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Designing event flyers and brochures are a convenient, affordable way to gain recognition for your brand. Ours come in a variety of options and sizes, the perfect marketing solution to showcase your services and products. Using flyers and brochures as marketing solutions are an effective way to get attention for your business. It helps present detailed information in a clear and clever manner. Brochure printing online is a versatile option for any type of business.

There is a difference between brochures and flyers, but most people haven’t recognized that there is a difference. The difference between a flyer and brochure. Their purpose and physical characteristics.

What Is A Flyer?

When it comes to printing, flyers, and brochures (along with business cards) are just about the most popular print brochures on the market.

So, what is a flyer? Quite simply, it is a single printed sheet that is unfolded. It’s useful to spread the word about products, services, an event, idea or a specific business. When you create flyers it tends to contain a simple message to convey quickly and easily. Flyers tend to be one standard size, however, they can be any size you prefer. Additionally, flyer printing is normally just one-sided, but it can be on both sides, too.

Types of Flyers

There are a number of different types of flyers and in flyers actually go by different names, depending on the flyers meaning or purpose. Sometimes they are simply referred to as circulars, leaflets, inserts, and even handbills. The latter because print flyers are normally distributed by hand. However, they’re also great for trade shows and even in-store to spread the word about certain offers. Print flyers can also be folded and stuck to create a self-mailer. The great think about the choice to create flyers is that you can print them in any color and increase your chances of getting noticed.

The print flyers have a short lifespan. It is generally used as a one-off marketing piece, a weekend event, a grand opening or a special promotion. Due to this, the paper used in flyer printing can be lightweight. Do you want to use your print flyers for more than one event and increase its lifespan? You can opt for heavier paper so it’s more durable.

What Is The Purpose Of A Flyer

You can make flyers for a variety of purposes. It is great for menus in spas, salons, and restaurants (of the pop-up variety). It makes excellent handouts when networking at events. You can also create flyers for trade show displays, mailers for promotional or informational purposes, as well as event booths.

The importance of flyers in advertising is clear, they’re great for announcing events, grand openings, as fact sheets at conferences (or trade shows) and promotional campaigns, as inserts in magazines and newspapers. Brochure printing online, they’re great for employees to use as reference material when selling to customers. Print brochures are also a great follow-up when looking to close a sale.

Print brochures and flyers online have their own advantages. Both serve different purposes. You will need creative brochures and to create flyers in the course of your business career. It’s all about choosing the right marketing solution for the message you’re trying to communicate.

Brochure Design

A brochure pamphlet template is different from print flyers. While the specifications are similar, brochure design has print on both sides and includes multiple pages (or panels) with information on them. Additionally, creative brochures can also be created from multiple pages that are then bound together. A small brochure is generally referred to as a pamphlet. We noted that print flyers come in a variety of sizes, but are generally a standard size. When it comes to print brochures they come in custom sizes and a heavier stock of paper is used to create them. This, in part, is because a brochure is expected to be more durable and creative brochures should have a more quality feel to them.

A print brochure isn’t something that is freely distributed like a flyer. They are generally used as a sales tool that customers can be given after showing interest in a specific product or service. The reason for this is business flyers are cheaper to print than brochure printing online. Your brochure is supposed to showcase something in detail, so to do so in the best light possible print brochures are a higher quality.

Difference Between Flyer and Brochure

So, we’ve explained what a flyer is and what print brochures are; what are the key takeaways. They have different characteristics, however, print flyers and print brochures are both incredibly important promotional and marketing tools, and the beauty of them is that they can be used no matter what type of organization or business you run.

  • Print brochures usually feature print on both sides. They come in different folds and can be created using a single sheet or multiples, however, a brochure pamphlet template is not the same as a booklet. Print brochures are handled frequently and often referred to repeatedly in one day.
  • Print flyers generally feature print on just one side and are one, unfolded sheet. It comes in a variety of sizes, it is usually 8.5×11. The print flyers can be used for a wide variety of purposes; it is suitable for short messages. You can create flyers to distribute by hand, you can mail them. Print flyers have a short lifespan and are freely distributed.

How To Make A Brochure or Flyer

Want to know how to create a powerful brochure or flyer? If there is one thing to understand about flyers marketing it’s that your design is a chance to put your personal stamp on it and set you apart from the competition. There are still a few factors to consider when brochure printing online.

Make flyers and brochures that emphasize to customers what you have to offer. Use original art, bold fonts, and pictures to clearly communicate the message you want them to take away. Print flyers and brochures are only as good as your design. So, mix up the colors you are using, and the size of the brochure font you want to grab their attention with a headline and draw them in enough to ensure they read the rest of your creative brochures. Think of unique ways to convey your message, whether it’s clever puns or catchy poems.

Brochure Printing

There are different ways to fold your creative brochures. You might not think of this as an obvious point, but how you fold your print brochures can impact how enjoyable the reading experience is for your customers. The simplest fold is the single fold or an accordion. Perhaps the best way to decide on how to fold your creative brochures is to consider how you want your customer to read it. Choose the fold that will make it easy for your customer to read through.

Ideas To Create Flyers and Brochures

When you choose creative brochures and make flyers of a larger size it sends a message that you’re offering something really amazing. Your offer is so great that you have to grab their attention and share the good news. While standard sizes are fine there are times when you use the flyer maker online where you want to go for a larger size. Consider what information it is you’re trying to send with your print flyers and brochures and decide what size is most appropriate. Of course, if you’re not sure, you can take a look at what types of print brochures and flyers your competitors are using and go from there.

Printing Flyers

Including pictures in print flyers and brochures will reinforce particular ideas and the layout you choose matters. Additionally, including pictures when you make flyers and brochures will break up the solid wall of text, which makes it much easier for customers to read (thus more likely that they will read it through). You may not think of business flyers layout as being a key aspect of the process, but it is just as important as a newspaper layout (of course, this is less stressful).

We Make Buying Flyers Online Easy

Packaging is the final stage of flyers and brochures marketing and if you’re not distributing your flyers online or in hand then you have the opportunity to break tradition and choose an eye-catching solution that will ensure your potential customers are hooked. It’s all about sparking interest and making creative brochures that are sure to make an impact. We make the process of buying flyers online easy for everyone, with a range of designs, templates, and ideas.

If you’re ready to get printing your own creative brochures or create flyers, you can get started today. And if you are interested in advice or have specific requirements when it comes to shipping or design of your flyers and brochures then you can call us at 1-800-205-9005 or email us. We also offer a variety of other signage and marketing solutions that may be suitable for your business.

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