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If you are in the market for high quality etched plaques and awards then you have come to the right place. There are plenty of customizable options for you to choose from, the size, shape, and material are entirely in your hands. So is what you use your new laser etched plaques for. You can customize each of your etched glass wall plaques with your company name, a logo, and the message that you are looking to memorialize. In fact, we can even produce photo etched plaques.

Etched Plaques and Awards

There are plenty of reasons why you may be interested in creating etched plaques and awards. But whatever your reason, the detail is key. Creating laser etched glass plaques or wood, there is a lot of small lettering and detail required. It means precision is key to created stunning etched plaques and awards. When it comes to the material of choice consider the size and weight of intended laser etched plaques. And whether you will be hanging them indoors or having them installed to an external wall.

Photo Etched Plaques

Photo-etched plaques are a wonderful memorial option for a variety of reasons. Whether you’re dedicated a building to an important donor who has passed on, you are looking to memorialize an important loved one or creating photo etched plaques for another reason, it’s important to get it right. We simply take the photo of your choice and imprint it on your photo etched plaques. Acid etched plaques create photos that resemble newspaper print, while you can memorialize a classic car, too, by choosing a laser-etched plaque of your car or your cat, whatever floats your boat (yes, we can even create a laser-etched plaque of your boat or perhaps just a plaque for your boat).

Etched Metal Plaques

The versatility of etched metal plaques makes them difficult to overlook when you’re looking for a plaque solution. There are so many mental types available that it means you can use your acid etched plaques outdoors or indoors. Whether it’s a time capsule, a dedication, memorial or award. Etched metal plaques are incredibly popular. If you’re looking for an award solution then you may want to stick with the etched wooden plaques for awards. This is the more traditional style, though, a modern solution would be etched metal plaques instead. The look you choose will likely depend on the acid-etched plaques intended purpose and the industry that you work in.

Etched Aluminum Plaques

Are you looking for a lightweight acid etched plaques solution? Your best bet might just be laser etched aluminum plaques. It’s much lighter than the likes of etched brass plaques which means you have more options when it comes to mounting. The inner walls of your office are going to be able to hold this type of plaque much easier than a heavier alternative. While you can also hang etched aluminum plaques outdoors, when it comes to laser etched memorial plaques aluminum might not be the right material for you. Awards Etched aluminum plaques are perfection.

Not convinced as to whether laser etched aluminum plaques are right for you. You can always opt for etched stainless steel plaques instead. The beauty of etched metal plaques is that you have so many choices to create the perfect look for your laser etched memorial plaques or awards.

Laser Etched Wooden Plaques

Rather than going full metal, you can instead choose laser etched wooden plaques. While laser etched plaques serve a variety of purposes, etched wooden plaques for awards are a good look. Whether it’s employee of the year, a sales award or token awards for your annual employee party choosing acid etched plaques is a good look and an employee would be proud to walk away with such a slick plaque. Of course, there are more awards to be had than for employees for military awards, community awards, and more consider laser etched wood plaques.

Etched Glass Wall Plaques

If you’re ready to toss the old out and forge a new path when it comes to award giving, then perhaps etched crystal plaques are more your speed. Laser etched glass plaques might come in a variety of materials, but just imagine presenting etched glass wall plaques to people who have earned the honor of the awards you’re handing out. It doesn’t get more special than etched crystal plaques. Of course, it isn’t just awards that etched glass wall plaques serve well, you may be interested in etched glass donor plaques as well.

Etched Crystal Plaques

Organizing a community event that is giving a nod to the biggest contributors to your locality. This is when etched crystal plaques come into their own. Community person of the year, realtor of the year, donor of the year, and the list really goes on when you think of all the ways that etched crystal plaques are the perfect award solution. Sure, you could go with any laser etched plaques, but etched plaques and awards in the crystal and glass range really add a touch of class to any major event.

Etched Granite Plaques

If you are looking to create seriously unique etched plaques and awards then you may want to consider etched granite plaques. No one should reach a milestone or taste success without that moment or milestone being memorialized with stunning laser etched metal plaques. Every extraordinary moment should be rewarded, a noteworthy honor is a perfect moment for etched granite plaques to be rolled out as a thank you, a well done or a nod to success. It’s the ideal plaque award for anyone who has gone the extra mile or a bit unique themselves.

Etched Brass Plaques

If you’re interested in creating a plaque featuring a favorite quote, a scripture verse, an inspirational statement, words of affirmation or something else along those lines then etched brass plaques are the perfect way to bring those to life. They don’t just make stunning wall decorations for offices and homes, laser etched plaques are wonderful gifts, too. Whether it’s an anniversary, birthday, graduation or even a wedding gift, you can use etched brass plaques to inspire those around you on a daily basis. Alternatively, you can create etched metal plaques for yourself and they can be as inspirational or aspirational as you need them to be. With the option of various sizes, you can take your etched brass plaques to a whole new level. This is also an effective solution for churches and community centers.

Etched Bronze Plaques

Etched bronze plaques are another excellent solution for a variety of purposes perhaps you’re looking to create a nameplate for your office door (or desk), creating etched metal plaques as gifts for your wedding party or you just want to create your own laser-etched plaques to decorate your home or office. There are a ton of uses for etched bronze plaques and all you need to do to get started creating your own etched plaques and awards is contact us with the details of what you want to create. We can take your ultimate vision and make it a reality.

Etched Memorial Plaques

When something or someone deserves to be memorialized far beyond their lifetime then laser etched memorial plaques are a must. Whether it’s a building dedication, laser etched plaques for a memorial or gravestone or even a wedding gift to remember the special loved ones who were unable to be a part of the day, you can create something truly special with stunning etched memorial plaques. These are generally produced as cast bronze plaques not stainless steel plaques for long-term durability. Cast plaques use laser engraving machines for a unique bronze brass look.

Glass Etched Signs

Engraving machines can also produce really unique glass teched plaques and signs. Glass etched signs offer a more modern finish than traditional cast bronze and wood plaques. Custom plaques in glass are great for award plaques. Etched glass signage will last longer than engraved metal signs because the glass will not fade or dent.

Laser Etched Metal Plaques

There are so many uses for etched metal plaques beyond the ones we have already covered, just take a look at some of the various solutions that may interest when for your laser etched plaques.

  • Address plaque
  • Nameplates
  • Signs
  • Armed Forces Seals
  • Armed Forces Plaques
  • Bench Plaques
  • Medallions
  • Markers
  • Headers
  • Impressions
  • Numbers
  • Photos
  • Boat and ship plaques
  • Government seals
  • Historical signs, plaques, seals, and markers
  • Identification markers, seals, and plaques

Additionally, you can elect to opt for etched granite plaques, etched zinc plaques, etched metal plaques, etched bronze plaques, etched brass plaques, etched aluminum plaques, stainless steel plaque, custom engraved plaques, and even a laser-etched plaque of your car.

Laser Etched Plaques

If you are in need of etched metal plaques then we can help you. We can provide you with laser etched plaques customized to your exact specifications and needs. You can simply order online or contact us directly to get started on your acid etched plaques. You can call us at 800-205-9005 or simply email us. If you have questions about etched plaques and awards please feel free to contact us directly to talk through any questions or concerns that you may have. We’re happy to offer advice and guidance on the laser etched metal signs that are right for you.


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