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Floor Decals

  • Floor illustrations can be utilized to publicize deals and direct individuals towards hot new items or exchange shows.
  • Add signage, publicizing, or symbolism to the floor of your business, home or occasion
  • Easy-to-apply on a scope of various surfaces even cover!
  • Chemical and scrape safe
  • Available in any size, shape, and amount you require
  • Great for your group publicizing
  • Custom printed vinyl highlighting any symbolism you can envision, including your own particular marking.


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Floor Decals

Stand out in the crowd at trade shows and other events, draw customers in through your front door and guide them to where you want them to go with customized floor decals. The Floor decals can be completely customized to shapes, sizes and can be printed to engage people in your company branding.

Floor Graphics

Floor graphic decals are specifically designed for both indoors and outdoors for long-term use. They are constructed of a high-quality durable vinyl material and printed using long lasting UV ink. Our floor decals are designed to be able to withstand large amounts of pedestrian traffic, as well as vehicular traffic. The material is weatherproof and they are made of textured laminate, a non-slip material providing long-lasting traction in all weather.

Our floor decals will offer a professional means of advertising for your retail outlet, trade display or market stall in the direct vision line of anyone walking by. Our high-quality 3D floor graphics are skid and scuff proof and they stick to virtually any surface. These easy to install graphics are not only effortless to clean but they have an almost infinite range of uses.

From seasonal sales in your retail outlet to directing people at trade shows, vinyl floor decals are one of the best ways to attract the attention you need. Floor graphics are exceptional value for money in high foot traffic areas, as people are already looking at the floor to get where they need to go, so why not direct them to your product or service?

What are Floor Decals?

They are one of the most effective ways to attract new business and direct existing customers to your seasonal sales. They are a very efficient way of getting new business through visible advertising in their direct vision.

Highlights include:

  • Floor graphics are useful in advertising sales and direct people towards hot new products or trade displays.
  • Add signage, advertising, or imagery to the floor of your business, home or event
  • Easy-to-apply on a range of different surfaces – even carpet!
  • Chemical and scuff resistant
  • Available in any size, shape, and quantity you need
  • Great for your community advertising
  • Custom printed vinyl featuring any imagery you can imagine, including your own branding.

No matter what type of business you are in, floor decals will get you the attention in a way that traditional advertising cannot.

Custom Floor Decal Specs

Shapes and Sizes

You can cut our floor decals into any shape and any size. Our precision CNC routers are used to cut our floor decals, so the shape and sizes are only limited by your imagination. You can attach them to stone, concrete, asphalt, timber, glass, brick and many other surfaces.

We can create removable floor decals for trade shows, 3D floor decals for sale in retail and grocery stores, floor to ceiling wall decals for shopping malls, carpet friendly decals for offices classroom floor decals, safety and footprint floor decals for warehouses, custom dance floor decals and more. Also, you can cut our custom floor decals to fit stairs and pathways of almost any material.

Customized Printing

We have high-quality printers available, producing graphics up to 1440 DPI and the design of our UV ink last longer than most. The use of UV ink gives us the ability to change to any color. It is also fast drying, and as a non-toxic formula, it’s environmentally friendly. We also include high gloss or matte lamination which is great for areas that have high traffic, or if the displays are permanent. We have a team of highly skilled in-house designers available to ensure the product is perfect for your branding and application needs.

Custom Floor Decal Uses

Dance floor decal – They can be used as customized removable dance floor decals in venues where permanency is not viable. One can also use them as wedding floor decals to turn any room in any venue into a dance floor.

Garage floor decals – They are useful for garage doors to enable visible marking for parking, safety floor decals for mechanical, commercial or industrial garage floors, advertising, and directional vinyl floor decals for commercial car parks.

Floor decals for home – Brighten up your home in a personalized way with customized floor decals for your home. Add timber effects to concrete floors or add personalized floors to your children’s bedrooms.

Paw print floor decals for pet stores or veterinarians – Add a personal touch to your pet store or veterinarian surgery with paw print floor decals. Available in any and every animal type.

Basketball floor decals are a popular use for both indoor and outdoor floor decals. Many gyms request gym floor decals for photos and branding. Halloween floor decals are fun for the holidays. 3D floor art decals are becoming increasingly popular among exhibits and museums.

We receive a lot of requests for floor decals for weddings specifically to use as a dance floor monogram decal. A monogram floor decal is great for any office, company or dancefloor. Personalized dance floor decals are very easy to produce.

Carpet Decals

Our carpet graphics are simple to install and simple to remove when you are done using them. It makes them a great advertising medium for trade shows and other events, as well as in-store promotional material for sales and special deals.

One can customize these custom carpet decals to suit whatever printed material you desire and the designs can be contour cut to any shape. If you are looking for advertising and marketing material that will set you apart you’re your competitors, our carpet graphics or carpet decals are the perfect solutions. Our personalized carpet decals are very effective in brand showcasing, delivering attention-grabbing media for your products or services.

Concrete Decals

Intended for both indoor and outdoor use, our concrete floor decals easily molds to grooves and can take the shape of any surface, giving the impression that it has been painted on.

Concrete floor decals can be custom printed and cut to your specifications and installation is simple.

Concrete floor decals are perfect for everything from advertising, facility safety, event promotion, and brand awareness.

  • Digitally printed on high-quality vinyl up to 1440 DPI
  • Anti-skid, anti-slip construction that meets international safety standards
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Perfect for use on most floor surfaces
  • Easy to install
  • Available in custom UV printing

Every Type of Floor Decals

Add personalized branding to the floor of your business or event. Choose from a variety of hard-wearing materials that are perfect for the floor you want to dress, either outdoors or indoors. Floor decals are the perfect eye-catching promotional tool when you have wall space limitation. Floor decals are perfect for basketball courts and gyms, dance floors, schools, and classrooms.

Why use us as your preferred floor decals suppliers?

The motive of our business is to help your brand reach out to its potential customers. Our focus to this purpose shows in the quality of the product we create for you. Your branding is one of the most important aspects of your business and our aim is to portray your brand at the level you want it to be seen, if not at a higher level. Our customization techniques will give your business the edge it needs to be noticed against your competitors.

Customization Options

Our decal graphics are entirely customizable and available in whatever size you need. They can include logos, brand coloring, high-resolution photographs and virtually any other type of graphic you can imagine. The decals are not restricted to shapes and we can cut the decal to any specific measurements.

Easy to Use

Our carpet and floor decals are easy to install, so you don’t need to stress about messing it up. Our customized graphics products provide excellent value for money and are an efficient and effective way to reinforce any advertising campaign.


Because our products are designed for heavy foot traffic, it will last a long time, even in high flow traffic areas.

Floor Decal Pricing

As most of our products are custom sizes and shapes, our pricing varies for every job. Contact our team directly to discuss your options for customized floor decals.

The process of Floor Graphics Installation

Our custom graphics are simple to install and come with their own adhesive. The simple steps for installation are below:

  • Clean the mounting surface off first with your regular mop and floor cleaner
  • Allow it to dry completely
  • You may need two or more people to lay larger decals properly
  • To smooth out air bubbles, use an adhesive spreader or soft squeegee
  • Once installed, it takes about 10 minutes to fully bond and set
  • Enjoy the new business it draws

Our custom graphics are simple to remove

  • Use a tool that has a flat edge, for example, a putty scraper, preferably made from plastic so you don’t scratch the floor.
  • After lifting the first side of the graphic, pull the rest up. Pry away any edges that are stuck as you go.
  • Decals may leave a slight residue that is easy to remove by cleaning with rubbing alcohol. Once you’ve done this, give the area a mop over as well
  • If the graphic has been there for over a year, you might need to clean it better.

Floor Graphics Care

Your floor decals will have a matte, gloss or a textured laminate finish for maximum look & traction and special care is required to ensure a long life is achieved.

  • The laminate is designed to prevent the build-up of dirt and can be cleaned daily with a broom or dry mop
  • If excessive dirt and grime to build up, get some soap and water together and clean it with that.
  • If you do have a stronger cleaner, make sure you test it first in a small spot on the ground.
  • We recommend you keep high-pressure and harsh industrial cleaners away

Enjoy the benefits of a competitive difference and utilize the best means of brand awareness you can imagine. Want to know how to buy customized floor decals? Ask us for a sample today or purchase your floor decals directly from our website.

Floor Stickers

Floor stickers are generally shorter term than custom floor decals. Removable floor stickers are very common to be used as floor tile stickers. 3D floor stickers can give any room a unique look. A lot of clients order bathroom floor stickers to keep bathrooms safe. Vinyl floor stickers are easy to install and easy to remove.

There are also commercial uses for vinyl floor stickers such as warehouse floor stickers and industrial floor stickers. Safety floor stickers can help reduce accidents in any setting. Shower floor stickers are also good to reduce slipping on wet floors. Floor sticker advertising can help generate additional revenue for any business.

Floor sticker design is easy, simply save your artwork as a .pdf and send it over to our design team. If you are ordering large floor stickers, please save your artwork at 25% scale. If you are printing footprint stickers on the floor we can provide a footprint template. You will want to make sure you provide a die line on your footprint floor stickers so we know where to cut. Floor footprint stickers can also work outdoors as custom floor stickers to guide your clients to the correct location.

Give us a call at (800)205-9005 or send us an email today.

Will floor stickers work on every floor?

Before you apply the entire floor sticker, make sure you test a little spot so it does not damage the floor. Floor stickers generally work fine on any self-level floor, tradeshow carpet, trade show flooring, or tile.

Will floor stickers work on a slippery floor?

We do put slip resistant overlaminate film on all of our custom floor graphics but we still recommend putting a floor slippery sign in the wet area. Floor signs and slippery when wet signs should be added every time there is a spill of any kind, especially if it is over vinyl decals. A non-slip surface is extremely important for any business or retail environment. The tile floor is slippery when wet, especially if you apply tile stickers.

Will these custom floor graphics work as concrete graphics?

Yes, our self-adhesive vinyl decals should work on concrete but make sure you clean the concrete off before applying the stickers. For extreme vinyl floor graphics on concrete, we have a custom vinyl but it is pretty expensive.

Are custom vinyl decals on my floor easy to remove?

Keep in mind these are peel and stick floor decals so they are pretty easy to remove compared to traditional painted graphics.

Can you produce footprint decals?

Footprint decals are very popular for wayfinding at busy locations. Footprints can also help with floor safety decals so people can see where they are walking. We have stock footprint artwork so if you are looking for a quick add and quick ship, just let us know.

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