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Flat Cut Metal Letters

Flat cut metal metal sign letters are removed letters from a strong level sheet from a wide range of metals. The cut out lettering is accessible in various letter text styles used to make signage. The level sheet of metal comes in thickness up to one inch contingent upon the metal. The cut out metal letters are quality made and accompany a lifetime ensure.

Flat cut metal letters, broadly utilized inside sign frameworks and marking, are a strong and flexible sign staple perfect for essential or optional lettering highlights and interior signage.


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Flat Cut Metal Letters are often used as part of a signage system or for branding purposes. They’re resilient and solid when it comes to creating a metal sign for internal or external use. They’re a perfect choice, whether your custom letters are for secondary or primary features.  If you want channel letters, aluminum letters, or dimensional letters and logos for your office. Then these are one of the best business signs that money can buy.

These custom letters are a solid choice, no matter what type of business you operate. In fact, they are the perfect look for businesses, community centers, churches, outreach programs, homes, and more. No matter what problem you’re trying to solve. You can’t overlook the flat cut metal letter solution we can provide you.

 Flat Cut Metal Letters

What are flat cut metal letters? They are exactly as described, metal letters (or numbers) cut from a sheet of metal. They serve as a signage solution that can be created in any font, a variety of metals, and of various sizes. You can opt for a painted finish if you have a particular color scheme you are trying to achieve or stick with your metal look.

There are different fixing options for your metal sign post available as well. You can opt for the stud fixing, a brass locator or you can stick with an adhesive tape. You may want to consider the area you will be placing the custom laser cut metal signs and whether it’s a permanent spot or may need to be moved at some point. Stud mounts are welded in place while locators are secured to create a simple installation. Adhesive tape is self-explanatory. We can provide you with the solution of your choice.

Sign Letters                        

Laser cut metal letters provide your business with sophistication and the signs of durability – they are cut with precision and ideal for a boardroom installation or a storefront. All of our sign lettering and logos are made from only the highest-grade metals.

What type of metal letters are you looking for? For your sign letters, you can select copper, aluminum, bronze, stainless steel, brass, and more. It only takes around ten days from order to manufacturing and shipment. Even when we’re custom producing unique art or logo work.

Cut Out Letters      

Metal letters for outdoor signs are hand finished and we produce them in-house before checking them for quality and rigorously testing them. We offer our custom letters in six gauges, from a 1/8” up to 1”. Additionally, you can choose from sizes of just half an inch right up to 60”. We also offer over 100 font styles (and custom options), 50 finishes and colors. And a guarantee that your cut out letters will last.

What are the benefits of using Flat Cut Metal Letters?

There are a few.

Not only do flat cut metal letters leave your customers with the impression that you are running a professional operation. They are also elegant, and classy. Flat metal letters are strong, durable, and the textured look will do wonders for your brand image. The materials available are as versatile as they are durable. There is nothing like a perfectly crafted metal sign to establish your brand and send a positive message to your competitors.

How Are Metal Letters Produced?                  

Whether you have small metal letters or large metal letters, there are two processes, both of which offer precision cuts. They are either laser cut or a high-pressure water jet is used. We use flat sheets of metal and then program a computer to drive a CNC machine to cut them, once we have secured the flat sheet to a secure table.

The water jet process involves a high pressured water stream. It is combined with an abrasive material to make cuts that are sharp and precise. They are able to produce small metal letters with intricate details, as well as logos and other artwork (even a perfect butterfly).

Custom Letters

Small metal letters are bead blasted during the finishing process, this leaves them with a smooth surface. They are then stroke sanded to create a satin finish – which you can leave as is or instead. You can have them painted or dipped for surface pigmentation. Every one of our flat cut metal letters is twice-coated with a clear coat finish before they are baked in an oven to finish, creating custom letters that are going to help you stand out.

Metal Numbers     

When comparing sign lettering materials or metal numbers, there is a difference between each type. For example, an aluminum letter is far lighter than the alternatives, is slightly less expensive, and unlikely to experience any rust issues when used outdoors. While the flat cut out letters in aluminum have a natural, silver finish. We can paint them any color you like.

When it comes to brass and bronze materials they are more expensive. They can be buffed to create a mirrored finish. Though, bronze does have a green tinge to it that starts to appear over time. No matter what material you choose for your cut out letters are finished to last.

Metal Sign Post      

If you’re looking to order a metal sign. Then you will be happy to know that most orders are shipped within 12 working days of your order. Even in the cases of fully customized cut out letters. You aren’t restricted to just large metal letters or small metal letters for signs either. Choose from metal numbers as well as custom graphics and logos. You will need to contact us directly to discuss customized work.

Brass Letters                     

Large metal letters and metal numbers can provide detailing for fascia signage or you can opt for small sign letters to serve as directional signage or directories. The perfect way to set the tone for your business when a new customer or client walks through the door to see perfectly designed metal cut out letters & signs to lead them easily to their destination within your building. Brass letters are particularly handy for multi-floor businesses.

Sign Lettering                                

Our flat cut metal letters are produced rapidly and we offer competitive pricing on these industry essentials. Additionally, our sign letters come with an easy to follow the template for installation purposes.

A metal signpost is an excellent way to transform an area or brickwork or simply a blank wall – sign lettering can serve as a branding opportunity on the external areas of your building or create brand impressions within your building or business. Use it to share your contact information or communicate your values.

Custom Outdoor Metal Signs                

We can create a metal signpost to your exact specifications and we can do so in a variety of styles. Flat cut metal letters are the perfect way to send a message to your competitors and clients – you mean business. Custom cut metal provides a professional finish, no matter what signage solution you are using it for. Custom outdoor metal signs send a positive message to anyone visiting your business or headquarters.

Logos With Letters                       

Flat cut metal letters are an affordable branding option for your logos with letters, even the smallest of businesses, but despite their affordability, they create a message that tells potential customers and current clients that you are serious about what you do. Cheap and unattractive signing does absolutely nothing for branding and certainly, does nothing to assure others that you are a professional with purpose.  We can produce both logos, letters, and numbers in a number of different finishes but the most common is brushed stainless steel letters.  We will include stencils for easy installation of your aluminum letters. 

Letters To Cut Out            

Whether you are looking for outdoor metal letters, letters for a wall, or metal letters for signs that you have already installed – there are plenty of solutions available to you. Whether you have an idea for stainless steel letters, copper letters, bronze letters, brass letters, tin letters, metal wall letters, rustic metal letters or you want to convey a message of power and class with a blackened steel finish – we can help.

Laser Cut Metal Signs

If you are interested in using flat cut metal letters to create your own custom cut metal signs, we can assist you in the process. You may want advice on the perfect size for the signage area or even some guidance on what material and finish is right for the message you are trying to convey. No matter what assistance you need, we are happy to help – either over the phone or through our live chat option on the website. We’re happy to assist you in creating the perfect flat cut metal letters.

Metal Letters For Wall Decor

Metal lettering isn’t just for businesses that need custom signs. You can also create your own metal latter décor for your home – whether it’s lettering for your address, a scripture verse, a positive affirmation or perhaps, you would like to use decorative metal letters for a message inside your home – metal decorative letters are truly versatile and can provide you with a beautiful finish, no matter what you want it for or where you plan to install it.


Here are a few other great custom signage ideas.  Formed Plastic Letters, Halo Lit Illuminated Letters, Laminated Letters, Cast Plaques, Fabricated Metal Letters, Cast Metal Letters, or Laser Cut Acrylic Letters.

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