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Die Cut Magnets


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If you want a unique way to advertise your business 24/7, let us introduce you to die cut magnets. Not only will they leave a positive impression on your customers, but they will be in their face. Which means that they will remember you’re a single call away. Contractors take their toolkits everywhere, so providing them with a magnet is an excellent way to keep your business in their mind. For food businesses and real estate agents, the fridge is prime placement. Don’t forget that custom design dies cut magnets might migrate to workspace fridges, too, which means you will be noticed by a lot of people. Of course, there are also custom car magnets, an excellent way to create a mobile billboard. There is so much more to contour cut magnets than most people realize!

How To Make Die Cut Magnets

Firstly, what are die cut magnets? It’s just a magnet that is laser cut to any shape you want! Not only do they come in any shape (even custom ones that don’t yet exist), they’re also available in any size that you want. If you’re wondering how to make die cut magnets, well, we can help you with that, too. All you need to do is tell us the size of your black magnetic vinyl sheet, send us your artwork and all of your information. Then, we take care of the rest. Which answers your next question, which we presume would be where to get magnets made? Right here!

We can produce magnetic sheets or magnet rolls wholesale. The latter is an excellent choice if you plan to distribute your magnets widely. Whereas a sheet is ideal for that large die cut magnetic signs for vehicles. The unique process that we use to create the custom die cut magnets will ensure the quality of the print and precise cuts, too. We don’t start the process until you approve the final proof. We pride ourselves on producing products that exceed our customer’s expectations.

Die Cut Stickers

A traditional magnet is usually square, rectangular, oval or circle. However, custom die cut magnets can cut to any shape. For plumbers, a plunger shaped magnet might be perfect or perhaps a puddle. Breweries might want to create die cut magnets in the shape of bottled beer. The point is, you can get creative with your magnets. Now, you can apply this creativity to refrigerator magnets or car die cut magnets. If you can picture your custom shape and imagine it being used to the side of your work truck. Now, while you are stuck in traffic or parked, people will immediately notice your design. Your company will stick in their mind due to your unique car die cut magnets.

The benefit of using car die cut magnets on your vehicles is that they are easy to apply and remove. You don’t need to worry about the damage to your paint job. Plus, you can create different designs and switch them out. That is especially handy if you operate more than one service.

Custom Magnet Sheets

A lot of customers believe that a business card size is perfect for custom magnet sheets. If you plan to use one of these die cut magnets sizes, then why not use them as your business card? People are less likely to toss a magnet in the trash than a business card, so this is something that will make you memorable and that they’ll hold. You can take your idea a little larger by incorporating a calendar with your magnet. Now, you can still create a business card sized calendar magnet. That will make your new business card a triple threat. Or, you can scale the size up and create a magnetic die cut calendar. That is a great tool to hand out if you make house calls.

For example, die cut plumbing magnets are easy to keep on your person or in your toolbox. Before you leave your house call, you can produce a magnet. Now, this can be a calendar or a simple business card size. Either way, your customer is going to put it on their fridge immediately. That way, when they need to call you again, your number will be happy. If there’s a calendar they will likely look at your magnet regularly. This type of die cut magnets printing makes sense for pest control companies, plumbers, electricians, home security, and any business that visits the customer’s home.

Custom Magnets

With custom, magnets come custom decisions. One of the most significant decisions you will make is the size of your magnet, and we don’t mean the real size. What do we say? Thickness, of course! Let ’s take a look at your options.

  • Ten mil – this is the most affordable custom magnets option. It’s thin, it’s lightweight, and it’s the perfect option if you plan to ship them in the mail. It’s suitable for use indoors and has a glossy finish.
  • 20 mil – the more popular choice of the three, this is a standard size. You can use them indoors and out, and the glossy finish makes it the perfect promotional tool for concerts, events, and parties.
  • 30 mil – if you need a heavy duty solution to use as custom die cut magnets for cars, then this is what you need. That is maximum strength and offers serious durability. As far as additional protection goes, it’s possible to add a UV laminate.
  • That will ensure the sun doesn’t fade your design.

In addition to the standard and UV laminates, there is also a matte finish available in the UV laminate for custom die cut magnets.

Magnets Die Cut

You won’t want to go anywhere without your magnets die cut again. You can stash them in advance of trade shows, exhibitions, corporate events, business meetings, conventions, and more. Some of our customers use custom die cut magnets as a type of business card, while others sell them on or hand them out as a gift. Whatever you do with them, make sure your design is good enough to keep.

Make A Custom Magnet

If you want to make a custom magnet, what you should understand is that it’s a cost-effective way to advertise your business. While large companies can afford to invest in print ads and television commercial spots, not every small business can stretch their advertising budget that far. So, custom die cut magnets are a unique way to spread the word about your products and services. They can effectively promote your brand, and you can create them in any shape, color, and design. You can generate car magnets, fridge magnets, and even calendars. Every business is looking to get ahead and harnessing the power of magnets die cut how you can stay ahead of your competition.

Custom Die Cut Magnets

There aren’t many better ways to continually advertise your business or services than with custom die cut magnets. When you’re a small business, you need advertising solutions that will work hard for you. That’s what custom laser cut magnets do for you. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer custom shaped refrigerator magnets or custom die cut car magnets.

Magnetic advertising for cars can mean two different things. On the one hand, you can create car magnets specifically for built-in toolboxes. So, any contractor or trade person will see your information every time they open their toolbox. Of course, your magnet can also go on the toolbox they take on jobs with them, which further spreads your sales message. The other side of die cut magnets for cars is a broad solution on the bottom of the door. Real estate agents and contractors often use that. That way, everywhere they drive and park, people will see the magnetic advertising for cars. Large die cut magnetic signs for vehicles are a cost-effective advertising solution.

Printing Die Cut Magnets

Why come to use for your die cut magnets printing? You can order exactly how many die cut magnets that you need, whether it’s one or 72. Our custom die cut magnets are suitable for use indoors and out, and in a wide variety of sizes. Our die cut magnet sizes run the gamut, from small solutions to custom die cut magnets for cars. If die cut magnets don’t tickle your fancy, don’t worry, you can also order simple magnets from us as well. We are a veritable one-stop marketing shop! So, if you’re ready to start the order process for wholesale die cut magnets, you are in the right place. We can help you with so much more than custom design die cut magnets. Let us help you create your brand and all of the relevant materials!

Contact us to start the process. You can get in touch with us via the live chat option on our website. That will put you in contact with our experienced technicians who can field any of your queries. Or, you can call us at 1-800-205-9005. Alternatively, we have an email address that you can use to get in touch. If you email us regarding your custom die cut magnets order, please provide us with as much detail as possible. In addition to your die cut magnet sheets, let us know what other products that you have interest.

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