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Corrugated Plastic Boards


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Corrugated plastic boards are just one name for this product. Coroplast and cor-plastic are only two alternative names for them. However, the best part of the corrugated plastic flexible roll is that it has even more uses than it does names. Plastic corrugated sign board material is so durable and affordable that it’s a seriously popular option for signage and even containers. Has the use of corrugated plastic panels caught your eye? Let’s take a look at why plastic custom signs are so popular and might be the solution you have been looking for.

Corrugated Plastic Boards

The easiest way to describe a corrugated plastic board is that it is plastic cardboard. They feature three layers of a plastic substrate. So, there is one layer of plastic that zigzags and two coats of smooth plastic sandwich this. It is the layered structure of corrugated plastic board sheet that makes it shock absorbent.

Consequently, this is also what makes it so lightweight. So, you can start to see why people choose corrugated plastic signboard as a branding and marketing solution. Beyond that, though, let’s take a look at some of the most significant benefits of choosing corrugated plastic boards.

Plastic corrugated board is affordable, it’s pliable, it’s durable, and it’s lightweight. It’s this clever combination that makes it so versatile for use in displays, projects, and beyond.

Plastic Corrugated Signs

  • Affordable – Corrugated plastic board signs are one of the most inexpensive outdoor display materials on the market. The printing and cutting process surrounding custom corrugated plastic signs is simple, which makes the process economical.
  • Pliable – You can’t afford to overlook this benefit of corrugated plastic board. While it’s more than sturdy enough for you lay it flat, it’s also pliable enough to provide you with options. Which means you can bend it, you can punch holes in it for hanging, cut it, and even staple it. If you need your corrugated plastic sign board to do it… it probably can.
  • Durable – It’s pliable, yes, but the corrugated plastic board is not invincible. It can withstand quite a bit of weather and handle before it starts to age. However, you can’t display it forever. You can expect corrugated plastic signs to take wind, rain, sun, and rough handling. Do you know what else? It stands strong against pesky rodents or insects. How durable? Durable enough to be used as plastic roof panels. That’s right; corrugated plastic roof panels are commonly used by a wide range of buildings. They are most frequently used as plastic roof panels for sheds, porches, and greenhouses.
  • Lightweight – You won’t have a problem transporting your custom plastic signs. You wouldn’t need to worry about injuries if your corrugated plastic board was to fall either. It’s so lightweight you can rest assured that it’s easy to display, distribute, and transport.

Large Corrugated Plastic Signs

Do you like what you have read so far? It gets better because now we’re going to discuss the many uses of plastic corrugated board. That should help you determine whether large corrugated plastic signs are the right choice for you. One of the most common uses for corrugated plastic sheets lowes is outdoor signage for temporary use. That includes using plastic signs custom for political campaigns, real estate signage, for sale by owner signage, parking signs, and even home security notices. The next time you see one of these on display, take a closer look. It’s probably corrugated plastic sign board lowes.

Corrugated plastic roll is also a popular solution for use as packaging and containers. Many delivery companies and postal services create their carriers and boxes using black corrugated plastic. This is because it’s so sturdy and lightweight.

Corrugated Plastic Signs

You also have plenty of options on how you choose to display your corrugated plastic board signs. Let’s take a look.

  • A-Frame Signage – If you plan to display your custom corrugated plastic boards on the sidewalk during your opening hours then an A-Frame is ideal. This means you can easily change out images and is particularly handy for bars, cafes, and restaurants. Why? Because they are the most likely to business to cycle through a variety of menus, offers, and promotions throughout the day.
  • Hooks – We have already pointed out how durable and pliable corrugated plastic board is. So, it shouldn’t come as any surprise to you that corrugated plastic board signs can handle a puncture and be hung by a hook. You can use zip ties, hooks or grommets to hand your sign. There is one drawback to using hooks. Corrugated plastic board signs will deteriorate quicker when hooks are in use. Grommets are a more aesthetically pleasing solution and won’t damage the product.
  • Wire Mounted – This is a classic. If you plan to use black corrugated plastic sheets for yard signage, then this is a no-brainer. You sign it printed onto a corrugated plastic board and then mounted using wire stakes.

Cheap Corrugated Plastic Sign

Are you worried about the lifespan of opting for a cheap corrugated plastic sign? Well, let’s talk about that. The lifespan of custom plastic signs wholly depends on the conditions they are up against. While the white plastic corrugated board can withstand weather, severe weather will impact on its lifespan. So, under normal circumstances, you can expect your custom corrugated plastic boards to last for a year when displayed outdoors. At this point, it may begin to show signs of discoloration or warping. However, we can finish corrugated plastic cardboard with a laminated matte finish to provide it with additional protection. It’s important to note that if you are using custom corrugated plastic boards indoors, then they can virtually last forever.

Custom Size Corrugated Plastic Signs

In addition to text, it’s also possible to print an image onto your custom size corrugated plastic signs. While in some cases it can be printed directly onto the corrugated plastic rolls other times it may need to be first printed onto acrylic before being transferred to the corrugated plastic board. We are passionate about what we do. So, it’s important to us that you get the perfect product to fit your needs. On that note, we want to briefly point out what corrugated plastic sign board shouldn’t be used for. Don’t worry; if it isn’t right for you, there are plenty of other signage options that are. You can contact us to discuss which signage solution is right for you.

Corrugated Plastic Board

First, if you are looking for a high-end signage solution, the corrugated plastic board is not the fit for you. So, it isn’t ideal for use as your main business signage. Additionally, while it is possible to print images onto the plastic corrugated board, it isn’t the best choice if an image or photo is the main focus of your sign. Again, corrugated plastic boards are pliable. However, intense exposure to heat (whether in a hot vehicle or just under the fierce glare of the sun) can cause corrugated plastic to warp and bend. If you need plastic custom signs that are rigid, then there are better options.

Corrugated Plastic Cardboard

The best way to ensure your corrugated plastic sign board holds up is to follow proper care and storage instructions. First, wipe it down as often as possible. That is particularly important if you plan to use custom corrugated plastic signs outdoors. If it is outdoors, you will want to wipe it down every day or two. There is no need to use any cleaner if there’s stubborn debris you can use warm water and soap. If you are using them in a food service environment, you can use water and vinegar. As far as storage goes, the best way to store corrugated plastic panels is to stand them against a wall. You can lay them flat provided you don’t plan to stack heavy items on top. The best way to keep them in tip-top shape is to store them at room temperature.

Another piece of good news regarding corrugated plastic board is that it’s completely recyclable. Pretty much every recycling facility in the country is happy to accept it. Before you recycle it be sure to remove accessories such as grommets, stakes, hooks, or additional stickers.

Custom Cut Corrugated Plastic

Are you ready to get on board with the corrugated plastic board? Then let’s go! Contact us to get the ball rolling on your corrugated plastic rolls. Why don’t you make contact using our live chat option on the website? Or, you can call us at 800-205-9005. Alternatively, you can email us. If you do choose to email, us be as specific about your corrugated plastic board as possible. We are a full-service print shop and offer a wide range of products. If you are in the market for corrugated plastic signs or something else, we can help. Take a look at the rest of our products before you get in touch.

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