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Fabricated Metal Letters


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Fabricated metal letters look just like flat cut metal letters from the front, but the secret is that metal fabricated letters are hollow backed. This makes them the perfect middle ground for anyone with walls. It can’t take particularly heavy loads or an excellent solution if you want to choose a backlit look. The beauty of metal fabricated letters is that they’re suitable for use both indoors and outdoors. They look amazing whether you go with the backlit letters or without the LED upgrade. At Nonstop Signs, we specialize in Gemini fabricated metal letters and channel letters.

Fabricated Metal Letters

If you want to capture a modern look that screams high-end, fabricated metal letters are the answer. They’re available up to 5’ thick. It is the perfect solution for any business or organization that wants to get great depth in their signage solutions. Again, for more impact, you can choose backlit letters. Regardless of which way you go, these metal letters offer you an attractive signage solution, no matter what type of business or organization that you operate. We only use lead-free silver solder fabrication and sheet metal for all of our metal sign letters.

How To Cut Metal Letters?

We know how to cut metal letters. Nonstop Signs make anything from stainless steel letters to aluminum letters. We have a wealth of experience in producing fabricated metal letters to the exact specifications of our customers. Our experts cut our metal fabricated letters using a CNC machine, which is programmed before cutting begins and leaves no nanoparticles in the air. It’s the most efficient way to produce precision orders for our customers who order fabricated metal letters. They come in a variety of size options, too, from just a few inches tall to almost 40 high. When it comes to the thickness you can stick with just half an inch or go full force with 5’ depth. If we are producing a thicker fabricated metal product we use our waterjet cut process for a perfect custom sign.

Small Metal Letters

Whether you have an order for small metal letters or large ones, know that our precision solution for cutting your metal lettering can efficiently deal with even the smallest letter option available. It doesn’t matter what type of custom cut metal signs you are looking for. We create a stunning metal sign to help your business stand out from the crowd. For smaller metal lettering, we often use a plasma cut process to create the dimensional letters. Plasma cutters and laser cutters can cut aluminum, cast metal, fabricated stainless steel letters. It can cut many other metal products with ease.

Backlit Letters

There’s nothing more dramatic than choosing fabricated metal letters with LED backlighting. Each of the sign letters is inserted with low-voltage LED modules of the highest quality. It is then provided with a Lexan backer. When it comes to installation, your sign lettering should be floated from the wall, using the included spacers. It will create a stunning final effect of backlit letters. These are often referred to as channel letters or illuminated letters. The results are truly stunning, whether you choose to install your signage outdoors or inside. Additionally, you can install backlit letters on panels. It makes it easier to access the LED modules. It solves the problem of the wall surface not being the ideal place for your signage.

Sign Lettering

There are a few considerations to make before you settle on whether to choose metal fabricated letters with backlighting or not. First, you need to ensure that there’s an electrical junction box either nearby (either in the ceiling or behind the wall). We are happy to provide the transformer that you need to power the LEDs for your fabricated metal letters. Additionally, you need to be able to access to run the wiring from the sign to the junction. Of course, backlit fabricated metal letters pricing runs higher than standard fabricated metal letters. But the finished product is more than worth it.

Metal Numbers

Are you are looking to select large metal letters or metal numbers for an address? The fabricated metal letters for wall signage is ideal. Metal sign letters and numbers can be used for all letters and logos. You won’t need to worry about clients and customers driving past your building your metal numbers will be clear as day. There is nothing worse than having your business in a poor location or hidden because of badly designed signage that is too small or just not eye-catching enough you don’t have to live with that signage when you can choose Gemini fabricated metal letters.

Custom Cut Metal Signs

There are standard finishes when it comes to our laser cut metal letters. You can choose a polished look, satin brushed, a natural satin finish or go with paint. Your finish is entirely up to you, but you can create the perfect sign lettering that communicates your brand and image to passersby.

It doesn’t matter whether you want a solid color metal signpost or a cut metal finish these eye-catching signage solutions are the perfect choices, no matter what type of operation you’re running, whether it’s a law office, bank, community organization, church or even a brand new small business looking to make a big splash. Remember, metal letters come in various sizes, so we can create the perfect sign for the size of your brick and mortar building.

Letters For Signs Outdoors

There are a variety of mounts to choose from for your metal lettering and letters for signs outdoors and business signs. When it comes to fabricated metal letters pricing, the mount is included in the cost. If you want advice on which mount is right for the type of signage you’re choosing, then you can contact us directly for advice or guidance. We have a wealth of experience in the business and are happy to help you stay on the right signage track.

You can choose strap mount, which sees metal straps soldered into the back of laser cut metal letters. This isn’t suitable for backlit lettering for signs. The side mount has an L bracket glued to its back, while the shadow-free mounts are used for larger letters. The only way this mount would be suitable for small metal letters is if there is padding to create a flush mount.

Metal Wall Letters

For metal wall letters, can also choose a steel back mount, a Lexan back, an engineered stud or a top or bottom stud. The latter two are suitable for smaller sign letters, but the engineered stud is a must for large stainless steel sign letters. Whether you want metal fabricated letters in small or large we can easily provide you with the perfect mount for your metal letters. We generally recommend reverse channel letters or illuminated letters for these metal wall signs. Sheet metal can be used for a clean metal finishing.

Lettering For Signs

If you’re looking for suitable lettering for signs and architectural letters for your offices, retail store, community organization or even church, our fabricated metal letters are the perfect answer. Some of the biggest businesses across America have chosen stainless steel sign letters, the likes of Kroger, JPMorgan, Exxon Mobil, Caterpillar, and even IBM made the choice to use fabricated metal letters to create their branding. You would be in good company if you too chose stainless steel or bronze colored metal fabricated letters.

Fabricated Metal Letters For Wall Decor

We have spoken a lot about just how excellent Gemini stainless steel sign letters are as a business solution. However, metal letters for wall decor are equally amazing. If you are interested in creating a piece of wall art that speaks a message you can do so with galvanized metal letters. Whether it’s the dining room of your home that you want to decorate with a blessing, a verse for behind the pulpit of your church or inspirational messages for the bedroom or boardroom we can help you create them with metal letters for signs.

Cut Metal

We build your stainless steel sign letters to your exact specifications and finish them exactly as you wish. We can produce your product to the size, depth, and finish you want and help you create a metal channel look that will leave your competitors in the shade. Fabricated metal letters create a stunning finish, whether you are using your signage solution on the exterior of your building or you’ve installed your metal letters indoors.

Fabricated Metal Letters Pricing

Your total cost will depend on the size of sign letters you need, how many letters you need us to create for you, whether you want them backlit, and what type of finish you prefer. We always produce products of the highest quality and we work to create the ultimate letters for signs outdoors.

Why Choose Us For Metal Fabricated Letters?

Why choose stainless steel letter buy online? You are choosing to buy American products that are made right on our premises by our experienced technicians. The design potential for your metal wall letter selections is virtually unlimited. Our stainless steel sign letters are the perfect solution if you’re looking for depth and a backlit sign.

We have been in the business for a long time and we know what works best for each of the products that we offer, which means we are happy to work alongside you to create the perfect solution for your business. There are so many metals, fonts, styles, and colors to choose from that we can create your fabricated metal letters exactly how you imagined them.

Ready to get started on creating your metal signs? Contact us by calling 1-800-205-9005 or you can email us. We are standing by to tackle your queries and discuss any aspect of the project you would like to discuss. We can also discuss sketches, fabricated metal letters pricing information, and offer you advice on which metal letters for signs are the right fit for your business and your brand.

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