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License Plate Frames


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Promote your business, brand, website, or message with custom license plate frames! Imagine the visibility your logo could get just by driving around the city. Or perhaps you need to spread the word about the mission and purpose of your organization. Support a cause? Are you promoting an event? Just want to make people smile or sit up and pay attention?

Custom license plate frames can do all of that, and more. With a wide range of custom colors, styles, and finishes to choose from, the design of your custom license plate frame limits only by your imagination. From decorative to durable forms, when it comes to custom license plate frames, there is something for everyone. At Nonstop Signs, we are here to help you create the customized license plate frames you need to meet all your promotional goals.

Customized License Plate Frames

When you think about custom license plate frames, what comes to mind? We’ve all seen the funny or smart personalized license plate holder that shows off the driver’s personality. These holders install over a vehicle’s license plate. License plate frames and holders provide a finished look and a beautiful accent to a car. People care about how their cars look, and the impulse to decorate is widely understood. Customized license plate frames are often chosen to emphasize custom license plates or to accent other design elements on the vehicle.

Then there are the customized license plate frames that the dealership will put on your car. They install a custom license plate frame with the dealership name, website, or even phone number, to let everyone know where you bought the car. Car dealerships know that this is an effective marketing tool. So why not use it for your marketing goals, too?

License Plate Frames Custom Made

When people drive around town, their eyes naturally draw to the back of the vehicle in front of them. One of the most effective uses of that space is to market your business, organization, or event. Imagine how many people could see your message or business name in a single trip across town! Cheap custom license plate frames are one of the most effective marketing tools available. Perhaps you are trying to spread the word about a new business.

License plate frames custom designed with your business name are a great option. Or maybe you want to show off your support for your favorite team or cause. License plate frames custom designed in your choice of colors, finished, and personalized message are the way to go. Cheap custom license plate frames are so affordable, and there are almost unlimited ways to use them!

Custom Plate Frames For Business

Professionals know that custom plate frames are a marketing tool with a lot of impacts. Realtors, contractors, and other business owners can get a lot of mileage out of custom license plate frames. Imagine a super protector license plate cover with your website or phone number installed on each of your company vehicles. Custom plate frames for you and your team can increase collaboration and productivity.

They can also advertise your presence in a neighborhood, no matter where you’re working. As you drive around from job to job, your vehicle will be broadcasting your business name to everyone you see. And if you offer your customized frames to associates or customers, they might be glad to help you with some advertising. When everyone around you shares the same vision, it’s easy to keep the quality of your services high.

Experts in the public service and nonprofit sectors understand the value of affordable marketing tools, too. Imagine your message, logo or website on unique license plate frames. When outreach or fundraising is your goal, you need visibility. Custom license plate frames for you, your volunteers, or as a giveaway item for the public can help spread the word. Free merchandise doesn’t need to be expensive to be a useful marketing tool.

Everyone loves free stuff, and what better way to send out your message than with a license plate frame custom designed as a giveaway? Let the public or your supporters take on some of your marketing responsibilities for you. They will like how your custom frames look on their car, and you will only benefit from reaching your goals even faster. With cheap custom license plate frames, your outreach goals can be closer than ever.

Personalized License Plate Frames

With personalized license plate frames, it’s easy to get what you want. Because you can order each license plate frame custom designed for your needs, the potential combinations are almost unlimited. Perhaps a stylish black frame with your business name and website in white is what you want. Or maybe you’re looking for something in a bright color, like red or yellow. On the other hand, perhaps luxury license plate frames are more your style.

At Nonstop Signs, we have the metallic finishes you need to give your custom license plate frames a bit of shine. Personalized license plate frames in a high-quality finish will impress everyone you meet, and work correctly with a clear license plate cover. We have super protector license plate cover options too if your plans include a little less city and a little more country. No matter what you choose, Nonstop Signs has the quality you need at a price you can afford.

Personalized License Plate Holder

Sharing your message is easy with a personalized license plate holder. Promote your message, cause, or hobby with a license plate frame custom designed to your specifications. Did you graduate from college? Earn that corner office? Join a club or organization? It’s easy to tell the world about the things you care about with custom license plate frames and holders. And finding others who share your passion might lead to new friendships, business connections, and beyond.

For the real characters in your life, custom license plate holders make a perfect gift. Custom license plate frames make the perfect gift for any occasion. Can you imagine their delight when they see the smart message you’ve inscribed on their frame? When you design a personalized license plate holder just for them, they’ll know you care. Everyone loves a little fun in their life, and with custom license plate frames, you’re sure to bring a smile.

License Plate Frame Protector

For you more rugged types out there, maybe a custom license plate frame protector is what you need. License plate protectors fit around the outside of a license plate, providing extra license plate protection in the event of bumps or shocks. If you’ve ever backed your truck into something and discovered your license plate crumpled beyond recognition, a quality license plate frame protector is for you. Besides, the right license plate protector can make your car or truck look cool! A super protector license plate cover might be just the right accent for your vehicle. There are several different styles to choose from, so getting a license plate protector that has a look you want is easy.

How to Order Custom License Plate Frames

You’d like to get some custom license plate frames. But you may be wondering, where can I find custom license plate frames near me? The answer is easy: Nonstop Signs. As your online print shop, we are ready to serve anywhere you happen to be. Ordering custom license plate frames are easy at Nonstop Signs. We have the online tools you need to create the perfect combination of style and affordability.

Our people know what it means to offer the high-quality products and service you’re looking for, and we can assist with every step of the process. Already have a design in mind? Just tell us what you want, and we can make it happen. Not sure what you need? Our customer service specialists can walk you through the design process. We want you to be satisfied with the finished product because our customers are important to us.

Why Choose Nonstop Signs for Custom License Plate Frames

Nonstop Signs is your best first stop for custom license plate frames. We have everything you need to create personalized and decorative license plate holders for your car. And at Nonstop Signs, you can be sure that you are getting the highest quality at the most affordable prices. Our customer service specialists will help you every step of the way. With a 5-star customer rating and personalized customer service, you’ll want to make Nonstop Signs your go-to shop for all your printing needs.

Conveniently located online at NonstopSigns.com and in Los Angeles, California, Nonstop Signs can help you turn your marketing ideas into real results. Visit our website, give us a call now at 800-205-9005. We are waiting to hear from you! We also offer a range of other products in our online store, including custom license plates. Make sure you search our site for a variety of marketing products.

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