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Door Hangers


If you are looking for an excellent way to advertise to potential clients in a way that will guarantee to get their attention, then door hangers are a proven way to achieving that outcome.

Rather than the standard letterbox drops that people tend to skip over or simply throw out before even reading, you can hang your marketing campaign on their front door in full color. Our professional-quality door hangers are eye-catching and right there when your potential clients reach out to open their door.

Door hangers are one of the most underrated elements of marketing and have great potential to making an impact on prospects. They are the picture-perfect option for marketing your business in your local area and are one of the most cost-effective ways to make large groups of potential customers aware of your brand or business.

Custom Design Door Hangers

Our custom design door hangers are simple to distribute and take very little time to hang if the prospective client is not home when you knock. It is a very effective form of advertising as it grabs their attention as soon as they arrive home. Custom design door hangers can be hung on doors, gates, and virtually anything with a handle in full view of the customer.

Custom door hangers printing is a fast and simple way to spread your branding to local customers. You can easily target towns and neighborhoods with geo-specific marketing, and they easily slide onto almost any door with ease. Custom door hangers printing can also be completely personalized and can include your complete brand imaging as well as information relating to your products and services.

In this swiftly developing world of direct advertising tactics, custom door hangers are a very effective way to reach potential customers. Hanging your brand or company information where it will be seen immediately on entry is a perfect way for your local company to build its brand awareness.

Our Custom Printed Door Hangers are available for print on several durable paper stocks and you can utilize double-sided printing, which offers a massive amount of space for eye-catching imagery on one side, and important text and contact information on the other, to maximize your marketing impact with extreme confidence.

Not only are custom door hangers usable for marketing they have many other purposes including informational door hangers and do not disturb signs.

Full color customized door hangers

Even the greatest marketing campaigns on earth will be wasted without the appropriate target, and your target should always comprise of people or businesses who are ready to buy your products and or services when they receive your customized marketing materials. Door hangers are extremely effective at attracting the right attention as they allow you to target precise locations and the people who live in these locations based on the products and services your business provides. Door-to-door marketing is a simple way to eliminate marketing to the wrong demographics.

What Are Door Hangers?

Door hangers are a very effective way of up-selling within your business through high-quality visible advertising in your customer’s direct vision. Door hangers are one of the most effective ways to direct potential customers to your business based on your direct marketing. These quality printed door hanger cards allow you to advertise your advertising campaigns and in a cost-effective and detailed option. The highly-effective design of our door hanger printing delivers an innovative marketing solution for all businesses.

Uses for Door Hangers

There are many uses for door hanger printing options that we supply and depending on your type of business or the campaign for the products or services you offer, you can deliver your printed door hangers to a specific audience. As an example, if you are a company that sells fences or gates, you can specifically target companies that don’t have fences or gates.

Door hangers give you an opportunity to welcome, caution or instruct passers-by as well as the following options.

Do Not Disturb Door Hangers

Our door hangers are available with a customized do not disturb printing option to suit different budget requirements and multiple applications.  Do not disturb door hanger printing is a great idea for hotels with large capacity accommodation. Do not disturb door hangers are a fantastic way to let your customers know that you care about their privacy when they are visiting your hotel. Do not disturb door hangers can also be distributed to students and can be printed with any relevant information about the campus they reside on.

Rear View Mirror Hangers

Rear view mirror hangers are an affordable option for car rental companies and can be used for a broad range of applications like vehicle servicing completion tags, vehicle servicing reminder hangers, vehicle service center advertising, parking permits, car hire information, and access permits. The options are only limited by your imagination.

Custom Shape Door Hangers

We can custom design door hangers to suit any shape you desire. From product specific or brand specific shaping to clever marketing options, there is no limit to shapes for your custom door hangers.

Promotional Door Hangers

Promotional door hangers are a simple and effective way to promote your business. Options to entice clients or customers to use your door hanger for a long time include adding calendars to your door hangers. Add your company logo and contact details and a range of your services to keep your customers coming back for months.

Door hangers are a low-cost marketing solution, and they are the perfect item to mail out, or personally deliver with your other marketing materials. They are a great addition to any marketing campaign and are even more useful for new businesses. No matter what type of business you are in, custom printed door hangers will get you noticed in a way that traditional advertising cannot.

Door Hanger Shapes and Sizes

Our custom door hangers can be cut or printed into any shape or size, however, the most common sizes for effectiveness range from 3.5″ x 8.5″ up to 4.25″ x 14″. Our precision routers are used to cut our custom door hangers, and shapes and sizes are not limited to rectangles or squares. Removable custom door hangers can be used on any type of handle or knob. Doorknob hangers printing is available with many options and sizes to choose from.

Customized Printing

We use long-lasting UV ink, and our superior printers produce customized door knob hangers printing up to 1440 DPI. Our custom door knob hangers printing allows for an infinite range of colors, and our non-toxic fast-drying formula is safe for the environment.

Our team of in-house highly skilled designers can work with you on the design of your door hangers design ideas from the beginning and will ensure your custom door hangers design ideas are the perfect solution for your branding and application needs. We can match custom door hangers design ideas with your other advertising mediums for all round branding continuity.

Why use us as your preferred custom door hangers printing design suppliers?

Our customization techniques on our custom door hangers printing will give your business the edge it needs to be noticed.  And our business is designed to help your brand become better noticed. Our aim is to portray your brand at the level you want it to be seen, if not at a higher level and our focus to this purpose shows in the quality of the product we create for you. Your branding is one of the most important aspects of your business, and our team can help guide your brand towards a successful marketing campaign.

Door Hangers Customization Options

Our printing door hangers are entirely customizable and available in quantity runs up to 25,000. Printing door hangers can include brand coloring, logos, high-resolution photographs, and any other type of graphics you can imagine.  The hanging cards are not restricted to shapes, and we can cut the printing door hangers to any specific measurements. We also offer same day door hanger printing.

Easy to Use – Custom Door Hanger Printing

Our custom cheap door hanger printing requires almost no installation. Once your cheap door hanger printing arrives it takes no effort from unwrapping to displaying your custom door hangers.  Our customized cheap door hanger printing provides excellent value for money and they are a very resourceful way to reinforce any advertising campaign. Imagine a product that targets your potential clients with distribution potential of up to 1000 deliveries to new leads every day.

Durability Of The Custom Door Hanger

Our printing door hangers are cheap marketing products that are also very durable. Your custom door hanger printing will last the full duration of any targeted advertising campaign, and far into the future.

Door Hangers Pricing

Our printing door hangers are cheap, and pricing varies depending on the quantity you want to be printed. Contact our team to get pricing suited to your needs and requirements.

Door Hanger Printing Care

Your hangers feature a gloss or matte finish for maximum visual appeal, and no specific special care is required to ensure a long life is achieved. As most of our door hangers will be distributed to your new clients and existing customers, the only care you need to take is removing them from boxes and distributing.

For hotels who intend to reuse their door hangers, a simple wipe over with a damp cloth will keep them clean and reusable for years to come.

Customized hangers are no doubt one of the most effective forms of brand awareness and product marketing around, and you can enjoy the benefits of a competitive difference and utilize them to portray some of the best means of brand awareness you can imagine. If you want to know more about how to order your customized door hangers, contact us today for a sample or purchase your door hangers directly from our website using our door hanger template.

Call us today at 800-205-9005 or send us an email to discuss your printing options.



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