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Mouse Pads


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Custom Mouse Pads

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    • Custom mouse pads for your business

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    • Personalized mouse pads using any logo, picture or artwork

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    • Quick turnaround on custom mousepads

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Custom Mouse Pads

We produce a lot of custom mouse pads for companies all over the world. Custom mouse pads can be used as giveaways to customers or as an excellent way to improve the look of your office. We can print any photo or logo on your custom mouse pads. Whether you need 50 or 50,000 custom mouses pads, give us a call today.


What can you print on my custom mousepad?

We can print anything you want on your custom mouse-pad! A custom mouse-pad with 1 or 2 colors will be less expensive than a full-color mouse-pad. You should have a graphic designer create your custom mouse-pad for the best image quality. If you want to print a photo on your custom mouse pad, email us a copy of the picture. If you need help designing a custom mouse-pad, we have a design team who is here to help.

What custom mouse pad shapes do you have?

We stock over 100 custom mouse pad shapes. If one of our custom mouse pad ideas do not work for you, then we can always die cut a custom mouse pad to your logo or specifications. When creating a custom mouse pad to the shape of your logo, you will have a lead time of about 30 days. We will need you to send a vector copy of your logo to create your custom mouse pad. If you are looking for something a little more beautiful, we can also make a custom gel mouse to protect your wrists.

How long does it take to make my personalized mouse pads?

Personalized mouse pads usually take two weeks to print. If you are in a rush and need your personalized mouse pads faster, we can produce them as quickly as the next day for a fee. Larger orders of personalized mouse pads can take up to 30 days to create depending on the artwork. If you need your personalized mouse pads rushed then, please give us a call as soon as possible.

What type of finish will my custom mousepads have?

Our custom mousepads come in a few different finishes. The traditional and most common custom mousepads come with a soft feeling which is excellent for a laser mouse. Another option is to order custom mousepads with a firm finish which can work a bit better with an older mouse. Your last choice for finishing for custom mousepads is antimicrobial which is excellent for a busy office.

Do you make custom gaming mouse pads?

Custom gaming mouse pads have become much more popular over the past few years. These custom gaming mouse pads are more significant than traditional custom mouse pads. If you are only looking for one gaming mouse pad, then our company would not be a good fit.

Make your own mouse pad online

At this time, we do not have a make your own mouse pad software. If you want to make your own mouse pad design, we recommend using Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. If you cannot make your own mouse pad, then feel free to give our design team a shout to help you.

Taking care of your customized mouse pads

We recommend using your customized mouse pads with clean hands, but we understand things can get dirty over time. If you find that your customized mouse pads are getting too messy, we recommend cleaning them with Windex or placing them underwater in your sink. If your customized mouse pads start to fall apart or fade over time, then we recommend throwing them away using a new one. When taken care of, your customized mouse pads should last for years. If you want to order a custom gaming mouse pad, give us a call or email today.

What is your minimum order if I want a mouse pad custom?

If you want a mouse pad custom, we have a minimum order of $250 per project. We are sorry that we cannot help everyone who wants a mouse pad custom, but we cannot make exceptions to this rule. If you want cheap custom mouse pads or a low quantity mouse pad custom we recommend custom mouse pads at Walgreens. Custom printed mousepads usually take about two weeks to order. Custom mousepad printing is much easier if you follow the template we provide.

How big can I order my custom size mouse pad?

You can order your custom size mouse pad to any size. A lot of people prefer a large custom mouse pad. The most popular for a custom size mouse pad is 7.5″x8″x1/8″. Our round custom size mouse pads are you 8″ round. If you want your custom size mouse pad to be larger, give us a call, and we can get you pricing.


Promotional Mouse Pads for Businesses

We produce a lot of promotional mouse pads for businesses and non-profits. Custom printed mouse pads are an excellent idea for any business because your client will never throw them away! A lot of other promotional items end up being thrown away before they are ever used. We can create custom-made mouse pads for any event.


What artwork can I put on my personalized mouse pad?

We can put almost anything on your custom printed mouse pad. Some companies want their logo on a mouse pad; others wish to a collage mouse pad. Some people wish to get their mouse pad personalized with pictures and photos of their friends or team members. All of our printed mouse pads are available in full color and printed directly to eco-friendly material high-density foam. The only part we can customize is the wrist rest on our plastic mouse pads. We also cannot print on the non-slip rubber that goes underneath your imprinted mouse pads.


Custom large mouse pads

A lot of screens are getting so big now that people are looking for custom large mouse pads. We can make your mouse pads custom to any size or shape. We have mouse pad templates you can use to create your mouse pad designs, or you can print your favorite photo to the surface. Large custom mouse pads printing usually takes about two weeks from placing your printing order to having them on your desk. If you are looking for a custom mousepad size, give us a call, and we can discuss options.


Custom mouse mat

We consider custom mouse mats to be the same thing as mouse pads. Custom photo mousepad and customized mousepads are very easy for us to print.


Custom round mouse pad

We can make mouse pads custom to any shape including round mouse pads. Our custom photo mouse pads are also made with custom gel mouse pads. Custom round mouse pads can still be full color printed with any photo or image. We can also create custom shaped mouse pads.


Where can I get cheap custom mouse pads?

We do not focus on creating personalized mouse pads cheap. We take pride in produce mouse pads personalized to the highest possible quality. There is nothing worse than a personal mouse pad that starts fading after one week of use. High-quality personalized photo mouse pads are one of our best products.


Here are a few of the common questions we get

How to make custom mouse pads?

How to create custom mouse pads?

Where to buy custom mouse pads?

Where to get custom mouse pads?

Who makes custom mouse pads?


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