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Feather Banners & Feather Flags


Market your business wherever you are with eye-catching Feather Banners.

    • Single or double-sided Flag Banners
    • Easy to set up and install Feather Flags
    • Perfect Banner Flags for temporary or travelling promotions



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Feather Banners & Feather Flags

Feather banners are the best for event signs and advertising feather flags.  Custom signs like flags and banners are great but they are stationary while feather banners move around in the wind.  We’re not talking about target practice signs (though that would be fun), we’re talking about a subtle movement that catches the eye but still clearly displays your message. If you agree, then feather banners are exactly what you’re looking for.  Feather banners are lightweight, portable flags which are made out of a tear-resistant and printable nylon material. The feather banners frame keeps the banner relatively rigid along one side, while the trailing side gently flutters in the wind. This fluttering motion provides minimal distortion to the image, but people are drawn to the look & sound.


Feather Flags Durability

Our durable, custom feather flags are easy to transport and install, plus the simple designs allow you to change the image without purchasing new hardware.  Your feather flags should last at least 3 years when taken care of properly.  When you are not using your feather flags, be sure to bring them indoors.  The spring-loaded frame folds like a tent pole, and the feather flags roll up easily for compact transport, making feather flags perfect for trade show signage. The feather flags banner itself is printed on both sides with fade resistant inks so full-color graphic messages remain vibrant outdoors and grab attention from all directions. Feather flags are durable, lightweight, affordable and will draw more attention to your business than traditional outdoor signage.  The feather flags come in several different sized banners that are hard to miss.

How to Exhibit your Flag Banner

Your flag banner comes with 2 options for installation. The first option is ordering pole stakes for your flag banner.  Flag banner pole stakes easily into the ground as long as you have a dirt or grass surface.  The 2nd option is to order an x-stand base also known as a cross base for your printed flags. The x-stand base for your flag banner is great for installation on hard and paved surfaces.  The x-stand base will weigh down your flag banner and you can add water to the base for more turbulent weather. Your flag banners will make striking, easily visible roadside advertisement for sales and branding. Line up multiple feather banners in a row to create attractive entrances to storefronts, and add ambiance to weddings and sporting events.  Let us be your one-stop shop for all flags custom and stock made.


What type of businesses can use Flag Banners?

Flag banners are great for attention-grabbing for any business, non-profit or convention center.  One of the most common applications for flag banners is real estate feather flags or car dealerships.  These flag banners can be used for open house feather flags or for any other outdoor advertising.  Another very common use for flag banners is church feather flags.  Church flag banners are great to bring awareness to your church.  Custom flag banners can be great for any retail business.  If your business is along a busy road, you can put flag banners out every morning to attract clients and you usually do not need a sign permit.  If you are interested in buying 10 or more flag banners, we can offer wholesale feather flags to get you better pricing.  Some companies order custom flag banners for every single location and see an immediate increase in customers.


How long does it take to setup my Feather Banners?

Feather banners and wind flags are really easy to set up.  You should be able to setup your feather banners in under 90 seconds each.  Simply unzip the case that your feather banners come in and remove the pole and feather flags.  Extend the fiberglass pole and set up your stake or x-base for your feather flags.  Feed the pole through the feather banners until it hits the end and simply place the feather banners on the stand.  When you are ready to take down your feather banners, simply remove them from the base and take apart the fiberglass pole.  Make sure you fold your feather banners nicely to reduce wrinkles when you install them next time!


How can I clean my Banner Flags or Swooper Flags?

Over time your banner flags will get dirty and you will want to make sure they are cleaned properly.  Your banner flags are printed using a dye sublimation process so the ink is very durable.  We recommend taking your banner flags to a local dry cleaner who can steam clean them.  The ink should not run or fade on your banner flags if you use this cleaning process.  We recommend testing the cleaning of 1 of your banner flags first then if that works, clean the rest of them.  If you want to clean the stand for your banner flags, we recommend using Windex and a clean towel.


How do you print your advertising flags?

We produce our advertising flags in several different methods depending on how many you need.  It is a completely different production process than most vinyl banners or flags banners.  The most common method of printing under 25 advertising flags is a dye sublimation flag print.  Dye sublimation uses a print gassing process so your advertising flags absorb the ink instead of just printing on top.  This will reduce scratching your feather flags.  If you are ordering a high number of advertising flags, we may produce them using a screen printing process.  Screen printing is great for 1 color advertising flags in bulk.  If you want a cheap feather flag or wholesale feather flags, our screen printing is probably your best option.  If you are looking for multiple colors or images on your custom advertising flags then our digital printing will be the best option for you.


How many colors can I use for my Feather Flag?

Your feather flag banners can come in any color you want!  We recommend using a professional graphic designer when creating your feather flag for the best possible outcome.  If you do not have a designer, you can sit down with our designers to create the perfect feather flag signs.  If you decide to print full-color images or pictures on your feather flag, that is fine as well and there are no additional charges.  Keep in mind that you only have a split second to catch the eye of your potential customers using your feather flag.  With that in mind, we recommend keeping your feather flag signs 1 or 2 colors and use 1 large logo.  Some people ask us about custom colored feather flag poles and feather flag stands.  If you want to use a custom color for your feather flag pole kit we recommend using spray paint.


What sizes are available for my custom feather flags?

Our custom feather flags and banners come in 4 sizes.  The sizes are roughly 10′, 16′, 16.5′ and 20′.  These are also referred to as custom swooper flags.  If your custom feather flags are for indoor use such as a tradeshow or event, we recommend the 10′ feather flag option.  The 10′ custom feather flags can accommodate most ceilings so there should not be a height issue.  The 10′ option is also the best if you are looking for cheap custom feather flags.  If your custom feather flags are for an outdoor location, we would recommend one of the 16′ sizes.  The 16′ size will stand out above most other custom signs.  If you want to go all out with your custom feather flags then try the 20′ tall size.  20′ custom feather flags are about 3.5x the size of an average human so be ready for some serious head turning!


What if I need to order a new banner flag but not the hardware?

Ordering a new banner flag is easy.  Some of our clients order 1 set of feather flag hardware and then a handful of custom flags so they have a different banner flag for every event.  If you did not purchase your feather flag pole from us then we do not recommend using our banner flag.  There is no standard size when ordering a banner flag from different companies so we would hate for your custom flag not to fit on your feather banner pole.  If you want to order a new banner flag, simply send us your artwork and we will get a new feather flag sent your way within a week!

What if I need new hardware for my feather signs?

We get a lot of calls from our clients who lose the pole, ground spike or base for their feather signs.  We do shed a tear and hold a small ceremony in our office everytime this happens to your poor feather signs.  If you need to order a new base or swooper flag pole for your feather signs that are not a problem at all.  Just let us know what size feather signs pole you need and what type of hardware and we can ship a new one out to you same day.  Each pole for feather signs is a different size but the stands are the same regardless of which custom feather signs you've purchased.


Are your feather flags the best option for an event banner?

There are many different print and sign options to use for your event banner.  We take 2 event banners to every event we do, 1 is our custom table throws and the other is our feather flags.  If you are looking for an event banner that will separate you from the competition and make your space stand out then we highly recommend a custom feather flag.  The size we use for an indoor event banner is 10′.  For an outdoor event banner, we generally use the 16′ or 20′ feather flag option.


How long does it take you to make a feather banner?

A typical feather banner takes us about 5 business days to print.  If you need your feather banner flags faster then we do offer a same or next day turnaround but there is an added fee for the waste of material.  A feather banner order of over 25 can take up to 2 weeks to print.  We've turned around a feather banner of over 250 in less than 2 weeks.  If you are looking for a high volume of feather banner signs then please call our office so we can help you set a time frame.  If you are looking for a rush custom feather banner then please give us a call so we can get this into production as quickly as possible.


Can you produce double-sided feather flags?

We produce double-sided feather flags in 2 different ways.  First off, all of our custom feather flags are double-sided.  We print on 1 side of the feather flag then it bleeds through to the other side to create double-sided feather flags.  One side of the feather flag will be slightly brighter than the other side due to this print process.  This works for 90% of our customers who are ordering custom feather banners.  If you want true double-sided feather flags then we actually print 2 single-sided feather flags and sew them together using a blackout liner in the middle to keep the sun from shining through.  For cheap feather banners then double-sided feather flags are probably not your best option.  The nicest possible option is our double-sided feather flags for your flag signs.


Do you offer a feather flag template?

We offer free a feather flag template for all our of flags.  Please keep in mind that all print companies use a different feather flag template so make sure this will work for the feather flag sign you are ordering.  If you are having trouble creating the design within your feather flag template, feel free to call our design team for help or pointers.  We suggest you use Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop when creating the design for your feather flat template.

Small Feather Flag Template Single Sided

Medium Feather Flag Template Single Sided

Large Feather Flag Template Single Sided

Xtra Large Feather Flag Template Single Sided

Small Feather Flag Template Double Sided

Medium Feather Flag Template Double Sided

Large Feather Flag Template Double Sided

Can you create feather flags near me?

A lot of customers say hey, we would love to use you for printing, can you print feather flags near me?  Of course, our answer is always yes!  We ship our feather flags and other to all 50 states within the US and all of Canada.  We create feather flags in San Diego at our main office and production facility.  If you want to check out the facility where our San Diego feather flags are produced, stop by anytime!  For larger flag orders, we produce prints at our facility that prints feather flags in Los Angeles.  We want to be your one-stop shop for all high quality flags custom or stock.

Feather Banner Installation

Our default banner poles and swooper flagpoles are designed to install with the ground stake without much force. We offer free-standing bases for areas where you’ll be unable to puncture the ground like concrete. Our outdoor flag stands or free-standing bases are better for areas where you expect extremely high winds. When it comes time to disassemble and store your Feather Banner, the spring-loaded frame folds down and the banner can be rolled up for easy storage. We also offer a convenient waterproof carrying case to make your Feather Banner even easier to transport.

One of the things that makes our Feather Banners pole set so much more affordable than their alternatives for long-term signage, is the ability to use multiple banners with the same base. If you swap your signage seasonally (which is an excellent idea), you can store the banners when not in use and keep the stands where they are. It also makes replacing your banners cheaper as the stand will far outlast your banners with proper care. Our banners should last roughly five years with proper care, whereas our banner stands last a minimum of five years even with lackluster care. If you’re having trouble deciding on what type of base to get, just give our talented and experienced team a call at 1-800-971-3021 or contact us via our website.  


Feather Banner Care

Our nylon banners can be machine washed on a cold water, delicate cycle, then hang dry. Do not machine dry these banners! Alternatively, you can wipe them off with lukewarm, soapy water. We strongly recommend against using chemical cleaners on your banner. If you must use a chemical cleaner, we just ask that you do a small spot test to ensure the cleaner doesn’t ruin your graphic. With proper care, your banner should last roughly five years outdoors and even longer when used inside.

When it comes to caring for your stand, we recommend using warm soapy water. You have a bit more leeway with the cleaners you can use on your stand because the plastic and aluminum are more durable and less prone to blemishing than your banner. We recommend cleaning your banner once per week when it’s in permanent use and every time you store it. With proper care and consideration given to extremely harsh weather, your stands could last for ten or more years.  

Frequently asked questions about Feather Banners and Feather Flags

  • I run a doggy daycare center and I want a banner that I can move around and bring inside daily. Would you suggest the feather banner or a teardrop banner?
    • The feather banner's simple design lets you move it with ease, every day. It also comes with a weight bag for sidewalk/cement surfaces or ground stakes for softer/grassy areas, so you get to choose where to put it!
  • I'm looking to advertise on the busy street next to my business, and I wanted to make sure that the feather banner could withstand the wind.
    • Our waterproof, tear-proof Feather Banners were specifically designed to handle being placed in areas with strong winds. The nylon fabric allows most of the wind to move right through the banner, instead of pulling on it.  While these flags are made of the highest quality for outdoor use, they are still great for trade-show displays or any other indoor and outdoor event.
  • My logo is horizontal, but now I want it to be vertical to better fit on the feather flag. Does it matter if I change it…do you think it will make a difference?
    • Changing your logo from horizontal to vertical placement shouldn’t be a big problem. Just contact our talented and experienced design team. They will happily walk you through the entire process and help you make the conversion.
  • I'm going to be representing my company at a job fair, and I want to make sure we are noticed. What size feather flag should I order?
    • All of our custom Feather Banners are guaranteed to get your display noticed. They have a unique shape and when they flutter in the wind it attracts people’s eyes and ears.  Our high quality advertising banners will catch your eye much better than traditional retractable banners.
  • Can I purchase individual Feather Flag Banners for use with the same stand?
    • Absolutely, that’s one of our Feather Banner’s biggest selling points.  This is why most people prefer our feather flags over quill flags.  You can use one stand with as many different banners as you’d like.  This makes our flag kit the perfect for seasonal use.
  • Will my banner be printed on both sides?
    • Yes, the image will show up on both sides, but it isn’t a true double print. To have the image orientated correctly on each side, we’d have to sew two flags together. This is possible, but we DO NOT recommend it as this will double the weight of your banner and in strong lighting, parts of the back image will be visible.  The may also be known as custom swooper flags or flutter flags.
  • Can my Feather Banner have eyelets installed?
    • Our Feather Banners were designed to let the wind pass through and don’t need eyelets. However, every detail of your banner is up to you and we will happily install eyelets and any other finishing touches.
  • What resolution does my image need to be?
    • The resolution or DPI of your image really depends on the size of the banner and how complicated your image will be. Thankfully, our talented and experienced design team will happily walk you through the entire process and help you choose the right image.
  • What shape is more suitable for my needs?
    • This really depends on the theme you’re going for and ambiance you want to set. If you’re having trouble deciding, our experienced design team will gladly walk you through your options and help you decide which shape will best suit your needs.
  • What base should I choose for my Feather Banner?
    • The base you choose really depends on where you intend to display your banners. Feather Banners that are to be displayed on soft ground like a sports field will do fine with our regular pole base. For displays set in the hard ground like concrete or areas with extremely high winds, we recommend using our fillable outdoor base stands.  For trade-show display or convention center, we recommend a base stand pole set and not a ground stake or ground spike.
  • Can I machine wash my Feather Banner or Advertising Feather Flags?
    • Just like our custom table covers, the durable nylon material can be machine washed on a delicate, cold cycle, then hung to dry. DO NOT machine dry your banner, as it could ruin the material.  If you are using your quill flags as an indoor and outdoor banner then we recommend washing at least once per year.
  • Do you offer any quality guarantee for advertising banners or feather flag banners?
    • We will not rest until you are 100% satisfied with your custom flags and ground stake flag kit. Our dedicated customer service team is available 24/7 to rectify any issue you have with your product.  We are committed to giving you the highest quality flutter flags.
  • Can I fly my Feather Banner in strong winds?
    • Absolutely, that’s was they were designed for. Our only recommendation is that you buy our more durable, fillable outdoor banner stands for use in extremely windy environments.
  • Do you have any other products that will help me stand out at special events?
    • Yes! We recommend custom advertising balloons, sail flags, or wind flags for your special events.  If you are ordering your feather flags custom, be sure to leave 1 week for production.  If you are doing an outdoor event, we recommend using the largest feather banner flags with a ground spike.  Some people refer to these flags as blade flags or bow flags.
  • Do you offer stock feather flags?
    • If you are looking for stock feather flags, we have over 100 stock options for outdoor advertising.  We find that car dealerships often order a handful of stock feather banners to with a cross base stand to keep the pricing down.  Stock feather banners are still printed flags, but they are made in bulk with the same artwork.

If you are looking for other flags or signs?  Try our Teardrop Banners page, our Fabric Banners page or our Custom Flags page

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions23 x 32 x 1 in
Size (H x W)

13ft Flag Double Sided, 13ft Flag Single Sided, 7ft Flag Double Sided, 7ft Flag Single Sided, 18 in. x 36 in., 24 in. x 48 in., 30 in. x 60 in. – Page 2, Custom