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Stand out amongst your competitors with Falconboard signs that shine. Falconboard prints are made for attention-grabbing and are 100% customizable, which makes them ideal for showcasing your branding or logo to potential (and existing) clients.


What is Falconboard Printing?

It is a lightweight, paper-based, signage option for businesses everywhere. It’s ideal for a range of display options and is manufactured 100% from paper. Highlights include:

  • Good dimensional stability
  • Hexacomb finish
  • Flat surface
  • Smooth prints
  • Superior quality print
  • Excellent fabrication
  • Table and die-cutting possible
  • Lightweight
  • 100% recyclable
  • Strong
  • Easy to mount on walls
  • Dent resistant
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Bend and break resistant


Falconboard Specs

  • Thickness ranges from .25 inch to 3/8 inch, .5 inch, .75 inch, 1 inch, 1.5 inches, 2 inches, 3 inches, and 4 inches
  • Standard sheet sizes vary, with a range of options available, including:
  1. 48″ x 96″
  2. 48″ x 120″
  3. 60″ x 96″
  4. 60″ x 120″
  • Custom sizes are also available.


Interior Use

Foam board in the interim offers an inside brief signage arrangement that is thicker and more sturdy than a standard layered plastic grass sign. Foam board signs are excellent for introductions and other purposes of procurement and retail methods. Falconboard signs are for interior use only, made from a thick hexacomb patterned cardboard with a white face or black face, which is why it’s best to keep it out of the elements. Don’t be fooled though, it might primarily be paper, but its superior quality makeup makes it resistant to bending and breaking.


Enviro Board Falconboard

The thickness ensures it’s durable and long-lasting; it’s also 100% recyclable! That not only ensures your branding will last the distance, but it provides your business with an eco-friendly edge. The inner material, along with the white or black surface, is fully recyclable which makes it the most environmentally friendly option when compared to foam or PVC.


Why is it better than foam boards?

It’s a fantastic substitute for traditional foam boards which are generally made using polyvinyl chloride, polystyrene or polyethylene predominantly because it’s 100% recyclable. You can go with this as this is going to last longer and you can have this at an affordable cost. Which also means that you can keep them indoors and out of the elements.


Falconboard Displays

A little different to contemporary signs, these displays are ideal for indoor use, so you can show the best of your branding or products at trade shows and presentations, for purchase displays and exhibits, or just for the wall of your office or store. If you’re taking your business to the latest industry expo, your presentation is guaranteed to attract the right attention. These can be contour cut, folded if required, cut to specific shapes and even used to create 3D display signs for a look that’s unique.


Custom Signs Falconboard

Falconboard can be cut and printed to suit your specific business requirements. You could be looking at promoting your logo, or bringing photos of the entire staff team to life with cut-outs, we create custom signs and images to suit. Choose your company’s tagline or find a quote you love, list your services and products, or include contact information so potential clients can get in touch.


Falconboard Furniture

Furniture is not only eco-friendly, but it looks great as well. We have the full range of hexacomb design options in case you’re attending an event, or you need display cupboards. Ask us about the right size and thickness to be able to achieve the look you want.

Furniture Types

Falconboard stand: Ideal for a lightweight option to those heavy metal stands you see most people have at expos. It will be easier for you to carry with you, and you can choose a size to suit the space you have booked. It’s also great for the interior of retail stores.

Falconboard bench: If you’re looking for something a little different, talk to us about a bench template range. You might be able to create a unique design to match ensuring you stand out.

Falconboard walls: One of the best ways to stand out from the competition when you’re attending an expo or trade show, is to separate yourself.  You can have your logo, personal designs, photos and more printed during the build process. That is so your branding truly sets you aside from anyone else. You could also use these as a great way to create pop-up retail stores, or for change rooms that are interchangeable.

Falco board chair:  It is flexible enough that you can make all types of furniture, including chairs.


Falconboard Printing

High-quality graphics, sharp quality of print, with an impeccable finish. They can be printed direct, laminated, painted, upholstered or veneered.

Because these prints are so lightweight, they’re easy to transport and install. Use it for display boards, to enhance your retail displays in-store, for business presentations, cardboard cut-outs, or hang it on the wall for a budget-friendly art option. You can even print on both sides, providing added flexibility. Our range of print options includes:

  • Single or double-sided printing
  • Spot color screen printing
  • Full-color digital print that goes directly onto the material
  • Full-color vinyl print that mounts

Finishing options:

  • Strut: Designed to give you a freestanding exhibit
  • Falconboard cutting: Allowing you to die cut the board into any shape you like.
  • Lamination: Choose from a dry wipe finish that gives an arty edge, to an anti-graffiti finish that can’t be spoiled, a gloss or a matte finish to highlight a modern look or classic feel.


  • Luminous
  • All White
  • All Black
  • Print
  • Build


Art prints on Falconboard

A budget-friendly option compared to buying expensive artwork if you’re looking to enhance your office or retail store, have your favorite pictures printed onto the board. It will look amazing, save you a fortune, and because it is lightweight and easy to install; fine art prints on


Falconboard sign and billboard

From simple signs to use without your store, to advertisements that can lead people to you, we have the products for you. It is okay to display board with interior signage, unique structure, color reflections and a mix of traditional methods with rigidity.

It seems that Billboards are ideal for an indoor setting. However, you can use them only on sunny days. Because on a sunny day the elements are not likely to harm the print quality or design.


Why use us as your preferred Falconboard suppliers?

Providing you the best quality prints is our aim, and we do investment for this, to justice your business. Nonstop Signs have been operating for over ten years, and we are the best in the Falconboard kraft arena. Previous clients have always been happy with our work. The team here at Nonstop Signs prides itself on providing you with quality artistry and high-quality template designs to suit every requirement. We want to work WITH you, not for you. Our friendly staff will sit down with you and learn all about your business to ensure you’re getting value for your money. We want you to succeed as much as you do.


Where can you go for Falconboard ideas?

Get in touch with our team, and we’ll tell you everything we know. We are a manufacturer based in San Diego. We have offices in Las Vegas, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.  You can also look at the PCA Website to get more ideas.


Falconboard Pricing

Depending on the size you require and your purpose, pricing is great for any budget.



Ready to start your Falconboard prep?

Choose from a full range of shapes, styles, sizes to suit your requirements. Get creative by using these throughout the office or store. That will highlight some of your favorite products, with a high-quality UV ink print that complements everything your business stands for. Are you considering purchasing these wholesale in bulk? If yes, then you can get high-quality products to boost the company that no one else will have, here.

Falconboard vs. Gator Board

Falconboard is much more durable than Gatorboard.  It is a green-friendly alternative to foam board or corrugated plastic.

How do you print Falconboard?

We generally produce these prints on our Seiko Colorpainter, Gandinnovations Jeti, Roland Solvent Pro, or Screen Truepress printer. We are using the same machines to print polyvinylchloride PVC and Duratrans prints. These are a UV print with pigmented ink. For prints with thicknesses over .5″ or double-sided printing for three-dimensional displays, we recommend using an inkjet printer with a flatbed.

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