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Engraved Plaques


Whether you want to memorialize someone, commemorate someone or you want a unique way to promote or congratulate; engraved plaques are ideal for business and personal use.

Materials Used for Engraved Plaques

Engraved plaques are made of the metals aluminum, brass, bronze, copper and stainless steel. Other engraved plaques can be made of acrylic, other flexible plastics and crystal. Your choice of plaque material will be based on where it sits. Whether the plaque will sit outside, and be weathered by the elements, or inside, and be shielded from the sun, wind, rain, heat and cold. Your choice of plaque material will also depend on the memorial event you are celebrating, the person’s spirit and personality you are celebrating or mourning, and your own various needs and desires from an aesthetic vision.

Artistic Markers and Precise Perfection

Chemical etching, also known as chemical milling, is a process dating to the Middle Ages, whereby the precise details of complicated artwork are etched onto our many metal surfaces for engraved plaques. We use baths of etching chemicals, which we regulate by temperature, to reshape the plaque metals into the desired artful casts.

This part of the process, combined with our precision and cast tooled plaques, provides an almost exact replica of the actual artwork itself. The quality is simply astounding. Seeing is believing with the beautiful mix of exceptionally detailed etching on our engraved plaques.

For the Indoors: Inside Plaques

Our inside plaques contribute to the interior design of your home as pieces of artwork. They also contribute to the winner’s sense of self-esteem and pride, creating a feel-good aura in the home.

Engraved Plaques for Picture Frames

Engraved plaques with photos make permanent a paper or digital photograph. Permanent, etched photographs are transferred with what is called halftone images, i.e., an image made up of freestanding dots, instead of continuous tones. When seen at a distance, these dots blur together and look like the lines and shapes of the photograph or image. This process provides a permanent, exterior-grade solution, which memorializes an image for a lifetime. In essence, our engraved plaques for picture frames can create permanent photographs of the important people in your professional or personal life.

Engraved Plaques for Frames

Engraved plaques with photos do not only have pictures as artwork which can be etched onto an engraved plaque for frames. Awards and recognition can be memorialized within a plaque of brass, bronze, copper, stainless steel or aluminum. Any artwork, sayings or another verbiage can be engraved onto metals as thin as 1/16” thick. We also laser engrave anodized aluminum or polished black granite to created engraved plaques for frames.

Engraved Plaques for Awards

We engrave personalized plaques for those worthy of recognition for all occasions. We offer engraved plaques for awards for employees, sports participants, students for academic achievements, and anyone else for which you would like to recognize for special accomplishments. We work with you to give you exactly what you need.

Engraved Plaques for Trophies

Our engraved plaques for trophies can be created with metals or with flexible engraving sheet stock. Duets Contours is a fairly new engravable surface with a burst of rainbow colors to add to trophies and other plaques. This colorful addition adds pop to sports trophies for young adults.

Engraved Appreciation Plaques

Engraved appreciation plaques are created to show appreciation for all kinds of life events. Whether it is a job anniversary, educational milestone, or personal milestone, engraved appreciation plaques come in all shapes and sizes, and we help you memorialize what you want, how you want.

Engraved Aluminum Plaques

Our engraved aluminum plaques are not chemically etched. Rather, the aluminum is laser engraved. Laser engraving involves a laser beam which burns off the surface of the metal to expose the layer underneath. The process is quick and easy. Engraved aluminum plaques may be used for any address, frame, bench, door, desk, trophy or other types of plaque products.

Engraved Brass Plaques

Engraved brass plaques are great for downtown offices, awards or the military. Brass has a highly polished look which exudes a regal, stately or professional aura. These are also found in museums and government offices as a tasteful option.

Engraved Crystal Plaques

Engraved crystal plaques are perfect for weddings, or for certain types of employee recognition programs. Engraved crystal plaques have a look and timeless elegance all of their own.

Engraved Door Plaques and Engraved Desk Plaques

Engraved door plaques generally announce the name, address and/or room number of the inhabitant. Engraved desk plaques typically announce the name of the person who sits at that desk. The styles of these are as diverse as the desk owners. We can etch any engraved door plaques and engraved desk plaques of your choice.

Engraved Plaques for Display Cases

Whether you are displaying military awards, sports trophies or other professional awards, we can help you design perfectly engraved plaques for display cases.  After you have a display case or shadow box, simply let us advise you of the type of metal or colors and lettering that would complement the piece of furniture to maximize the artistic effect of the display.

Engraved Graduation Plaques

Engraved graduation plaques are guided only by your imagination. You can capture the spirit and essence of your graduate by your choice of metals – aluminum alloy, brass, bronze, copper or stainless steel – or acrylic, crystal or flexible engraving sheets for their pop of color. Further details are captured by your choice of engraving technique – cast, precision-tooled or etched.

For the Outdoors: Exterior Engraved Plaques

Our exterior engraved plaques stand the test of time. The finishes we use – brass, bronze, copper, stainless steel and even our paints – all passed our rigid and uncompromising in-house laboratory testing standards. These tests included hours of exposure to moisture and humidity, heat cycles, ultraviolet light and salt fog. We know that our custom engraved plaques for awards, appreciation, outdoor benches, urns and headstones will last a lifetime.

Engraved Plaques for Headstones

No matter the type of headstone – granite, stone, bronze or another material – an engraved plaque for a headstone of an outdoor cast metal will help your loved one’s memory live on forever, reminding family and friends of the character traits for which to strive. Designing a plaque for a headstone is just as important as the choice of the headstone material itself. You should also think about what type of orientation – flat or upright – you deem proper for the person you are memorializing.

Engraved Plaques for Cremation Urns

Engraved plaques for cremation urns have memorial nameplates etched with the names of those loved ones who have passed on, along with any other information family members, friends or colleagues deem appropriate. This memorialization etches the memory into the minds of everyone. These engraved plaques for urns sometimes highlight special qualities befitting of the loved one. Tradition meets innovation whereby our precision tooled plaques are simple to customize and quick to create. Brass, bronze, copper and stainless-steel alloys can be etched with names, dates, sayings and other heartfelt thoughts and wishes. Laser engraved anodized aluminum is also available. You may choose recessed or raised lettering, and even line art.  Engraved plaques for urns help to memorialize your loved ones in a manner befitting and reminiscent of the person.

Engraved Plaques for Benches

Our products include exterior signage as well as interior signs. Engraved plaques on benches, whether indoor or outdoor, can be mounted with brass, bronze, copper or stainless-steel signs memorializing special people, special occasions, special projects, or even special pets. Engraved bench plaques are a unique decorative addition to any garden, home or business location.

Engraved Garden Plaques

Engraved garden plaques may welcome visitors to the garden, calling the garden by name, announcing a dedication or memorial to someone, or anything else you can imagine. Engraved garden plaques on stone benches can be particularly striking and reminiscent of meaning.

Engraved Address Plaques

Engraved address plaques and home signs announce the geographic location of your place of residence or business in a style of your own choosing. Using our chemical etching processes and our precision cast tooling techniques, we create the look you want to announce the design that is your own.

Personalized Exterior Plaques

Personalized exterior plaques are weather-resistant signs and memorials that have been proven to weather all storms. Our visually stunning exterior engraved plaques have been mounted at garden, tree and building dedications, at botanical gardens and to memorialize cemetery lots, including pet memorials. Our cast exterior engraved plaques offer permanency and architectural depth which lasts a lifetime.

Engraved Plaques Near Me

There are so many reasons to engrave, etch or cast plaques. From employee awards and announcing a graduation or birth to remembering a loved one who has passed away, life’s moments are never-ending and forever remembered when engraved on a plaque. Whether you are designing a headstone or bench for the outside or a trophy plaque for a display case, search for ‘engraved plaques near me’ to find the right designer, installer and materials to create the perfect memorabilia or better yet, let us provide you with stunning engraved plaques. Contact Non Stop Signs and Engrave Your Memory Today! Call 800-205-9005 or send us an email and we’ll be happy to discuss your engraved plaques requirements.



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