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Custom Banners



Take your advertising game to the next level with professional banners.

    • Flexible, portable signage for any location
    • Feature your message in stunning full color
    • Easy to display and set up

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Custom Banners

Custom banners can have a big impact on the overall look of your message. We provide full-color custom vinyl banners printed on high-quality 13 oz vinyl banner. This is a great way to create a professional looking message without having to resort to expensive advertising alternatives. Our custom banners can be made in any shape or size and will be sure to get your message across in a professional and cost-effective way. When it comes to creating a visible and durable way to display your message there are few better options than a custom vinyl banner by NonStop Signs and Graphics.

One of the great things about a custom banner from Nonstop Signs is that it can be taken anywhere and reused multiple times in order to get the most ROI (return on investment). Our custom banners are all printed with UV inks to ensure a long lifespan so that you will only have to make one investment and reap the benefits for years to come.

We have created custom banners for our customers that fit all different applications. We are capable of helping you create banners which will fit into light fixtures, hang from ceilings, wrap around pillars or display on the outside of a building. You will also find many different options for retractable banner stands. By taking control of your company’s message, you will be able to reach your target audience anywhere that you would like to display it.

If you are interested in spreading your message and bringing a custom banner to life, please contact us with any questions regarding the process. We are also able to provide quotes on any ideas that you may wish to put into banner form. Our success with past clients gives us the confidence to say that we will be able to help meet your needs when it comes to custom banners and custom banner printing.


Common Questions for Custom Vinyl Banners

How quickly can you print custom banners?

Our custom banners typically take about 1 week to print.  If you need your custom banners faster, we can always rush print them for you.  We often product custom vinyl banners in as little as 1 hour.

Do you print on outdoor vinyl?

All of the vinyl material we use is outdoor vinyl.  We suggest you always print on outdoor vinyl because it will last much longer than indoor vinyl.  Outdoor vinyl banners should last 2-3 years if taken care of properly.  If you are using your banner as an outdoor vinyl sign, try keeping it in the shade to extend the life of your banner.  If you are looking for an extremely durable outdoor vinyl, we can reinforce the hems for you.

How do you make your vinyl banners?

We print vinyl banners on a large UV ink printer.  If you request a vinyl banners mockup then our designers will send you a proof before printing.  Our vinyl banners come on huge rolls that feed through the printer.  These printers allow you to print any image you want on your custom vinyl banners.  After we print the vinyl banners, we sew the sides then install grommets which you need for hanging banners.

How long does the ink last when printing on vinyl?

Our UV inks should last 3 years when we are printing on vinyl.  We’ve seen some outdoor banners last up to 6 years after printing on vinyl.  If your printing on vinyl for an indoor banner then the ink could last up to 10 years.   You need to be careful of scratching when printing on vinyl.

Can you print a photo banner?

All of our printed vinyl can produce a photo banner.  If you want to create a photo banner just send us a copy of the image or artwork.  We will check to make sure the photo banner design is high enough quality before printing.  All photo banners are printed at 300DPI.

Is there a standard banner size?

There is not a standard banner size for most outdoor banners.  We can create your prints with any custom banner size. The largest banner size we offer is 16’x100′ in 1 print which works for most event banners.  If you need to print a larger banner size, we can sew the banners together.  If you need a small banner, our smallest banner size is 1’x1′.

What are your most common banner sizes?

Our most common banner sizes are 2×4 banners, 3×6 banners, 4×8 banners, and 5×10 banners.  These banner sizes are typically used for outdoor banners.  If you are looking for indoor banner sizes, we recommend printing 2×4 banner or 3×6 banner.

Can you print large banners?

Printing large banners is one of our specialties.  Large banners are great for photo backdrop banners or event banners.  One of our most common sizes for large banners is 8×8 banners.  If you want to produce extra large banners, we recommend banner grommets every 1′ so the vinyl won’t rip.  You may want to consider wind slit banners for large outdoor banners.  This will allow the wind to pass through large banners so it does not rip or tear.

How do I come up with my banner design?

We suggest using a professional graphic designer for your banner design.  Your banner design should be made in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator.  We recommend saving your banner design as a .pdf at 300dpi.  Please do not forget to outline the fonts for your banner design.  If you need help with banner designs, we have graphic designers on our team.

What if I want banners on the cheap?

Sometimes our clients are just looking for dirt cheap signs and cheap banners.  We understand that you may need cheap vinyl for short-term banners.  If want to print your banners on the cheap then just let us know.  We can print dirt cheap banners if we increase the speed of our banner printer.  While these will be cheap signs, the quality will not be as nice as when we print our vinyl banners on the standard setting.  We can also order lower quality vinyl if you want cheap banners.  For the cheapest banners, we will produce hems on the sides.

Does banner printing come in different finishes?

Our banner printing comes in several different finishes.  We can produce banner printing with a matte finish for a dull look.  If you are looking for more of a glossy banner printing then we just change out the banner material.  We can also produce banner printing in a satin banner finish.  Most of our outdoor banners will have hems and grommets for hanging your banners.

Whats the difference between printed vinyl and sticker vinyl?

Printed vinyl is the best way to produce outdoor custom banners.  The old process of placing stickers on vinyl is now non-existent and printed vinyl has taken over.  Printed vinyl is much better because you can print any photo or logo on banners.  Printed vinyl also lasts much longer than sticker vinyl.

Do you sell me a blank banner or a handful of blank banners?

If you want to purchase a blank banner we can help with that too.  Just let us know the size you want your blank banner and we will produce it for you.  If you want multiple blank banners, that is not a problem at all.  Our blank banner rolls come in the white banner but we can also produce a black banner if you need one.

Can you create a welcome home banner?

We have printed our fair share of custom welcome banners.  Most people want a welcome home banner if a loved one is returning after a long hospital stay.  Some people also order a welcome home banner for people coming home who have served in the military.  If you are looking for a welcome home banner template, just email us and we can send you a free copy.

Can you create a thank you banner?

Creating a thank you banner is a great way to give back to a friend.  A thank you banner will last for years and looks great in pictures.  If you need a free thank you banner template, feel free to email us.

Can you create a sale banner?

If you are looking for a sale banner to be used as a business banner, we can produce one for you.  A sale banner is great to attract new customers to your store.  We can create your sale banner in any shape or size.  We recommend adding your logo to your sale banner for the most professional banner look.

Can you create a coming soon banner?

A coming soon banner is a great idea if you are opening up a new store location.  We suggest getting a coming soon banner 1 month before your grand opening.

Can you print a wedding banner?

We produce a lot of custom wedding banners.  A wedding banner can be used to show your guests where to go when they arrive.  A wedding banner can also be used as a custom photo backdrop banner.  Wedding banners can look great in pictures and can be a nice touch for your special day.  If you like the idea of custom wedding banners, you may also want to consider bridal shower banners.

Can you print a vertical banner?

Yes, we can create a vertical banner.  We can also create a horizontal banner.  If you are looking for a vertical banner that you can hang, we recommend putting banner grommets every 6″ on the top.  We can also install hanging hardware on your vertical banner which is a great choice if you want to display your vertical banners in a store or retails environment.  Vertical banners also can be produced double-sided.  If you prefer a horizontal banner over vertical banners then please save your artwork accordingly.

Do you offer free banner shipping?

We offer free banner shipping on any banners over $500.  Some of our larger vinyl banners will not qualify for free banner shipping because the shipping can be too expensive.  If you are getting a smaller banner, we may be able to extend free banner shipping on your order.  If you need banner printing in San Diego then free banner shipping may not be needed. You can stop by our office anytime to pick up your banner.

What do you recommend for a hanging banner?

If you want to produce a hanging banner, we recommend using grommets on the top part of your banner.  For nicer hanging banners, we can provide banner hanging hardware.  Another option is to create a pole pocket on the top of your hanging banner and add a wooden dowl to the banner.  Wooden dowels are a great way to make sure your hanging banner does not curl or wrinkle.

Can you use vinyl banners for custom backdrops?

Custom backdrops are a great idea for any event.  You can use your custom backdrop for photo shoots that your guests will love.  Some of our clients use custom backdrops to block off or hide areas during an event.  Custom photo backdrops can be used for red carpet interviews.

What is the best size for a backdrop banner?

We can print your backdrop banner any size.  The most common size for a custom backdrop banner is an 8×8 vinyl banner.  If you are looking for a wider backdrop banner, we recommend a 12×8 vinyl banner.

Do you print canvas banner?

We can print your artwork to a canvas banner but we recommend you use this as a custom indoor banner.  Your canvas banner can collect dust and get dirty very easily.

Do you have a premium vinyl banner option?

We use 15oz super smooth banner for our premium vinyl prints.  These premium banners are generally used for tradeshow display banners.  The traditional checkered vinyl pattern does not exist on our smoother, premium banners.  This is the same smooth vinyl we use for our double sided vinyl banners.

Can you print a vinyl banner near me?

We produce our custom banners in San Diego at our main office.  We also print banners in Los Angeles.  We ship our custom vinyl banners from San Diego to all 50 states, Mexico and Canada.



Custom Banner Printing

Custom Banners can be utilized for a vast range of applications. Use custom banners at conventions or trade shows to increase brand recognition and value, or use them on the sales floor to call out new or upcoming products and promotions.  A custom banner can help spread your marketing message for any event your company hosts or attends.

  • We offer custom banners in any size, so you can choose the size that best fits your needs and delivers your message directly to your customers in any situation. A custom banner is a great option for use at a convention booth, festival booth, trade show booth or drawing attention to a new product in your store.
  • Our Custom Banners are designed for both indoor and outdoor applications. We recommend using heavy duty 15 oz banner for outdoor use on the exterior of your building or an event. Indoor banners stand up to common indoor traffic and use in your business. Both 13 oz Banner and 15 oz Banner are printed with long lasting high-quality UV Inks to prevent against fading and damage.
  • We have multiple options to hang your custom banners letting you decide on how to most effectively display your company’s message. We offer custom banner stand, metal banner grommets, weighted banners, custom banners with rope, custom banners sized specifically to wrap a beam or handrail and just about anything else you can think of to hang a custom banner from or on.
  • With a dedicated in-house graphics design team, you’re sure to have all the tools you need to get a custom layout and style perfectly suited for your business. Don’t choose one of those poorly designed templated banners from a generic web-only print shop, at NonStop Signs, we make our whole staff available so that you get a truly CUSTOM BANNER with a style that best represents your brand and the message you want to send to potential customers.


Double Sided Banner Printing

We do offer double-sided banner printing options. The majority of banner available is made to be printed on a single side of the banner material, this creates a small hurdle with double sided banner printing making it twice the amount of work and material needed. The options for a double-sided banner are still 100% endless and possible. If you are in need of custom double-sided banner printing you don’t need to look any further. Give our sales staff a call to get your banner printing now. We also offer same day printing and rush delivery on all custom banners.

Custom vinyl banners are a great and cost-effective way to display your companies message with style. Need design help? Contact our team and upload your own print-ready file, or work with a member of our in-house design team to produce the perfect custom banner for your business or event. at NonStop Signs Our custom vinyl banners are produced using only the highest quality 13oz banner, 15 oz banner, and super smooth banner materials, all of our banner printing is done using premium level permanent UV inks to ensure your vinyl banner will remain vibrant and effective for years.

Whether you need custom banners for promoting your business or celebrating a birthday or event,  our custom vinyl banners are the perfect solution to any of your signage needs. Vinyl banners are made from a durable, UV coated, and nylon reinforced material that is specifically designed to handle the harshest weather conditions, making custom banners perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications. To increase the durability and lifespan of your vinyl banners, we offer custom stitched hemming and metal grommets. If you plan on hanging or displaying your vinyl banner in a high wind environment, consider using mesh banner or adding wind slits which will allow wind to pass through the banner.

Already have a perfectly good and usable vinyl banner but just need to change a minor detail, like a date or day of the week? Ask our sales team about Vinyl Decals. A vinyl decal can be easily printed with the updated information and applied directly to your vinyl banner on top of the outdated information. This process, called banner patching, is a common solution to the purchasing a new banner.

Custom Banner Care & Display

Caring for your Vinyl Banner:

To preserve the life of your custom vinyl banner, always roll the banner when storing it, and never fold it if possible, this will prevent creases from forming during storage. Clean or wipe you vinyl banner off with warm water. When storing vinyl banner material, do your best to keep it dry and at about 60-70°F. In the event that your banner gets wrinkled or creased, unfold the banner and let it sit out in the sun for a few hours, then ROLL it up (graphic face in) and store it in a dry place.

Displaying your Vinyl Banner:

There are many ways of displaying custom banners. They can be tied between two objects, like poles or trees, using cord or twine to fasten them up. Vinyl banners can also be displayed on chain-link fences using zip-ties. They can even be mounted using screws and washers by drilling them into a rigid surface like drywall or wood. For indoor applications, our x-stands or banner stands are a convenient, portable and lightweight display option.

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