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Display Easel


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If you want a stylish way to display graphics, then a display easel is the way to do it. Whether it’s a menu, painting, photographic print, menu, advertisement, presentation or an event listing. We offer a wide range of art display easel stands. They are simple, yet versatile, allowing the focus to remain on the item you have on display. We also offer a range of styles. So, you can find an art display easel that works for use in businesses, restaurants, schools, and art galleries. We also offer a range of small display easel options so that you can easily transport them. Which means you can easily take your display easel on your travels from trade show to trade show.

Folding Display Easel

So, why would you want to purchase a folding display easel Let’s just take a look at what makes these display solutions so great!

You have options when it comes to the placement of your display easel. In addition to floor easel stand options, we also offer table top easels. So, if you have smaller prints to display or you don’t have a lot of floor space for a display, you can opt for the tabletop. This is also a useful solution for trade shows where you have a booth or for use on countertops. Whereas the floor easel stand is an excellent option for art galleries and restaurants where you may need to display items of a poster size.

Display easels are available in a selection of materials, too. So, you can choose from a small metal easel, get a wooden display easel or instead opt for an acrylic kit. Even beyond that, you still have choices to make about your display and presentation easels. You can choose your finish for the decorative wood floor easel. Whether you prefer a neutral black or a beech, we can help. We also offer a choice between steel and aluminum. So, even within the basic subsections of our art gallery display stands, we have a wide range of options to further customize your product.

Display Easel

While we are happy to brag about our folding display easel options, there are also field easels available. These feature telescoping legs, which means you can easily adjust the height, as well as easily store and transport them. If you’re in the market for a small display easel to show off a menu or special offers, you may also want to consider an A-Frame. It really depends on the style of your business and your overall aesthetic. Either way, we can provide you with a range of both products. Don’t forget a display easel can also be used to hold your canvas while you paint! Those with an adjustable height allow for adults or children to use the art display easel.

Tabletop Display Easel

If you choose a display easel to show off your menu at the entrance of your establishment, you can use a tabletop display easel for the table menus. It’s a unique twist on a common display theme. You can make this one your own by using a tabletop picture stand to highlight special offers, drinks, and other menu items. A decorative floor easel has become a popular way for high-end restaurants and hotels to display their menu, whether it’s at the entrance or on the sidewalk welcoming prospective customers in. They are also effective as notice boards to highlight special events.

Any event planner knows how effective a decorative display easel can be to announce the seating chart for guests to find what table they will be seated.It’s also a great way to let guests know what the order of events will be, and what to expect from the menu. You can carry this theme through by placing the dinner menu on tables using a tabletop display easel. It can be decorated to fit the overall theme of the wedding. Tabletop display easels are also often used at book launches. A book display easel is a great way to show off a newly released book or to highlight a special offer in a bookstore or library.

Easel Stand

It doesn’t matter whether you want a bi-fold easel stand or an H-frame or tripod. We can offer you any type of display easel stand style that you want. What we understand, is how important it is that you have durable floor easels for art display purposes. We know that artists need to be able to rely on their display easels floor. A simple, small display easel isn’t enough for them. Artists need an easel that can handle them actively painting as well as use them to display their paintings, canvases or framed posters. Display easels are a versatile product in the hands of an artist, so we take all of that into consideration of the items we stock.

If an easel stand is strong enough to take what an artist can throw at it, then the rest of you can rest easy. You see decorative floor easel displays being used at trade shows, hospitals, hotel lobbies, cafeterias, weddings, restaurants, and office lobbies. They display menus, highlight announcements, information, serve as directories, and much more. We build our display easels to last.

Small Metal Easel

What if a tabletop display easel is too small and art gallery display stands are too big. Don’t worry, there is a middle ground here. You can choose a small metal easel if it works better for your needs. This is an ideal option for those of you with children who are budding artists. You can provide them with the easel they need that fits them and makes life much easier as they tackle their hobby. You may also find a small display easel appropriate for displaying school projects. Or, if you are creating a display that needs staggered heights. They are also handy in spaces that are specifically designed to welcome children.

Plate Display Stand

A display easel can’t get much smaller than a plate display stand, but we are happy to help you with these types of easel stand options, too. If you want to display your incredible plate collection, then there is really only one way to do it, both stylishly and effectively. That’s with a series of plate display stand easels. This is handy for any avid collector or a retailer who deals in collectible plates, sports memorabilia or just expensive tableware that you want to display for sale, without inviting hands to touch.

A plate display stand allows you to show off your wedding china, special pieces you have picked up on your travels and gifts that you want to see. You can line them along the tops of your shelves or you can simply place them in a glass display cabinet. It really doesn’t matter how you decide to use your plate display stand collection, what matters is that you can.

Decorative Wood Floor Easel

For those in the hospitality business, a decorative wood floor easel is a great choice. You can choose the wood color that works for your business theme and you can use it to show off special offers, menus, events, and more. With so many different finishes available for your display easel, you can easily match one to your decor. Youdon’tt need to look any further for the print products that you will use on your display easel either. We can produce signs, posters, menus, and more.

Of course, you may want to use your display easel to display art throughout your business. This is something that coffee shops often do. They work with local artists to showcase art, which gives them free decor and allows local artists to get their work out there and possibly sell some pieces. Small businesses that use art gallery display stands can provide a point of interest to customers and attract a certain type of customer. A decorative wood floor easel also works great in bars, antique stores, and cafes.

Floor Display Easel

So, are you ready to order your tabletop display easels and art gallery display stands We offer a whole lot more than display easels. So, if you have other needs then check out the rest of our website. If you need a presentation printed, then we can help you there. We offer a range of printed products and signage solutions, too. So, if you need Gatorplast, foamcore, banners, business cards or real estate signs, we can help. Before you get in touch with us, see what else we can do for you.

Once you have a good idea of the products you will need, you can contact us to discuss your needs. You can call us about your display easel needs at 1-800-205-9005. Or, you can use the live chat option on our website to get in touch. Alternatively, you can send us an email. If you choose the latter, please provide us with as much detail as possible. This will help streamline the process and ensure you get the correct products quickly.

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