brand or store. If you are planning to target the young shoppers then stickers can easily be applied to skateboards or school books.

Branded Price Tags

Branding is the key to success, and yours should be highly visible in your product range. Custom hang tags including your branding, website details or can help to create a story for your brand, and entice your customers to return again and again.

Wholesale Branding

If you are a wholesaler or have your own label or a clothing brand, your brand representation is imperative in the marketplace. Custom hang tags for your branded clothing is one way to create better branding. Adding specific details about your label or brand to your product hangtags is a great way to draw new customers to your eCommerce sites.

Tags for Clothing

Custom clothing tags are a simple and effective way to enhance your branding on any product. Adding custom hang tags for clothing will not only benefit your brand but will also benefit your customers.

Custom Price Tags

Custom price tags make your in-store job simple. Our double-sided custom hang tag price tags can offer even more information than outmoded price tags. And even rather we have the option of adding a string to your custom price tags.

Custom Shape Garments Tags

We custom design clothing hangtags to suit any shape you like, including your logo. Whether you seek product or brand specific shapes, or something unique; we offer a full range of shapes for your custom garment tags.

What to Include on Your Clothing Hangtags

Ideas to put on your hangtags

  • Branding, Including Logo
  • Price
  • Product Information
  • Contact Information
  • Care Instructions
  • Website
  • Social Media

Clothing Hangtag Shapes and Sizes

We can craft hangtags in any shape and size which you wish for. Our most popular sizes range from 2″ x 2″ up to 3.5″ x 1.5″, and our Hang Tag products come with a 0.125″ hole for easy fixing.

You can get hangtags to be printed in any shape that you can imagine or which suit your branding shapes. We are not just bound to the basic rectangle, triangle or squares shapes.

Customized Printing

We use environmentally friendly long-lasting UV ink in high quality up to 1440 DPI. Our team of professional designers can help to create your hang tags with company branding from start to finish.

Probably the tags can be printed with a range of finishes and may also include:

  • Die Cuts
  • Embossing
  • Metallic Inks
  • 100% Recycled Papers
  • Foil Stamping

Why use us as your preferred custom clothing hang tags printing design suppliers?

NonStop Signs have a long history of creating high-quality products for our many satisfied customers. We have an in-house design team that can help you to create the products your branding requires and can offer complete marketing product packages.

Customization Options

Our hang tags are available in quantities ranging from 100 to 25,000. Even the printing can have the cuts of any specific measurement and rather also can include any high-resolution images. Our custom clothing tags require very little installation. Simply add the tags to your clothing range in an instant with a piece of string. Our printing hang tags not only are very affordable but also they are very durable. Your custom hang tags will outlast any targeted advertising campaign.

Hang Tags Pricing

Our design team can help you with pricing suited to your requirement. Consequently, the pricing may also depend on the quantity you require.

Clothing Hang Tags Printing Care

Contact us for getting detailed information about how to create branding solutions for your clothing or apparel brand. Ordering is simple if you already have branding ready to go. Contact us directly at 800-205-9005 or send us an email to discuss your clothing hang tag printing options.


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