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Flat Cut Acrylic Letters


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Flat cut acrylic letters provide a premium finish for any sign. They truly are a cut above the rest. One of the reasons for this is that flat cut letters feature a slightly raised profile. This mimics the traditional style of sign, with a carved appearance. Large acrylic letters with a more traditional feel are ideal for law offices, banks, accountants, and financial companies. If you don’t have a brand, logo or typeface for your sign, we can help you choose the perfect one for your new acrylic letters. While it’s important to stand out, you don’t want to go too crazy with the finish or the color. You want to create a sleek, professional look to entice new customers and impress current clients.

Flat Cut Acrylic Letters

It isn’t just a traditional look you can create with flat letters. If you’re looking to get funky with your signage, flat cut out letters can do that, too. They are the ideal option for restaurants, bars, and takeaways. The best way to create fun and funky flat cut acrylic letters is with an unusual finish and a bold color. Think flat letters in yellow with a fluorescent finish.

Staying on the funky theme, why not take advantage of flat cut acrylic letters if you run a youthful brand. Do you stock kid’s clothing? Is your target audience teenagers? Then large acrylic business signs are the only way forward. Thick material works for funky and it works seriously well for kid’s brands. If you want to create a pronounced effect you can choose to float mount your flat cut acrylic letters. This creates the effect of floating and is perfect for a funkier finish.

Custom Acrylic Letters

The beauty of flat cut acrylic letters is that work great with just about any surface. They do well against a solid or patterned background. Acrylic sign letters work against brick, stone or concrete. They are a truly versatile signage solution. However, you can use an acrylic letter sign board for a slicker finish. Of course, if you want an ultra-modern look, you can opt for a 3D acrylic letter sign board instead. The backing board works whether you’re creating a floating look or just a standard clear acrylic letters mount.

We try to make life as easy as possible for our customers. Which is why we provide you with the materials necessary to mount your flat cut acrylic letters. The mount you choose is up to you. You can opt for stud mount, double-sided tape or the rail mount and a variety of options from each. Of course, we can also provide you with just acrylic sign letters and no mount, if that’s what you need.

Acrylic Logo Sign

Are you interested in creating your own acrylic logo sign? There are plenty of applications for our acrylic sign letters, including signage for both interior and exterior use. Additionally, flat letters can be used for retail displays, commercial use, exhibitions, trade displays, and creative projects. As they come in such a wide range of materials, sizes, colors, fonts, and finishes there are endless uses for our acrylic sign letters. While they are most commonly used for business use, you can use them at home, too. Why not use a custom acrylic logo to decorate the exterior of your home? Or use custom acrylic letters for your address?

Large Acrylic Alphabet Letters

We offer a wide range of sizes when it comes to laser cut acrylic letters. If you want small acrylic letters the smallest we tend to go is around an inch tall. For large acrylic alphabet letters, the biggest we offer is 72. However, we love a challenge. So, if you have a custom size you’re looking for in flat cut acrylic letters, just ask. If there is no way to create the size you need, we will recommend a different product. If it’s physically possible to create it, then we’re up to the task. How big or small do you want your acrylic alphabet letters to be? How big is too big when it comes to large acrylic letters?

Laser Cut Acrylic Letters

When it comes to acrylic letter cutting, we are professionals. Our technicians are fully trained, highly skilled, and deeply experienced. Which means your finished acrylic letters for outdoor signs are high-quality. It doesn’t matter whether you choose a standard size or go bespoke. We are passionate about what we do and fully pour ourselves into every flat cut acrylic letters order. Which is why we use the best possible materials and we don’t stop there. We want you to get exactly what you need. Which is why we offer a wide range of colors, fonts, materials, sizes, finishes, and mounts to choose from. When you come to use from custom acrylic logo signs you really are getting a custom job.

Plastic Sign Letters

There are a plethora of reasons why acrylic is such a great choice when it comes to plastic sign letters. Not only does it have a great glossy finish, it’s also resistance to impact, lightweight, and durable. It’s pretty much everything you want in a great sign. When it comes to acrylic letter cutting we use a CNC router. This is how we get such a smooth finish. It’s also possible to finish flat cut acrylic letters with vinyl. Which means you can create a patterned look for your acrylic sign letters outdoor instead of doing what everyone else is doing.

Custom Acrylic Logo Signs

With so much choice and so many uses, it’s a wonder you haven’t already ordered your custom acrylic logo signs. It’s a great way to create consistent branding from outside in, whether you’re a bank, a winery or a tax preparation service. With the options available, you can create flat cut acrylic letters that perfectly fit with the theme of your business and brand. No color is too unique for us to replicate and no finish is impossible. Want a clear acrylic letter holder? Done! Do you want flat cut letters to perfectly match the lettering on your vinyl decals? We can do that, too. The beauty of custom is just that, it’s custom!

Flat Letters

In addition to installing flat cut acrylic letters directly, you can mount them for a textured effect. We can produce the sign board you need to do this, all you have to do is ask. In addition, it is possible to create an illuminated look for flat cut acrylic letters. This is done by creating a sign tray with LEDs. What style do you have in mind for your acrylic sign letters outdoor? Lights, camera, action? Or a more sleek and professional finish?

Custom Laser Cut Acrylic Logo

Do you have an idea in mind for your custom laser cut acrylic logo? Or, do you need a bit of guidance on how best to bring your design to life? We are happy to provide you with advice. Creating flat cut acrylic letters is what we do. So, where better to get your advice than from the professionals? Don’t get too caught up overthinking how to proceed with your laser cut acrylic letters.

If you already have a logo then we can simply replicate that with our custom acrylic logo signs. We can reproduce the same font and style as you have already achieved in your branding and carry that over into your acrylic letter sign board. One of the most important aspects of marketing is consistency. So, we’re here to get you custom acrylic letters, but we also want to make sure we’re helping you remain consistent with your current branding. Of course, if you are interested in a total rebrand, we can help you with the full range of products. Get in touch to talk about what flat cut acrylic letters are right for your business.

Acrylic Logo Printing

Do you want to make a flat cut acrylic letters order? Take a look at the options on offer and contact us with the details. What material are you interested in? What height do you need? Note, that when we discuss height it’s based on the capital letter (even if your sign is entirely lower-case). If you’re not sure which height to choose, just ask! What thickness of flat cut acrylic letters are you after? What type of mount do you need? Which font do you prefer? What about the color and finish? There’s a lot to consider before you contact us about your custom acrylic logo. Use the live chat option on the website. Or, call us at 800-205-9005. Alternatively, you can email us.

We offer a whole lot more than just large acrylic business signs. If it’s a printed product or a signage solution then there’s a good chance we stock it. If you don’t see what you’re looking for on the website, just contact us to discuss your needs. We offer everything from business cards to full vehicle wraps and everything in between.


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