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We believe that custom boxes printing provides you with an opportunity to strengthen your brand Custom-printed event tickets, also allow your event patrons to differentiate your event from others and hence you can present an attention-grabbing ticket with keepsake professionalism. Add the final touch to your event with nonstop signs custom printed event tickets.

Custom Event Tickets Make Your Event Stand Out

We are professional printing specialists. For first impressions, we know your need. Attention to detail defines a business from the competition. And at the time you are running high-quality events, you need everything associated with the event to be of a high quality too, and so it means tickets. We can design, create and also print customized event tickets to suit your specific requirements.  For this, we also offer low prices to suit your budget. We have a broad range of custom-printed products to match with your event tickets, including event ticket envelopes, custom event stickers, & event tents, as well as marquees. It’s easy to broaden your branding horizons with NonStop Signs to create a complete branding package for your event, no matter how big or small it is.

Our event tickets are offered in many exclusive styles with multiple sizes and also cardstock options. However, our varied selection of custom printed event tickets will suit all your event needs.

What Are Event Tickets?

Event tickets are one of the most effective ways to make a memorable event. Event tickets are a practical way to ensure your ticket sales are accounted for. It is an essential way to ensure event security is tight. Our event tickets allow your event-goers receive tickets that allow them to safely as well as legally enter your event.

Customized Printing of Event Tickets

Our high-quality printers can produce personalized event ticket graphics, and also we use long-lasting UV ink. The use of UV ink on our letterheads allow for an unlimited range of colors. The fast drying, non-toxic formula is environmentally friendly to produce we have a team of highly skilled in-house designers available. We ensure your custom event ticket printing is perfect for your branding as well as application needs.

Types of Custom Event Ticket Available

We use the highest quality perforated event tickets to suit your event’s needs. We can also supply perforated event tickets for physical as well as digital distribution. Our Event Tickets are printed using high- quality stocks and finishes for the professional touch your event needs. Numbered tickets are essential for paid events, and also our customized perforated numbered event tickets will ensure that all entrants are paid and accounted for. Event tickets are perfect for fundraisers, raffles, charity galas, theatre tickets, gift certificates, school dances and anything requiring a numbered system of ticketing. We can supply standard and special size event tickets with many different styles and we can help you deliver your message in the best way possible.

Digital vs. Printed Event Tickets

For so many people, printed event tickets are essential for concerts, sports competitions, events, etc. The modern ticketing outlets often use digital ticketing systems available for use on smart-phones and also on other devices. Many enjoy the physical printed tickets; it is so perfect keepsakes from events. Printed event tickets offer opportunities for sales made in advance of the event. At the time you send out your event tickets to the purchaser, you can also send flyers or postcards to give details of your event or upcoming events your company or sports team is involved in.

Numbered Event Tickets

Numbered event tickets are also an excellent option to know precisely the number of tickets have been sold. If the venue your event is being run at has a maximum capacity for crowds that need to be followed, numbered tickets are the best way to control head counts. Our numbering system works off the customer provided CSV Data File, to you are welcome to discuss with our design team.

However, most of our tickets have a choice of 9 different numbered areas on the ticket depending on what suits your design layout. Our tickets are perforated 1.5″ or 2″ from the right or bottom of the ticket for easy tear-off. Numbered tickets are far more functional, and the perforation option simplifies the process of selling as well as inspection of tickets.

Custom Event Tickets Printing Sizes and Specifications


  • Available in a wide variety of sizes ranging from 2″ x 5.5″ up to 4.25″ x 11″

Run Sizes

  • 100 to 2,500 per order (for orders > 2,500 contact our design team to discuss)

Stock Types

  • 100lb Gloss Cover
  • 16 PT
  • 18 PT C1S

Coating Options

  • Full UV on Front only
  • No Coating
  • UV Coating
  • No Coating

Event Ticket Uses


Music Event Tickets

The most commonly used event tickets are for music events. Music events have been popular for decades. And also tickets have been a popular keepsake for music lovers across the globe for tickets have been around. Create a unique ticket that people will remember your event by. Offering your tickets in printed as well as digital versions mean your patrons can have the easy access of a digital ticket from their smart-phones. And also have the option to keep a physical version to take home and keep forever.

Sports Event Tickets

Sporting event tickets are popular similar to music tickets for keepsakes. Your sports event tickets allow you to create a unique ticket that people will remember your event by. Offering your tickets in printed as well as digital versions mean your fans can have the easy access of a digital ticket from their smart-phones. And also have the option to keep a physical version to take home and keep forever.

Arts & Theater Event Tickets

Create unique and also a high-quality ticket for your theatre shows as well as art events. Our design team can help you create a unique ticket so that people will remember your event by.

Comedy Event Tickets

Our team can help you create high-quality tickets to your comedy events or also to festival shows. Contact our design team to discuss your design. We also have comedy event ticket printing options.

Food & Drink Event Tickets

Tickets work as a great way to monitor food as well as drink purchases or also giveaways at events. Contact our design team to discuss your options.

Benefits/Charity Event Tickets

We can create cost-effective options for ticketing of your benefit or also of charity events. Tickets can be used for entry and special door prizes, also raffles. Numbered systems matching your attendee’s names can make it easy to address each prize winner individually.

Conference and Seminars Event Tickets
For conferences and seminars, keep track of your attendees with printable event tickets. Numbered tickets matched with attendee names are a great way to create mailing lists for future events.

Why Use Us as Your Preferred Event Ticket Printers?

Your branding is the essential aspects of your events, and so as we aim to help you represent your brand at the high level, you want it to be seen. We deliver industry-leading print times on all our custom printed materials including event tickets. Our emphasis on the quality of the product we create for you is flawless. Our business is designed to help your brand become better perceived, and our customization techniques on our products will make your business noticeable against your competitors.

Event Ticket Customization Options

Our event ticket graphics are entirely customizable and also are available in a range of sizes. Your custom event ticket can also include logos, brand coloring, high-resolution images, as well as virtually any other type of graphic you can imagine. Contact our design team to see what options we can create for your events.

Other printing options so as for your customized event ticket printing include:

  • Keepsake worthy
  • Variable Data Options including barcodes, numbering, QR Codes and more
  • Changeable Perforation Options
  • UV or White Ink
  • Holographic Effects
  • Foil stamping

Event Ticket Printing Is Easy

Our tickets are simple to distribute, well-packaged and also provide excellent value for money. It is an efficient as well as effective way to reinforce any advertising campaign for your next event. Event tickets center is responsible to see the event dates and see the ticket availability online and responsible for purchase with a good customer service, tier pricing. Now a day many big parks, theme parts use such concepts as Disneyland park, free park. You can purchase tickets online, avoiding the Que and reserving your proffered seats They are simple to post. Send them out in some of our custom printed envelopes with your event branding printed to your specifications.

Event Ticket Pricing

If you are selling tickets to a music event, a comedy event, sporting event, arts or theatre event you are most likely looking for some form of low cost or cheap ticket printing solution. We offer competitive prices as well as superior quality.

Contact our design team today for a personalized quote on event ticket printing options. We ensure it to suit the purpose of your business needs. Enjoy the benefits of a competitive difference as well as utilize the best means of brand awareness you can imagine.

Conveniently place an order by using our online checkout system. Use our free template for printing event tickets to create your designs. Or call us on 800-205-9005 to discuss a completely customized event ticket printing run.


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