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Elevator Wraps

Wrap your lift doors with your logo, promotions, surfaces and the sky is the limit from there. Elevator wraps are a growing trend. It powers individuals to take a look at your logo, products or services.


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Custom Elevator Wraps

Visual marketing is one of the most critical aspects of any physical business location, and elevator wraps could be the solution you’ve been seeking. As the world becomes more distracted with technology, your business must use innovation to capture their attention at every turn. One excellent way to do this is to utilize the spaces you usually would not consider for advertising or marketing and maximize their use. Elevator advertising is the perfect example of an easy way to generate more income or impressions for your brand.

One of the best spaces in any multi-level building is printed wraps in an elevator. You should consider how many people use your building’s elevator each day. Take note of how long they are stuck staring at it waiting for the elevator to arrive. It makes perfect sense that elevator wraps are the ultimate place for your marketing campaigns. Elevator ads can include your brand event graphics, or you can sell the advertising space to others.

Customized elevator graphics are becoming very popular. Now is the time to seize your elevator space and create the perfect marketing solution for your business. Elevator graphics regularly introduce new people to your products, events, sales or services. That is going to deliver an ideal space to get your message across.

What are Elevator Wraps?

Elevator wraps or ads are a quickly rising trend that essentially forces people to see your products, events, sales or services, and increases your brand awareness without costing a fortune.

Elevator wraps or skins are a vinyl sticker that prints on high quality with perfect photo resolution. You can advertise products events and more, or you can add character to a blank space. The ideal solution to brighten up the area where your building’s elevator sits boring is with custom elevator stickers.

It serves many purposes, from advertising your business to adding a splash of color to a dull room, & generate income for anyone. Can you imagine selling the space to a different client every month, and the revenue that could raise?

Elevators are the best solution to advertising revenue, & you can advertise for any of the following, & more. The options for printing are never-ending. In the case, people are paying you for the use of the ad space.

Events: Advertise your events or client events to new visitors to your building every hour, of every day.

Products: Advertise your products for everyone to see using wide-format custom printed 3d pictures, prints in 1440 DPI resolution, for spectacularly real imagery.

Sales: Custom printed elevator advertisements are the perfect solution for upcoming sales.

Services: Let hundreds of people every day view the types of services you offer.

Non-advertising purposes: Create an entirely different vibe for the room.

Elevator Clings For Special Occasions

One more way to customize your space with advertising elevator stickers is with unique occasion elevator clings. From Christmas and Easter to Thanksgiving, Independence Day, LaborDay, Columbus Day or any other holidays you can imagine, we can create a cover to suit your space. We will design, print and install customized elevator wraps to entice new business.

A custom elevator wrap can create a whole new ambiance for a business space by completely changing the decor & the rider’s experience. Elevator wraps don’t just stop at the doors either. You can completely custom print the inside as well. No more will riders be forced to avoid eye contact through poorly placed mirrors.

With custom printed elevator interiors, the foot traffic will remember the one thing that took away the elevator awkwardness. Your Ad! One more fact about custom printed elevator graphics is it is simple to remove. It means no stress you re-branded, or have finished with your advertising campaign.

Custom Elevator Graphics: Specs

Shapes and Sizes

A low-cost, durable and economic system for a prestigious finish that you can use with next to no maintenance. We have many different color options to ensure you have the perfect branding match for your elevator doors. Elevator door dimensions can vary per building.

Your customized elevator wraps can be cut to virtually any size or shape you require and are compatible with our custom printed 3D wall decals. Our precision CNC routers are used to trim our wraps & stickers. Your imagination only limits the shape and sizes. They can be attached to elevators made of metal, timber, glass and almost any other material. It is the creative signage solution to transform any lift into a moving advertisement where the foot traffic is highest. We can print for any size elevator door & can wrap complete multi-story elevators exposed to traffic.

Customization Options

Our elevator graphics are entirely customizable and available in whatever size you need. They can include logos, brand coloring, high-resolution photographs, and virtually any other type of graphic you can imagine. The decals can die cut into shapes, and we can size the wrap to your specific measurements.

Your elevator wraps advertising can be applied and used in:

  • Offices
  • Malls
  • Airports
  • High Rise Office Buildings
  • Residential Buildings
  • Hotel elevator wraps
  • Medical Center door wraps
  • Motels Door wraps
  • Hospital elevator wraps
  • Restaurants, Clubs, and Bars

Elevator Wraps Customized Printing

Our high-quality printers can produce graphics up to 1440 DPI, and we use long-lasting UV ink. The use of UV ink allows for an unlimited range of colors and the fast drying; the non-toxic formula is environmentally friendly to produce. We offer matte or high gloss lamination for high traffic areas & permanent displays. We have a team of highly skilled in-house designers available to ensure the product is perfect for your branding and application needs. Elevator wraps generate instant awareness for your company’s products, sales, & services, your branding and ideas, & can be an excellent source of income for building owners.  This exclusive form of publicity can be applied to inside or outside & can last for months without any need for maintenance, offering economical advertising. Take advantage of increasingly popular advertising space by using elevator wraps from Nonstop Signs.

The Benefits of Elevator Wraps

  • Personalized company branding opportunities
  • An excellent foot traffic engagement strategy
  • Communicate your brand message
  • Advertise new product releases
  • Showcase charities
  • Event branding for conferences or expos
  • Easy to install
  • Affordable
  • Easy to remove
  • Elevator doors advertising is exceptionally high
  • Flat and Smooth construction
  • Multiple Colors Available
  • Customizable
  • Printable
  • Brand Awareness
  • High-Density Material
  • Fast Turnaround
  • Very Durable

Why use us as your preferred Elevator Wraps suppliers?

With years of experience in the printing and wrapping industry, we have a team that will work with you from project start to finish to ensure the desired outcome in a timely and professional manner. We can help you design a complete campaign for every elevator door within your building to ensure you utilize space to its maximum capacity.

Easy to Use

Our elevator wraps are easy to install. You don’t need to stress about messing it up. Our customized graphics products provide excellent value for money and are an efficient and effective way to reinforce any advertising campaign.


We design our products for visual stimulation. It will have a long-lasting impact, no matter how high or low the foot traffic is in the space. They don’t wear quickly and require minimal maintenance. We use 3M Vinyl for all of our custom elevator skins.

Elevator Wraps Pricing

As most of our products are custom sizes and shapes, our pricing varies for every job. Contact our team directly to discuss your options for customized elevator wraps.

The Process Of Elevator Wraps Installation

Our custom elevator wraps graphics are simple to install yourself, or you can have our team fit them for you. The simple steps for small sized wraps installation are below:

  • Clean the mounting surface off first with your regular cleaner
  • Allow it to dry completely
  • You may need two or more people to lay more massive wraps or decals properly
  • To smooth out air bubbles, use an adhesive spreader or soft squeegee
  • One time installed the vinyl takes about 10 minutes to fully bond and set
  • Enjoy the new business it draws

Our custom graphics are simple to remove

  • Plastic ones are the best choice for surfaces that you don’t want to scratch.
  • Gently peel from the edges
  • You can remove any remaining residue by cleaning with rubbing alcohol

Elevator Wraps Care

Your elevator wraps will come with a gloss, matte or textured laminate finish for the maximum look. For this specialized care is required to ensure a long life. You need to be careful of the drive sheave & the hinge pin for installing especially in high-rise buildings.

  • The laminate can be cleaned daily with a cloth and soapy water on most elevator door wraps.
  • Do not use high-pressure spray guns and harsh chemical cleaners on elevator wrap decals.

What types of elevators can use a wrap?

  • Hoistway elevators wrap
  • Elevator cab wraps
  • Hospital elevator wraps
  • Elevator door wraps
  • Residential elevator wraps
  • Space elevator wraps
  • Hydraulic elevator wraps
  • Traction elevator wraps
  • Stainless steel elevator wraps
  • Door panel wraps
  • Door Wraps
  • Pneumatic elevator wraps

Enjoy the benefits of a competitive difference and utilize the best means of brand awareness you can imagine. Want to know how to buy customized elevator wraps? Ask us for a sample today or purchase directly from our website.

Give us a call at (800)205-9005 or send us an email today and we can chat.

You can see all of our custom wrap options on our page here: Vinyl Wrap, or see a few more ideas below!

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