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It is important to plan an event early to ensure you get access to the best accessories at the right time and event tents are a great way to ensure your business stands out. Different occasions require certain kinds of specifications and focus. Here at Nonstop Signs, we provide professionally printed event tents for any occasion.

Benefits of event tents

  • They are heavy- duty and durable
  • We provide full-color printing services
  • Have multiple tent sizes available
  • We provide multiple accessory options
  • They are easy to assemble
  • Our fast production time

Types of event tents

In order to have a successful event, having proper accessories and commodities are important. Before choosing an event tent you need to make some considerations such as; the occasion, guests, legacy, type of people who will be there, weather, time of the day, and the budget.

Canopy Event Tents

Canopy event tents are for large events such as carnivals or community events. They are commonly used in sheltering from sunlight, and for smaller events. They are useful for backyard parties in an informal setting.

Clear Ten

A clear tent has a stylish vinyl top that is transparent, making it ideal for any event reception in the evening. It will be possible to view the sky and stars efficiently. The transparent material helps to give an illusion of a bigger space.

Traditional pole tents

Traditional pole tents are ideal for any occasion, including weddings, corporate occasions, family gatherings, school occasions, casual parties, evening parties, and neighborhood events.

They come in a variety of sizes with a high peak that ensures proper circulation of air in the tent. It is possible to decorate the tents with fabrics and pole skirts to make them more presentable.

Pop-up canopy tent

The pop-up canopy tent is small and lightweight. It is easy to erect and remove at any convenient time. They are ideal for exhibition occasions or sports events where each participant has his/her own platform.

Sailcloth Tents

Sailcloth tents are ideal for either daytime or evening occasions during any weather pattern. You can erect them in the pole or frame versions which depend on whether it will fit for the occasion.

This event tent normally gets support by wooden poles and a translucent sailcloth material with clean lines that enhance its simplicity and beauty. Unfortunately, it is not useful for all surface types as it requires an extensive staking with guy-wires. It also features a high peak with a pointed roof that makes it spacious.

Dome Tents

Dome tents are ideal for product previews, sporting events, event registrations and any other outdoor event. However, they are not ideal for occasions that have an open flame to use. Uniquely, they must attach to blowers that run at all times.

Cross-cable frame tents

One can erect cross cable frame tents on any surface; concrete floor, decks, grass, dusty ground, patios, and pavements. They don’t have a center pole that can inconvenience anyone but can have a sidewall if desired. Due to their high peaks, they can withstand windy weather. If you have a couple of the tents, you can combine them together to form either an L-shape or T-shape. Cross cable frame tents are useful for birthday parties, baby showers, bridal showers, engagements and small functions.

Structure Event Tents

Structure event tents are ideal for long-term installations. They are made from a heavy aluminum frame that provides a strong resistance towards the wind. These tents don’t require center poles, ropes or stake lines. They also feature tension-free side walls.

Frame Event Tents

These event tents require minimal staking with no center pole. They are ideal for weddings, receptions, birthday parties, engagement parties, and large functions. They are normally customizable according to the expected number of guests and accessories available for the occasion.

If you decide to have one with the side walls it will enhance a private feeling. The side walls also feature clear vinyl windows that allow the sun rays to penetrate through. The metal frames help to keep the fabric in place that allows installation on almost any surfaces. The flexibility of the frame provides a large open space within for easy organization.

Pole Tents

Just as the name suggests this kind of tents normally have a central support pole that is erected in the middle. The pole is normally decorated to ensure that it blends in with the other accessories. They also normally have numerous side poles and staking along the perimeter of the tent. The side walls enhance a more private look and feel. Pole tents are beautiful and very elegant for any occasion.

Nonstop Signs Event Tent printing services

Here at Nonstop Signs, we offer affordable event tents printing services. Depending on the kind of tent you want to use, we can customize it to make it have a personalized feel.

Why Use a Professional Event Tent Printing?

  • The graphic will help speak for your brand
  • In the case of a sporting occasion, team members will easily recognize their tent.
  • It will help direct fans to their favorite sports team
  • Acts as an advertising platform
  • It will make your brand stand out

We offer high-quality affordable event tents printing process that ensures we meet all our client’s specification. Any custom graphic (logo, picture, imagery, word art) can be placed on any of the tent tops.

Promotional tents are very effective if in need of marketing your brand at exhibitions or various occasions. We normally customized the event tents at the side walls, covers, flags, banners, labels, tent signage or bags.

We also incorporate custom commercial event tent graphics that are directly printed on the tent tops. All our event promotional tent prices are affordable and cost-friendly for all clients. We ensure that we make promotional event tents that will last for long when looked after well.

Pop-up event tent and canopy print

Be assured that our tents will be eye-catching in both indoor and outdoor settings. The event tents printing services and design can be incorporated on all four sides of the canopy and panels or differently. We offer affordable printing services for the four lines of pop-up tents. If you need custom printed 10×10 pop-up tents we won’t disappoint.

Canopies and pop-up tents act as an excellent marketing tool for brand awareness and creating an awesome experience.

Custom event tents printing

Our event tents design and printing are fully dye sublimated allowing easy printing of the logos, brand designs, and any images. They can be printed on the canopy, valances or side walls to ensure the gazebo stands out. Our custom event tents printing is very efficient for business exhibitions and if you would like a custom event tents printing price, feel free to contact our team.

We also provide custom event covers according to your specifications.

Custom Built Gazebos

In order to choose an ideal custom built gazebo, there is a need for proper scrutinizing. We will ensure we build the gazebo strong enough to withstand any climate changes in the environment.

You can either decide to have the whole gazebo branded all over or just have the front of the canopy printed with the logo. Our custom pop-up event tents and gazebo come in three sizes that you can choose from. With the right kind of printing, you can be sure it will increase your visibility.

Custom Table Tents Printing

These table tents are efficient for promoting specials, upsells, new creations, deals and upcoming events. The table tents will definitely attract your customer’s attention. They are perfect promotional items for special events, bands, occasion packages, catering services, and service locations.

For this, we offer some printing options depending on the table tent size, size and customization options. When placing on the table you just need to use the three scored lines for folding and the two die cut slits to connect to the base. The simple interlocking design makes it easy to assemble and disassemble the table tents for storage.

We ensure that we make custom table tents that are simple and compelling. We use quality materials such as a gloss cover stock with water resistant, UV coating that provides a beautiful sheen.

Custom printed canopies

Custom printed canopies go a long way in setting one’s display from the rest. It even increases the popularity and professionalism of a certain brand. We offer different types of shapes, materials, and colors to match your brand and budget. A captivating, custom printed canopy will go a long way in helping potential customers to understand what you are selling.

Customized screen-printed tents

Our outdoor event tents are manufactured from a lightweight and durable fabric that resists fading, water damage, staining, tearing or ripping. If you’re attending a trade show or heading to a business fair, farmer’s market or concert, it’s a great idea to promote your business through custom commercial event tent presentation. You can choose from full tent advertising or you might simply place your logo in a strategic position.

There are generally two types of a custom screen-printed tent; classic mode and corporate mode. The classic mode includes the logo printed on both the edge panels and upper body of the tent. The master corporate type depends on the tent design and construction and printing will be done depending on your marketing message. If you would like event tents printing price, or even something more specific like a custom printed 10×10 pop up tent price, contact our team today.

Why choose us?

As a business owner, it is important to take advantage of all options that can help promote your brands such as customization of the tent, table tent, display tables, and brochures. We will ensure we provide professional event printing services for any occasion.

We assure you of satisfaction and quality with our printing services. If you want to advertise in the best way possible, why not give us a call on 800-205-9005 or send an email today for a competitive quote and an experience to remember.


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