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DOT Magnets


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There are a wide variety of uses for DOT Magnets. There are even a variety of definitions. For some, they are signs that comply with the department of transportation regulations. For others, they are literally magnets in the shape of a dot. Whichever one it is you want, we can absolutely help you get there. We are a full-service print shop and we can help you brand, promote, and advertise your business. In addition to that, we can help you ensure you stay legal, whether it’s on the road, in a store or at a fair.

Dot magnets strong are suitable for use on vehicles, while dot magnets for fridge still pack a healthy punch. They’re a quick and simple way to hang your child’s latest piece of art to the fridge. An efficient way to organize your calendar, and a powerful way to apply asset numbers or other information to vehicles. Never underestimate the power of DOT magnets.

DOT Magnets For Trucks

Vehicles that are CMV designated need special identification that meets both state or federal requirements. That means that certain signage is necessary for these vehicles to avoid tickets and penalties as they operate between states. Many companies choose to create permanent graphics to help identify their fleet of vehicles. Luckily, we can help you with either DOT Magnets or permanent signage. There are a lot of reasons why some businesses don’t invest in permanent graphics. Firstly, it’s an expensive process for businesses with large fleets. Especially if it’s a simple change in information. DOT Magnets for trucks are the perfect solution to keep magnet signs in place. This can be your own permanent solution or just to serve until your new graphics are rolled out to the entire fleet. Our magnets are the perfect way to stay lawful without the investment of permanent decals.

We can customize the product with your company information, as well as the relevant requirements as set by your state or the federal transportation needs. You can use color dot magnets so that they contrast against the vehicle’s body. They are easy to remove, easy to reuse, and they will adhere to any metal surface. This is an excellent option if you frequently need to change dot magnets from vehicle to vehicle. We use high-quality material to stand up to the elements of the road. Just check with state regulations as some require permanent signs. In which case, we can still help you just with a more suitable product. Generally, the department of transportation number should be three inches tall, but again, check with the department of transportation first. The rest of the information should be fine at two inches tall.

DOT Magnets

The majority of states require DOT magnets on both sides of commercial vehicles. They can’t blend into your paint job, so it’s important to choose something that stands out and is easy to read. That means if your fleet is white, black is a good option. The regulations state that your information needs to be legible from 50 feet. That is during daylight hours and while the vehicle is stationary. You can easily edit one of our templates to ensure you meet legal requirements. So, before you set off on the road you should let us create the magnets to keep you safe and legal. You can choose from a variety of sizes, colors, and shapes.

Dot Number Magnets

In other dot magnets news, they’re also an exceptional ideal for businesses that lease or rent vehicles to other operators. Removable magnetic signs will allow you to use the proper signage on your vehicle in a matter of seconds. Reusable signs mean you can easily switch out signage from vehicle to vehicle. It’s going to save you money and time.

DOT number magnets are another excellent solution, whether you print the number onto the magnet or use the magnets within numbers to identify your home, business or vehicle. Dot magnets are one of those solutions that can be used in just about any way and method that you like. We also offer a variety of magnetic decals for other business uses. For example, real estate agents often use magnetic decals to advertise their business as they drive around town. As do a number of other types of businesses. There really isn’t any industry that magnetic signs aren’t suitable for use in.

Self Adhesive Dot Magnets

With self adhesive dot magnets you can pop them on just about anything for a more durable magnetic attachment. They easily adhere to the back of your sign and attach to the metal surface. They’re sturdy, durable, and perfect for use on fridges, tool boxes, and beyond. When it comes to dot magnets for fridge, it’s important to consider how they can play a role beyond your home kitchen. On the commercial side of things, businesses must complete fridge temperature checks to ensure they are within the legal range. Little dot magnets can make that process a little easier. It means never losing the paperwork and more importantly, never missing a temperature check.

Small Dot Magnets

So, you have a small space to work with but you still need magnets? Small dot magnets are the perfect solution for you! If all you have to work with is the side of a filing cabinet in a small office cubicle, these are the perfect way to keep your planner visible. You have to make do with what you have and sometimes that means getting a little bit creative with the tools that support your day. It may be that you use color dot magnets to plot your week.

It could be that you use small dot magnets to hang a dry erase board. None of that matters to us, what does matter, though, is ensuring you get the exact product that you need to make your life easier. That’s what we do here. Which is exactly why we offer such a wide variety of different dot magnets options. Whatever it is you want, whatever needs you have, we can fill them.

Colorful Dot Magnets

When it comes to getting the best of your kids, well, colorful dot magnets can make the difference. Stickers work, sure. Using color dot magnets means that you can continue to use the chore chart and have a fresh start each week. Your kid doesn’t need to be reminded with a sad face or a blank square of where they let you down in the last week or month. Instead, you have a completely fresh start as each new week starts. What could be better for their motivation? You can’t underestimate the power of a great chore chart. It can keep kids focused on the responsibilities you are giving them. It’s a visual representation of their progress. Using magnets is a creative way to get the job done, whether it’s for children or messy roommates who struggle to do their fair share.

Dot Magnets Refrigerator

Color dot magnets can help you organize your chore chart, your week, your month, and beyond. You can use small dot magnets on your planner to stay on track and use colors to plan it. Blue for work-related events, red for priority jobs, yellow for fun, and well, you get the drift. You can do it however you like, the point is that color dot magnets just make the job that much easier. This goes for use in the home, at the office or even in the classroom. As long as you have a metal surface, you can use magnets to make your life more organized and… a little bit more fun. If you have a creative idea, don’t be afraid to ask us if it’s possible. You might not think it is, but chances are we can do it. So, what will it be? Are you looking for dot magnets refrigerator use or is it magnetic signs for trucks that you are more interested in? No matter what it is, we are proud to be the company that can help you with both.

Display Dot Magnets

Whether you’re interested in polka dot magnets or flat dot magnets, we can help you create your display dot magnets. Magnetic signs, round dot magnets, we can do it all. If you want to order yours now, get in touch with us to discuss your needs. You can email us, call us at 1-800-205-9005 or use the live chat option. If you have any questions or queries about DOT magnets or display dot magnets, then feel free to ask! One of our trained technicians will be more than happy to walk you through our products and advise you on which product is right for you. You may also want to browse the rest of our website before you contact us. We can help you with a wide variety of products. Maybe you want vehicle wraps or business cards, maybe it’s banners or flat cut letters. Either way, we can help you create all of that!

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