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Cardboard Cutouts

Liven up any party or event with custom cardboard cutouts

    • Print any photo, character or design
    • Standees come w/ free-standing easel-backs
    • Materials available for every budget and application



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Cardboard Cutouts & Standees

Stand out with custom cardboard cutouts & standees.

Cardboard Cutouts draw a lot of attention and are used for a wide variety of purposes. The most common use for cardboard cutouts & standees is in the marketing and advertising campaigns of entertainment products like movies and video games. It gets them excited and the picture they’ll post with your cardboard cutouts on social media is free advertising.

Custom Standees make a great addition to trade show displays, retail stores, and kiosks. Standees will draw your attention and save your staff time by displaying important information.

Standees & Cardboard Cutouts also make a unique addition to birthday parties, anniversaries and other celebrations. For the 50th anniversary celebration, make a custom cardboard cutout of the bride and groom when they were younger for the guests to take pictures with.

Want to add a special touch to your child’s birthday party? Order a custom cardboard cutout of their favorite cartoon character or photo props with the faces cut out.

Standees & Cardboard Cutouts can also come with speech bubbles that say something funny or display important information, we can also laminate the speech bubbles with gloss laminate which will allow for a dry-erase marker to be used in the speech bubbles.

Standees & Custom Cardboard Cutouts draw more attention than conventional signs and people LOVE taking photos with them.

Printing Custom Cardboard Cutouts & Standees

Our flatbed printers use UV Inks and print up to 1440 DPI resolution to get the best finish for every unique custom cardboard cutout project. We offer gloss or matte lamination to help your standees stand out & last longer. UV inks are an environmentally friendly printing choice. It dries immediately with no toxic fumes and doesn’t fade into harsh lighting.

The image size for Custom Cardboard Cutouts must be 200 DPI. The proper image size helps to scale properly on average displays without being pixelated. Many pictures downloaded from the internet or Facebook won’t be large enough or have enough resolution. Most web-based images are a resolution of 72 dpi for the reason it is the most our screens can display.

We can assist you in choosing the photo and minor editing to assure that the print quality will be sufficient. Our in-house designers will remove the background and do minor edits onsite. 

Sizes and Custom Cutting for your Cardboard Cutouts

One sheet of foam core, cardboard, ultra board or gatorboard that is used to make Standees & Custom Cutouts is 4 by 8, so any design within those dimensions is fine. Larger cutouts are available, we suggest you use a specific material Foam Core or Ultra Board.

After we’ve printed your Standees, we use precision CNC Routers to cut any shape & leave a smooth finish. You’ll see many places boast about the precision of laser cutters. There’s no recognizable difference in die-cut or laser-cut cardboard cutouts, except the price jump. The shape and design of your Custom Cardboard Cutouts are really only limited by your imagination.

Installation, Setup & Maintenance of Cardboard Cutouts

Custom Cardboard Cutouts are extremely easy to set up. The stunning displays come in styles, the characters will hang in front of a backdrop. To set up a hanging or floating display, simply slide the tabs on the back of the characters into the slots on the background. The primary use of Cardboard Standees is for temporary displays. Their other uses include for permanently indoors. We are aware of your intended use as to add the correct mounting hardware or backing pieces.

To clean permanent custom cardboard cutout displays or standees that are not laminated, use a dry cloth to wipe off the dirty areas, if you must use a wet cloth, make sure to wring it out thoroughly and spot test before continuing on with the cleaning as to not ruin the printed paper surface. To laminate Standees, use a damp cloth to wipe off. 

Except for the lamination, Cardboard Cutouts with UK ink print, can’t withstand the heavy spray with water. We suggest laminating permanent Cardboard Cutouts. You can choose a different material – gatorboard. One can spray laminated displays with water or window cleaners – Windex. You need not worry about the image smudging or the cardboard peeling away.

Alternative Materials for Custom Cardboard Cutouts & Standees

If you plan on using your Standees & Cardboard Cutouts permanently, we recommend you use a more durable material such as Gatorboard or Ultra Board. These substrates are a bit more resilient than our standard foam core & cardboard cutouts and help to prevent them from falling over or being damaged by light moisture. Foam Core is the most similar to cardboard, it has a paper face on each side with a plastic foam center. Foam Core is more durable. It is extremely vulnerable to moisture.

Gator Board has a plastic foam center that has been faced with a wood veneer finish, it’s resistance to moisture is much greater than the previous options, but it’s still not the best choice for a permanent Standee Cutout. For permanent displays, we recommend Ultra Board. It’s incredibly durable Polystyrene finish is impervious to scratches, dents, and moisture.

Ultra Board costs more upfront, but Ultra board Standees & Cutout will last for years. If you really want to step up the look, feel & the lifetime of your permanent Standees, we recommend using Dibond. Dibond has a plastic core faced by two sheets of .012 aluminum and is available in multiple finishes & colors. Dibond is 100% weatherproof & will last for years both indoors & outdoors. If you want to get a stronger stand for your standee, we recommend looking at E-Bay. 


  • Foam board

    • is a foam core with two sheets of plasticized bristol paper sandwiching it. It’s MUCH sturdier than cardboard, and in our experience stands & cardboard cutouts made of foam board look more substantial/ professional and are less prone to toppling over randomly. Photo props made of foam core show less wear and tear after handling.
  • Gatorboard

    • is foam board, only way more hardcore.
  • Ultraboard

    • is like gatorboard accept has a plastic finish and is a bit stranger.
  • Dibond

    • has the properties of a metal with the weight of plastic, this stuff is freaking awesome.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 32 × 1 in
Size (H x W)

Large, Medium, Small, 18 in. x 36 in., 24 in. x 48 in., 30 in. x 60 in. – Page 2, Custom



  • Are Standups and Standees the same thing?
    • Yes, these displays are Cutouts, Standees or Standups.

  • What materials are Standees made of?
    • Listing from weakest to most durable there is
  • Will my image show up properly?
    • As long as your image is a minimum of 200 DPI it will fit perfectly on any averagely sized cutout. Photos found online require a bit more care in choosing. Thankfully our designers will help you find the best photo to suit your Standees needs.


  • Do I need to remove the background for my standees to be printed?
    • Our talented designers remove the background & can also make minor alterations to your images.
  • Are Standees more appropriate for certain industries?
    • Standees are perfect for any industry or event. The applications are endless and our talented design team will help you find the right fit for your theme.

  • Are their size restrictions for my Cardboard Cutouts?
    • The standard sheet size of all the materials our standees are made of is 8 by 4. Larger custom sizes are available. We recommend you use a durable substrate – Ultra Board. Cardboard cutouts require extra support for larger displays. Larger displays will require an image with higher DPI.

  • Will my Cardboard Standee Cutout require assembly?
    • These displays are extremely easy to assemble, just open the easel back stand and you’re ready to go. Our customer support team is just a phone call away if you’re having trouble setting up your Custom Cardboard Cutouts & Standees.

  • How Long my Cardboard Standee Cutout will last?
    • One can determine the longevity of Cardboard Standee Cutout by the type of material you use, where you display it, how you care for it and how often it gets transported. UV ink will handle harsh lighting for outdoor displays. To use the display for a couple of years, consider a durable substrate – Gator Board, Ultra Board or Dibond.
  • What is the turnaround time for your Lifesize Cutouts?
    • We offer same or next day shipping on all of our custom cardboard cutouts & standees. We’re experts in rush jobs.

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