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Custom Packaging


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Custom packaging is a crucial component of your business’s efforts. Branded boxes arrive on doorsteps, seen by everyone from the moment you ship it throughout it’s route to the final destination. Upon opening that box, the customer has an opportunity to sift through the branded wrap. They see the message that you imprint within the box and any promotional cards and offers you include. It’s all part of creating an amazing level of customer service to your customers. Not only that, we can create envelopes custom packaging, as well as branded tape and more. We specialize in flexible custom packaging that you can be proud of. Whether it’s a bag, a box or you have something else in mind, we are happy to create your branded masterpiece.

Custom Packaging Printing

Custom packaging is crucial to branding your business, especially when you operate an e-Commerce business. There’s more to custom packaging design that branding, though. It’s also useful for marketing and aesthetics. The first step is determining the type of packaging you need. If you sell a variety of products, then you will probably want different size boxes and bags for shipping purposes. Remember, the dimensions of your box affect the shipping rate, so it’s wise to have smaller options for small products. We can also include modules if you want to pack certain items separately for protection. We don’t just deal in boxes, though. In fact, we also stock custom printed packaging bags, which are ideal for a wide variety of products.

Custom Packaging Cosmetics

Do you sell cosmetics? Then custom packaging cosmetics is an absolute must. Not only can you create custom packaging shipping bags for the smaller items, but you can also design custom box packaging. Everyone knows the joy of waiting for a delivery. You sit online on a Sunday night, browsing for the perfect shade of eyebrow pencil, then toss in some mascara and lip gloss for good measure. Then, you wait. Now, imagine your customer’s face when your package arrives in custom packaging bags. It’s all part of the experience, which means your customers look forward to the package for more than just the product inside. It’s a whole theatrical experience.

Custom Gift Packaging

With people so busy, it’s no wonder they turn to the internet to order gifts. Instead of accepting the delivery themselves, they often want to send it directly to the recipient. This is where custom gift packaging comes in handy. Now, you can just offer this type of packaging as default. Or, you can add a small charge to include custom gift packaging for people who want to ship gifts directly to the gift recipient. Either way, custom packaging boxes help you establish your brand and encourage customer loyalty as well.

We serve clients in every industry, from retailers who want custom retail packaging to complete each sale. As well as e-commerce businesses, print shops, and beyond. We can make your custom packaging deals as luxurious as you want. Don’t worry, we can keep it basic if you simply want to include your business name and logo on your packaging. We are happy to create exactly what you want. Moreover, we know that the typical sizes won’t serve the needs of everyone. Which is why in addition to offering a wide range of sizes, we can also create completely custom sizes for you. So, whether you need flip boxes or folding boxes, display or drawer boxes, we have your back.

Retail Custom Packaging

So, let’s focus a bit more on the retail aspect of custom product packaging. There is a lot to discuss here and even more to consider. A bag is more than just something to put the customer’s items in. Yes, it makes their life a bit easier as they transport their goods from your store to the car, etc. More importantly, though, it serves as an advertisement for your business. Just think about how many people they will walk past as they travel from point A to point B. Not to mention how many other shops they may stop by in their travels. This just highlights the importance of products customized packaging. You also want to offer upgrades for gift packaging, especially if you deal in cosmetics, lingerie or other popular gift items.

It doesn’t stop there, though. You may be interested in custom packaging for display purposes. We are happy to be able to help you with this as well. So, you can design custom display boxes that match your overall branding as well as your custom packaging bags and boxes. This creates consistency throughout your business and makes it clear exactly who customers are shopping with.

Stock Custom Packaging

Custom packaging deals are a must, no matter what industry you work in and what size your business is. You must brand your packaging, create packages that will protect the products, and leave a positive impression. There’s really only one way to do all of those things, which is custom packaging boxes and bags. It’s time to leave behind standard boxes and embrace change. Stock custom packaging is a great place to start, but it’s time to branch out and embrace all of the custom options that are available to you.

Using the same size box is inefficient and it’s costly. So, create custom boxes in a variety of sizes to accommodate all of your various products. With the right box, you save on filler and save money on shipping charges. What could be better than custom packaging boxes? It doesn’t matter how small your product, how large it is or… how oddly shaped it might be.

Custom Packaging and Labelling

Using the same old boxes for every order doesn’t provide your products with the best protection possible. If you want to properly protect products from moving during shipping or stop wasting money on unnecessary filler, well… custom packaging helps. There are plenty of reasons to embrace custom packaging and labelling. Beyond the branding exercise and experience, it’s money-saving. Think of it as an investment. Consider how often products arrive damaged – the right packaging would have prevented that. Which means you wouldn’t have needed to deal with a customer complaint, and deal with the returns process. So, it will truly save you money.

Custom packaging boxes are the right move for any business that often ships products to customers. It doesn’t matter what you are an online-only business or operate online and in a physical brick and mortar store. We can create a wide range of custom packaging products for you. So, take stock of how you ship your products and the costs associated with it. Then, let us create a full range of custom products for you that will save you money and boost your business.

Custom Packaging Products

Your custom packaging products are a way that you can boost your brand awareness. Forget a plain old box, instead print your logo, brand name and contact information on each box. You can include your branding information on both the inside and outside of the box. It reinforces your brand with the end-user and everyone in-between. What other types of custom packaging products may interest you? Branded tape, custom filler, promotional cards, and so much more. It all plays a major role in creating a branded experience that encourages customers to order with you again.

This is also an opportunity to include referral codes so that your customer is encouraged to recommend you to their friends. When their friends take them up on the offer, they benefit with a discount on their next order. It’s a win-win situation. Even with bags custom packaging, there is room for you to include referral codes and discount offers. Don’t forget that you can include branded free gifts. There are a number of businesses who include a free gift with orders over a certain amount. One major retailer includes a large branded mug, others will include stickers or pens. You can always create a tiered system of free gifts. Every order receives a sticker, certain spends trigger a pen, and so on. It’s more than just a way to reward your customers, it just further solidifies your brand.

Custom Packaging Manufacturers

Are you ready to order your own custom packaging? We can’t wait to hear your ideas! Why don’t you get in touch with us to discuss your custom shipping packaging materials? We can help you create branded packages for anything from cosmetics to electronics. Give us an email if you want to talk about the possibilities. Alternatively, you can use the live chat function or simply pick up the phone and call us at 1-800-205-9005. One of our technicians will be more than happy to offer you advice on your custom products or answer any questions that you may have. Don’t forget to take a look at the rest of our website before you get in touch. We offer a wide range of products suitable for branding, promoting, and advertising your business. In addition, we offer a variety of tools that can be used for motivation.


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