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Face Lit Illuminated Letters


You don’t need to be open all hours to keep the lights on with face lit illuminated letters. The beauty of face lit illuminated letters is that they’re on 24/7, which means that no matter when people pass by your place of business they’re going to know who you are. What better way to ensure you’re always noticed than with face lit signage. If it’s not constant advertising that you’re interested in, a face lit sign might still be the solution for you – it’s an attention-grabbing signage solution, attractive, and professional. When you’re open in the evening face lit letters will light your customer’s way – without face lit signs how will customers know that you’re open late?

Face Lit Channel Letters

Face lit channel letters are illuminated individually – they are usually just 3” or 5” in depth, and feature a flush mount. The illumination is internal so your face lit letters remain lit constantly. You will likely recognize this as you see face lit illuminated letters shopping mall. The face lit letters usually feature LED lights and while three and five inches are the most common depths, you can go as small as an inch or larger, if you like. You can contact us directly to discuss custom sizes for your face lit signage.

Office Face Lit Illuminated Letters Sign

Whether you are looking to light up your office space with face lit signage or it’s a retail store that you are looking to brand, office face lit illuminated letters sign solutions are an excellent option to ensure your customers and clients know exactly where to find you. They’re not just great for office spaces, though, face lit letters are great for games rooms, garages, restaurants, and bars, too. It’s a creative twist on the traditional neon sign that you can use to create whatever type of face lit signage you want. Why not design face lit signage featuring your child’s name and hang it in their bedroom? Or, create face lit signs in your family name and hang it in the hallway to serve as a nightlight for your little ones – there are so many uses for face lit letters.

Are Face Lit Letters A Good Choice?

If you’re wondering why front and back lit channel letters are the right choice for you? They are luminous in the evening and highly visible during the day – such is the beauty of halo lit channel letters. Front and back lit channel letters are often referred to as internally illuminated letters, so you may be more familiar with this terminology. Once upon a time, it was neon tubing that did the job in face lit channel letters, however, now there is a more efficient solution – LED lighting. We can fabricate your face lit letters in any font, any size, and into any shape, letter or numbers.

Installing Face Lit Channel Letters

Your face lit channel letters can be installed on a raceway or directly to the fascia of a building – however, each one of the face lit letters needs to be installed individually. Just to note, a raceway is a panel (or box) that serves as a mount, running the length of your face lit signage. Now, this can be directly mounted to the fascia of your building. Your mounting decision may not be up to you, how you install your face lit signage may hinge on city regulations or owner guidance if you’re a renter. If you’re unsure of what rules and regulations you may be subject to when hanging face lit signs then it may be wise to look into what guidelines you need to follow before you decide on your face lit letters mount.

Replacement Face Signs

If you already back face lit letters in place but they have been damaged you don’t necessarily need to fully replace your face lit sign. It is possible to create replacement sign faces. It depends on the area that is damaged if it’s just your face lit letters that are damaged then it may be possible to produce replacement covers that will have your face lit signage looking brand new. If you’re not sure whether you need replacement face signs or a brand new face lit sign then feel free to contact us to discuss your signage needs and we’ll happily offer advice on which face lit signage solution is right for you.

Face Lit Illuminated Letters Shopping Mall

Every good shopping mall brags major face lit signage. It highlights every business that you’ll find within the shopping mall and ensures you get prime attention when cars pull into the mall. Face lit illuminated letters shopping mall will help direct traffic to the right parking lots to get people to the stores they really want to visit and if you don’t participate you could miss out on valuable foot traffic. Some stores being present in a mall is enough to cause passing cars to pull in and check it out, so never underestimate the power of face lit signs. That goes for standalone stores, too.

Face Lit Illuminated Letters Road Sign

If you’re in a strip mall or a truck stop then face lit illuminated letters road sign solutions are exactly what you’ve been looking for. A face lit logo sign is what you need to ensure that passing traffic notices you. It’s difficult to capture attention when you’re located in a busy strip mall, people are used to driving on by and only stopping for a specific reason – but with face lit signage you’re sure to get noticed. This is especially important when you are launching a brand new small business – so don’t overlook the power of face lit signs.

Face Lit Illuminated Letters Cost

When it comes to face lit illuminated letters cost it really will depend on the size, length, and details you want to be involved in your face lit signage. In truth, face lit channel letters are a signage solution that you can’t afford to ignore. It’s also incredibly important to note just how cost efficient halo lit channel letters are when it comes to energy usage. Additionally, the cost of your office face lit illuminated letters sign will depend on the material you choose. You can choose face lit letters from stainless steel, aluminum, gemlite formed, radiance acrylic, and even luxe precision tooled. You can have your front lit channel letters installed on the exterior fascia of your building or install it on internal walls. The choice is yours – face lit signs may prove to be a unique gift for a collector friend.

Face Lit Sign Options

There are very few signage solutions that are as efficient as face lit letters. The LED light modules that are placed within your halo illuminated letters will be based on the shape and size of the letter – it’s important that the lighting is evenly distributed throughout the face lit logo sign, which is why we go to great lengths to ensure we get it right. We won’t under-populate certain face lit letters to compensate elsewhere. We will create a face lit sign that will strengthen your brand, improve your image, and increase traffic to your business.

Face Lit Letters versus Back Lit Letters

Backlit letters offer something a bit different – generally, they are opaque, though they can be finished in any color that you prefer. The reason that people tend to choose backlit letters is so they can create a glow that enhances the look of their backlit letters. This solution is one of the oldest signage solutions on the market and there’s a reason that backlit letters have maintained their popularity over the years. Back lit letters are generally mounted to create a floating effect which creates a halo glow effect around the letters – it’s definitely more eye-catching than other solutions, and we are happy to provide the correct mount with your face lit signage order.

Face Lit Letters versus Halo Lit Letters

If it’s halo lit letters you’re looking for then this is a different mount – forget flush, you want a floating installation as this will help create an even glow around your face lit signage. You can’t create that glow without providing the backlit letters with a bit of space. Ideally, for halo lit letters you will choose an opaque face, though, a halo glow can be added to any face lit letters. What we can do with front and back lit channel letters will astound you and impress your clients and customers – if it’s a professional signage solution you’re looking for then halo lit letters are the answer. (check out our page on Halo Lit Letters for more information)

Choose Us For Face Lit Signage

If you’re ready to get your order of face lit signs ordered then you can follow our online form or contact us directly to discuss your requirements. You can call us at 800-205-9005 or simply send us an email via our website. If you have any queries, concerns or specific requests feel free to call, we are happy to offer guidance and advice on your front lit signage and any other products that you may be interested in.



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